Vol.1 – Chapter 026 – Formation, that is the world

The middle-aged man ignored Feng Yaya’s shock and sat down on a rock.

“For those who know me and those who don’t, I am Qiu Tong, a formation instructor from Leaving South Court, Huayang Peak.”

In addition to the Seven Meridians, Qingyuan Sect also has departments such as the Enforcement Hall, Jing’an Hall, and Foreign Affairs Hall. These are not separate branches, but departments composed of disciples from the Seven Meridians, each with its own responsibilities.

Leaving South Court specializes in teaching new disciples, covering everything from reading and writing to basic cultivation. Only after passing the assessment at Leaving South Court can one choose to apprentice to a specific meridian based on their strengths.

Graduating from Leaving South Court and joining the Seven Meridians is when one becomes an official disciple of Qingyuan Sect.

Yu Lin, who taught Su He the basics of talismans for two days, is an instructor from Leaving South Court who comes from Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion.

Qiu Tong’s introduction was simple. After introducing himself, he gestured for the other junior brothers and sisters to sit down and surveyed them with satisfaction.

There were no troublemakers in this group.

“Originally, classes at Leaving South Court wouldn’t start until the first snow, but this year, the climate in Qingyuan Sect’s territory is abnormal, and we don’t know when it will snow. In order not to delay everyone, we have moved up the curriculum to Frost’s Descent. Speaking of which, you can learn for an extra ten days, which is a great opportunity.”

With just a few opening words, Qiu Tong dove straight into today’s lesson and cleared his throat before saying loudly, “Formations are the world!”

“Everything you see is a formation. A mountain, a river, a blade of grass, a tree – they all form their own formations. When the wind blows, the mountain echoes, and when the water falls, the stones appear. There are forbidden places, dead places, places of dragon prosperity, and blessed lands, all of which are formations. Ignorant mortals call it feng shui.”

Qiu Tong was very good at teaching, and Su He was immediately drawn in by his words. He talked about formations, from the vastness of the universe to the smallest blade of grass and the tiniest creature.

“Flowers, plants, fish, birds, and beasts – each life form is a collection of exquisite formations. The mouth is the life gate – if it can enter, it can live; if it can’t, it will die. The kidneys belong to the rest gate – when water is abundant, it overflows; when it is scarce, it shrinks…”

After a set of theories, it seemed as if the world was really made up of one formation after another. Su He felt like Qiu Tong was just making things up, but it all sounded reasonable.

At her feet, Feng Yaya’s eyes were vacant, and before long, she bit her lip and started to dig garlic. She hit Su He’s fingernail with a thump and suddenly woke up. She looked at Qiu Tong, who was still talking, and shook her head to force herself to focus.

“No, we can’t waste time here. Let’s go, Big Turtle, to Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion.” They were best at crafting magical treasures, so she wanted to get something like a storage bag.

She jumped up and boldly skipped class, stumbling out of the half-sitting island and bumping into Qiu Tong’s thigh.

Qiu Tong had blocked her path without her realizing it.

“Hey! What kind of thigh demon dares to block my way!” Feng Yaya clenched her small fist as if she wanted to fight.

Qiu Tong laughed heartily. He had heard that the Sect Leader’s granddaughter had incredible strength and was a natural-born cultivator. Seeing her today, it seemed that the rumors were true. This little girl dared to throw punches at anyone.

“Little girl, physical strength is not everything. Only knowing how to throw punches will not solve all problems.” Qiu Tong spoke with a serious tone.

Feng Yaya tilted her head and looked at him, “Nonsense! Grandpa said that the body is the world, and strength is everything!”

Feng Yaya’s grandfather was the former First Seat of Sword Cleansing Pool. He loved swords, but he didn’t practice them. He spent his days fighting people with his fists. This little girl must have inherited his hobby.”Madam Su is a true sword fairy, how did she give birth to such a fist expert?”

