Vol.1 – Chapter 025 – The First Lecture on Formations


Being cautious even towards a turtle, Su He carried two people and floated to the surface of the water. Feng Yaya danced and showed off her Big Turtle talent test results to Su Huanian.

Su Huanian’s eyes flashed with surprise. A blue stone pendant around her waist lit up, and she flicked her finger. The blue stone floated in front of her, and a figure was projected out of the light.

It was an elegant middle-aged man with a strong scholarly aura.

Su He guessed that this was some kind of Taoist technique, like Water Mirror Art, which allowed people to communicate remotely.

When the middle-aged man’s projection appeared, Yaya’s eyes lit up, then she became solemn, “Feng Yaya, you ran out of Suppression Prison again. Who let you out of confinement?”

Yaya made a face at him and hid behind Su Huanian.

It was her annoying father, who she only saw once a year and only criticized her when she did. Hmph!

No one let me out of confinement. I behaved well, so I was released early.

The middle-aged man was Feng Yiju, the Sect Leader of Qingyuan Sect. He looked at Yaya, who was avoiding him, and shook his head helplessly, “Madam, Elder He just came to see me and suggested that Yaya also attend the lectures with the new disciples at Leaving South Court from tomorrow. What do you think?”

The little girl hiding behind her mother immediately widened her eyes and looked fiercely at her father. “You’re going to school, and your whole family is going to school!”

She jumped up and was about to use her small tiger teeth to bite the blue stone and interrupt the conversation. But Su Huanian pressed her back with a green onion jade finger.

Su Huanian frowned slightly and looked at her husband, “Why?”

Feng Yiju sighed, “The Beast-taming Valley is in chaos this time. It’s okay if Yaya is just causing trouble and can be punished. But she was calculated by Lu Ming. If Lu Ming can calculate Yaya and cause chaos in the whole Qingyuan Sect, then anyone else can do the same.”

It’s infuriating! The top True Transmission of the Beast-taming Valley was calculated by a naive child.

Just by designing for a servant to say to Yaya as they passed by, “Yaya is just waiting in vain. There are too many Beast Pets in the Beast-taming Valley, and people are afraid to come.” Then Yaya caused chaos in the Beast-taming Valley and released most of the Beast Pets.

A flash of killing intent passed through Su Huanian’s eyes. As the Sect Leader’s wife, she rarely interfered with the Sect’s disciples and only focused on external battles, ensuring that the disciples had a safe external environment to develop in peace.

But anyone who dared to calculate Yaya had touched her reverse scale.

Feng Yaya shrank her neck and hid behind her mother. She was small but not stupid. Gu Lin had already told her that she was being used. But Lu Ming, who had calculated her, was bitten to death by the Big Turtle, her Guardian Beast.

That’s why Feng Yaya asked Gu Lin to take her to find Su He.

Su He didn’t understand, but he could guess that it was related to himself.

Feng Yiju looked at his wife and prayed, “There will always be times when we are negligent or absent, but Yaya is special and only has a hundred years with a snap of the fingers.”Instead of letting her be calculated by thieves, it’s better to start contacting new disciples now. The new disciples are full of flattery and deceit, and although there are no major issues, there are still many calculations. It won’t hurt Yaya and can also help her gain experience.

In terms of age, Yaya is already in her thirties, but she grows slowly and is naive and innocent. She has been protected too well by her mother over the years and has not even had any friends. That’s why she treasures a turtle so much.

Feng Yaya gritted her teeth and protested quietly, “Mother, no, I don’t want to! I have Big Turtle with me, no one can bully me!”

Su Huanian ignored her daughter and remained silent for a while. Her chaotic breathing indicated her inner unrest.

Feng Yiju didn’t rush her, and after a while, Su Huanian finally said, “Okay!”

Feng Yaya, who had been grumbling and protesting, suddenly fell silent and stared at her mother with her big, incredulous eyes. In that moment, she felt like the whole world had betrayed her, and only Big Turtle was left…

She hugged Su He Turtle’s head, feeling depressed.

One day, Su He rested in the underwater pool without incident. Feng Yaya was lost in thought about starting to listen to lectures in Leaving South Court tomorrow and forgot to ask Su Huanian for guidance on Su He’s cultivation.

