Vol.1 – Chapter 028 – Mature snake

The lazy autumn sun painted a rainbow in the fragrance of medicinal cuisine at Jing’an Hall. From time to time, disciples came to dine. Jing’an Hall was in charge of the seven meridians’ meals, and it gathered the most talented immortal chefs among the seven meridians’ disciples. The medicinal cuisine cooked daily was in high demand. Even though it was already noon, the disciples queuing for food were still endless, but the queue was orderly, without any cutting in or bullying incidents. Except for…

“Turtle grandson! How dare you!”

A roar broke the tranquility of Jing’an Hall, and a giant turtle carrying a mountain flew out from the back of Jing’an Hall, followed by an aunt waving a spoon. The crowd looked at each other in dismay. Wasn’t that Aunt Qiu, who was in charge of the meals? What happened to her?

Yesterday, someone whispered, “That’s Feng Yaya’s turtle. It must have come to steal food.”

The crowd was stunned. “A turtle stealing Aunt Qiu’s food? Is it tired of living? Is it trying to give everyone an extra meal?”

Su He ran frantically, with Aunt Qiu in hot pursuit. Aunt Qiu was just an ordinary person, relatively strong, but Su He could knock her down with a water ball. However, he was afraid.

Ding Ling clang, bang!

A spoon hit Su He’s back, and it rolled down from Turtle Mountain. “Turtle grandson, if you have the guts to steal medicinal cuisine, don’t run away! You stole not just one, but three pots!” Aunt Qiu cursed.

When the bastard stole the first pot, Aunt Qiu didn’t think much of it and thought it was paid for by the lady of the house, for Little Girl and Turtle to eat. But the Hall Master asked her why Turtle was stealing food today, and she didn’t care. Aunt Qiu then realized that nobody paid for the food today, and this guy came to eat for free. When she chased after him with a spoon, the turtle had already stolen three pots.

Su He ran towards the Elephant River, which was understandable. The dice didn’t give him a good roll for the third pot, only two points. He wanted at least three points today. Aunt Qiu, though an ordinary person, was incredibly fast. When she was about to catch up, Su He’s mind flashed, and a medicine pot was thrown out of the cave on Turtle Mountain, landing in front of Aunt Qiu with a thud.

Aunt Qiu hurriedly caught it, afraid that the medicinal cuisine would spill. When she was ready to chase after him again, That Turtle had already dived into the Elephant River and swam towards the riverbed. Aunt Qiu was furious, standing on the bank and cursing loudly. She couldn’t see Su He’s shadow anymore, so she returned to Jing’an Hall, and a spoon hit the Hall Master’s head.

The Hall Master looked at her in confusion. “You know I can’t use sword riding, why didn’t you go after him? He stole two pots of medicinal cuisine, causing trouble!”

The Hall Master touched his swollen head and looked wronged. “Why should I go after him? Can’t you see the ‘Su’ character written on Turtle Mountain? This is the lady’s turtle. If it stole the medicinal cuisine, I’ll ask the lady for money, even for the pots of money!”

Aunt Qiu: “…”

Why didn’t you say that you could ask for money earlier? You still have a point!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Su He lurked in the water, with dark water beneath him. The Elephant River was too deep and too wide. Even for a water monster like Su He, he had a deep respect for it. The water was too deep, so deep that the sunlight couldn’t penetrate to the bottom, and it was pitch black. The water was too wide, so wide that this side was Qingyuan Mountain, and the other side couldn’t be seen from the riverbank.Fortunately, the Turtle Mountain cave can be used as a storage-type magical instrument. Anything that Su He doesn’t actively collect cannot enter the cave, and the river water cannot spread inside. Otherwise, without Feng Yaya’s protection of medicinal cuisine, Su He would not be willing to carry the medicinal cuisine to feed the fish.

Turtle Mountain was originally a cave mansion for sacrifice and refinement, but the refinement process stopped just as it began. Now it only has two functions: storage and recording images.

Because it is a cave mansion, those wandering cultivators demand the function of recording the influence of the cave mansion, which can remotely monitor and record the spiritual value and spiritual pets of the cave mansion.

Su He doesn’t need this function.

After crawling out of Xiangshui, he found a place with no one around and swallowed a tub of medicinal cuisine with a quality of two points into his stomach. After eating and drinking enough, he felt a little idle.

He leisurely returned to Su Nianhua’s water pool and met a group of familiar female disciples on the way.

They were a group of newly admitted female disciples.