Qiu Tong chuckled, “Since that’s the case, break the formation and come out!” Qiu Tong took a step back, threw out a few small swords, and set up a formation, trapping Feng Yaya inside.

“Since you think fists are more useful than formations, I’ll trap you with a formation. If you have the ability, come out!”

“This is an illusion array!”

Su He inexplicably saw it. After evolving during his last sleep, his eyes seemed to have some special abilities.

Inside the illusion array was a mortal street, full of various delicacies: steamed lamb, steamed bear paw, steamed deer tail, roasted duck, roasted suckling pig…

The fragrance of food filled the air.

Feng Yaya was captivated.

Qiu Tong looked at the students and raised his chin.

“How about it? Just a small illusion array created by a few small swords, and it trapped the sect leader.”

Feng Yaya ate her way from the beginning to the end of the street, rubbing her round belly and shouting, “I’m done eating, thank you for the hospitality, I want to come out now!”

“She wasn’t fooled by the illusion array? But she ate there for so long? I saw Feng Yaya looking around the street, but I don’t know where to start.”

Qiu Hu shook his head and said to the other students, “This is the beauty of formations. Even if you know you are in a formation, you can’t break it.”

Before he could finish his words, he saw Feng Yaya exhale onto her little fists and punch the ground.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise, and half of the island collapsed.

The illusion array was broken by her punch.

Feng Yaya came out, and the same door members were stunned.

Qiu Tong was confused.

Feng Yaya raised her little face and said, “I’m out!”

See, fists are omnipotent, right?

Qiu Tong was confused, “No, wait. This is an exception! There are countless formations in the world that cannot be broken with a single punch. What will you do then?”

“What if you encounter a formation that can’t be broken with a fist? Like now.”

He pointed his spear, and the small swords on the ground flew up and set up a formation, trapping Su He inside.

A thick fog rose, and nothing could be seen from the outside.

“This time it’s not just an illusion array, there is also a killing formation inside. If you can’t break the formation in half an hour, your turtle will inevitably be damaged. How will you break the formation?”

Use fists again? If you hit the formation with your fists and it doesn’t break, the big turtle might be killed by you instead.

Qiu Tong stood with his hands on his hips, smiling.

He felt comfortable and happy!

He laughed and saw Feng Yaya clenching her fists, staring at him with narrowed eyes.

If you can’t break the formation, then kill the person who set up the formation!

Qiu Tong:…

He drew two spirit talismans in the air and threw them into the formation, connecting himself and the formation. “You see, now I am the formation. If you attack me, it’s like attacking the formation. The turtle inside might be killed by you with a single punch…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw a giant turtle calmly crawling out of the thick fog.

Qiu Tong’s eyes were about to pop out.

“What’s wrong with you guys? Feng Yaya breaking the formation with a punch and destroying the island, I can understand. But you, a giant turtle, how can you walk out so lightly?!”

The students behind him looked at him with strange eyes. These guys were doubting his ability as a formation master?Su He blinked, feeling wronged.

This time it was an Illusion Array, and the Illusion Array couldn’t block his sight!

This time, the evolution was clearly no longer about strengthening his body. Instead, it began to develop in a more “mysterious” direction.

Looking at the Illusion Array through the Turtle Eye was like looking at overlapping shadows.

Or, it was like looking at the world through patterned glass. Although he could see the patterns on the glass, he knew that the real world behind the glass, which was obscured by the patterns and not very clear, was the true reality.

The harder he tried to see, the clearer the real world became.

Wasn’t it natural to be able to see clearly and walk out?

As for the flying swords patrolling and dancing around, he just needed to avoid them.

It was just that your Formation was too weak. Look at the Formation Su Huanian set up around the pond, Su He couldn’t see through it. The path of cultivation was long, and he dared not slack off even a little bit.

Qiu Tong was panting for a while before she managed to squeeze a few words out from between her teeth: “Unorthodox methods!”

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