Due to certain circumstances, Su He forgave her for a day.

At night, Su He lay by the pool and watched the mother and daughter in the grass hut. Feng Yaya complained of being tired and fell asleep early, while Su Huanian meditated with her legs crossed, her chest rising and falling slightly, and her stunning figure swaying in her white clothes, arousing people’s imagination.

Even the turtle was lost in thought.

Su He became even more determined to subdue demons and transform into a human.

Unconsciously, the moon rose to the middle of the sky, and the autumn wind blew gently. Su He fell asleep without realizing it.

Then he felt a pair of small hands pulling his scales.

Opening his eyes, it was Feng Yaya making a gesture of silence with her finger.

“Let’s go, Big Turtle! While it’s still dark, let’s skip class! I’ll take you to Jing’an Hall to steal some Medicinal Cuisine. After we’re full, you can take me fishing. Let’s be self-sufficient and never come back.”

Do children nowadays have such a strong aversion to studying that they want to run away from home?

He carried Feng Yaya and quietly climbed out of the Formation, rushing through the mountains according to the little girl’s instructions and crashing into Jing’an Hall.

A group of disciples in Jing’an Hall looked at them sideways.

Feng Yaya covered her face with a handkerchief and shouted at a Qingyuan disciple, “What are you looking at! Have you never seen a girl steal something? Tell me, what Medicinal Cuisine did you cook today?!”

The disciple looked helpless and was forced to make a frightened expression. “We cooked a mixed deer antler soup.”

“Good!” Feng Yaya nodded in satisfaction and whispered to Su He, “Big Turtle, go to that window over there. There are fewer people there, and we won’t be afraid of being discovered while stealing things!”

Su He rolled his eyes and pushed through the crowd, crawling in the direction that Feng Yaya had indicated.

In no time, a huge Turtle carried a large tank and followed a little one rushing out, with an Aunt from the cafeteria chasing after them with an iron spoon.Aunt was quite brave, and Su He could feel the pain in his inner house when the iron spoon hit the turtle shell. Finally, they escaped to the foot of the mountain and saw the big river. Su He grabbed Feng Yaya in his mouth and climbed into the river, going downstream.

Feng Yaya screamed and laughed happily.

Aunt returned to Jing’an Hall empty-handed and saw the Hall Master leisurely lying in the sun under the morning sun. She suddenly became angry and hit him with a spoon, knocking him off the recliner and shouted, “That little girl took the turtle and stole a vat of medicinal cuisine, are you blind?!”

The Hall Master looked confused, “Mrs. Su sent the spirit stones by flying sword before dawn, and paid for the meal. Why should I care? Can’t bear to part with a vat?”

Aunt: “…”

Why didn’t you say that earlier? You still have a point!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

On a small island in the center of a small lake, Feng Yaya lay on the grass, laughing loudly, her mouth full of medicinal cuisine, her eyes shining brightly.

The stolen medicinal cuisine was great, much better than usual. After drinking it, her stomach felt warm and cozy.

Su He ate the medicinal cuisine with big mouthfuls, but his eyes were somewhat worried.

He had been playing so wildly with the child today that he almost forgot about the dice. Fortunately, this time he stole the three-point quality. If it was a three-point quantity increase, carrying a vat of medicinal cuisine that suddenly turned into three vats…

He would probably be sliced and studied by the Qingyuan Sect.

No, he couldn’t do this anymore.

Robbery could only be done in the beast horde!

Feng Yaya turned over and patted Su He’s turtle shell, “Big Turtle, let’s not run away from home today. Let’s go to Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion and ask Grandpa Hu to help you make a Qiankun Ring. You eat too much, and it’s too much to carry when you steal things, people will find out.”

Su He’s eyes lit up.

A voice came from the side, “What do you need a Qiankun Ring for? If you know formations, just carve a formation on the turtle shell, and you can even store the sky if you want!”

Feng Yaya and Su He turned their heads at the same time.

They saw a middle-aged man with seven or eight teenagers walking up from the lake.

“Are you Feng Yaya?” The middle-aged man looked up and down at Feng Yaya and nodded, “I received a message from the Sect Leader yesterday that you would be coming to attend the lecture. Not bad, you know to find out the location of the class in advance and come early.”

Feng Yaya: “???”

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