One bold one waved at Su He, “Hey! Big Turtle, where’s your violent little girl?”

She was a new disciple who had taken the formation class with Su He yesterday.

Everyone looked at Su He curiously.

In just one day, This Turtle had become more handsome. With a mountain on his back, he looked majestic, like the divine turtle that carried the world in mythology.

“Your little violent one didn’t come to school with us today? Isn’t she supposed to come with us? Today there’s a teacher teaching the Daoist method.”

Someone teased Su He. This was probably like seeing a dog being walked by itself on the road and feeling the need to go over and tease it.

Su He changed direction and followed them to the place where they had class.

Isn’t this the right time for business? It’s good to be a turtle. At least no one would be on guard against a turtle. Su He could sneak in and learn without anyone noticing.

“Oh? Are you here to attend school for your master?” The female disciples were curious.

This was a good idea. Feng Yaya had helped him a lot, and she would help him even more in the foreseeable future. If he recorded the instructor’s lectures with Turtle Mountain and gave them to her…

Would that be returning a favor for a grudge?

Feng Yaya would definitely be itching with hatred, but her fairy-like mother might reward Su He.


The lecture on the Daoist method was held at the Leaving South Court Daoist Temple.

The temple was made of white marble and was home to a group of swallows that flew north and south. It symbolized giving up the warm and comfortable swallows in the south when embarking on the path of the Dao, and soon facing the cold in the north.

Leaving South Court also meant this. These new disciples were like these swallows, lonely on the path of the Dao, with no more comfort.

Su He recognized today’s lecture, which was actually given by the fat Taoist who had taken away his White Tiger.

When the fat Taoist saw Su He, he paused for a moment and showed a gentle smile, pointing to the temple and indicating that Su He should look inside.

Su He looked inside and saw a green snake coiled obediently on a cushion, with a more obedient mountain goat next to it.

When the green snake saw Su He, it raised its head and quickly spat out its tongue, looking very happy.

“You’re here!” Her mature voice had a hint of coquettishness.

Su He was also happy.

He didn’t expect to meet the Green Snake here. It seems that Qingyuan Sect really doesn’t care about the origin and treats monsters equally.

“Mhmm~” Su He greeted her softly.

“I’m doing well!” The Green Snake replied, “The fellow daoists in the sect are very friendly to me. I have my own small courtyard and special cuisine. The sect even gave me a disciple’s robe. What about you?”Although This Turtle had extraordinary talents, it was unable to subdue demons and transform into a human after all. Even if it joined a sect, it would only serve as a beast pet. It might even be exploited for its talents or have its soul imprisoned as a Guardian Beast…

Thinking of this, Green Snake felt pity for Su He.

With such high talents and having eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit, he was still unable to subdue demons and transform into a human. It must be because the quality of the Demon Morphing Fruit was too poor, and fate was playing tricks on him!

Or rather, playing tricks on the beast.

Feeling sympathy, she pointed at the ring on her neck with the tip of her tail.

It wasn’t the standard one-dou space ring for entering the Qingyuan Sect, but an advanced version that could only be obtained after graduating from the Leaving South Court and joining the Seven Meridians – the three-chi ring.

The ring had a storage space of three chi square, which was very convenient for storing miscellaneous items.

Su He called out proudly and took out a vat of medicinal cuisine from Turtle Mountain.

When he had previously stolen the medicinal cuisine, he had gotten six points in the first vat, and five points in the second vat. At this moment, there were eleven vats of ordinary medicinal cuisine in the cave of Turtle Mountain. No turtle could finish it all.

The delicate aroma of the medicinal cuisine instantly spread, attracting the attention of all the disciples in the Daoist temple, including the plump Daoist instructor.

The tip of Green Snake’s swaying tail seemed to be under a binding spell.

It was indeed this medicinal cuisine. For two consecutive days, she had eaten a small bowl of it. The fellow disciple who delivered the medicinal cuisine said that Jing’an Hall could not cook much of it in a month. Among the 30,000 disciples of the Qingyuan Sect, only the elders and those with high enough ranks could eat it.

Ordinary disciples couldn’t even buy it if they wanted to.

Couldn’t buy it…

A whole vat…

And this vat suddenly appeared, so it must be a storage magical instrument similar to the ring, right? This vat was more than three chi! Her ring couldn’t fit it at all!

Green Snake looked at Su He with grievance…


Forget about pitying him, how could this be considered a miserable life? She was the one who should be pitied!

Jealousy made the snake’s face distorted.

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