Vol.1 – Chapter 024 – I will take you to find your mother

The Snake Valley fell silent.

Even Feng Yaya was stunned, her mouth gaping and her two big eyes panting.

Green Snake didn’t understand and looked around.

“How is Little Turtle’s talent? Which path should he take to advance?”

No one spoke, only staring in amazement at Su He.

Green Snake’s tail fluttered, annoyed by these humans. Why can’t they just say what they mean? I know Little Turtle’s talent is poor, but why can’t we talk about it?

As a newly enlightened snake demon, she couldn’t understand the complex emotions of humans.

“I heard that Qingyuan Sect has a Beast-taming Valley lineage. If I ask for fewer resources, can I take him in?” Green Snake gritted her teeth and made a decision, suppressing the pain in her heart.

Feng Yaya jumped up and down, hanging on Su He’s turtle head. “Big Turtle, Big Turtle! I knew you were the most talented beast I’ve ever seen!”

Gu Lin also came back to her senses, her face full of joy. She never expected to encounter an even bigger surprise when she came to pick up her friend Green Snake today.


Green Snake turned into a question mark, sensing that something was off.

“Aunt Lin, does Big Turtle need to find a master too?” Su He is annoyed by the idea of finding a master. Once he has a master, someone will always be watching him, correcting his posture, spanking him if he doesn’t memorize the scriptures, spanking him if he doesn’t do his homework well…

He’s just a turtle, how can he be spanked? Will he be hung up and struggle?

Thinking of the image of a big turtle being hung up and struggling, Feng Yaya burst out laughing.

Gu Lin shook her head and smiled. This little girl always comes up with bad ideas. “Since the founding of Qingyuan Sect, only two people have been able to make the test token sound: the ancestor and your mother. This turtle is the third one with such talent.”

“Don’t worry, no one can be a master to a beast, and your mother is a water attribute. You can ask her how to cultivate this Big Turtle.”

“Great!” Feng Yaya was very happy and sat on Su He’s head, swinging her two little legs. “Let’s go see Mother, I know where she is. Let’s hide and give her a surprise.”

Gu Lin patted Feng Yaya’s head affectionately. “Go ahead, take good care of Big Turtle. With such talent, he might become an Eclipse stage Exotic Beast!”

The Eclipse stage corresponds to the Heavenly Opening realm of cultivators. Any place where an Eclipse stage Exotic Beast resides is an absolute forbidden area.

In the past few decades, Qingyuan Sect has been thriving and has the potential to become the first sect in Dongyun Mountain, thanks to the discovery of three Eclipse stage Exotic Beast corpses in a forbidden area underground.

Qingyuan Sect drew out the spiritual power of the corpses, making the sect full of spiritual energy, and geniuses and treasures emerged frequently, making cultivation much easier.

Green Snake’s head twisted back and forth.

Did she hear something?

One of the three people with the best talent since the founding of Qingyuan Sect…

The best three…

The best…

The feeling of pity and sympathy was stuck in her throat, making her heart ache. There was a faint pain in her chest, that was her heart.”Gu Lin saw the bewildered expression on Green Snake’s face and suddenly came to her senses. ‘Excuse me, I was shocked by the talent of this turtle and neglected my friend Green Snake.’

‘Friend, did you just speak?’ She quickly apologized to Green Snake.

Green Snake stood still as if she hadn’t heard anything, and it wasn’t until a long while later that she came back to her senses and turned to Gu Lin. ‘Old friend Gu, I will follow you back to the sect and become your disciple, choose my martial arts?’

‘To become a disciple, it must be voluntary between master and disciple. You can choose your martial arts now.’

A green shadow flashed by, and Green Snake had already coiled up on the flying boat, tapping the side of the boat with her tail. ‘Let’s go!’

‘Weren’t you here to pick me up? What are we waiting for?’ Gu Lin lightly laughed. It usually takes some effort to tame a demon beast, but Green Snake seemed to be very efficient, perhaps due to some promised benefits or a display of power.

Gu Lin probably understood the reason and jumped onto the flying boat without saying much, looking at Feng Yaya.

If Feng Yaya followed her, the turtle would be a burden, and they would have to activate the flying boat’s second form. Feng Yaya waved at her and patted Su He’s head. ‘Big Turtle! Let’s go find Mother.’

Su He didn’t know why he was following Feng Yaya, probably because of his Dao heart. Staying here could only mix with crocodiles all day long, while Qingyuan Sect was a cultivation sect with countless possibilities.

Moreover, Qingyuan Sect was only more than a hundred miles away from Listening Sea Lake, and with his current speed, he could arrive in just half an hour.

Listening Sea Lake looked like a stomach, and the elephant water was like its esophagus and intestines.

Elephant water was to the north of Listening Sea Lake, and 180 miles downstream was the territory of Qingyuan Seven Meridians, including Beast-taming Valley, Huayang Peak, Chess Sword Pavilion, Sword Cleansing Pool, Evergreen Peak, Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion, and the Sect Leader’s Sword Residence.

In fact, according to Qingyuan Sect’s rules, there is no such thing as a main branch or a branch. The current seven meridians are all direct lines without distinction. It’s just that the seven ancestors had different focuses when they accepted disciples, gradually forming seven different inheritances with their own styles.

But to this day, Qingyuan Sect still doesn’t have a so-called main branch, and the Sect Leader of Qingyuan can emerge from the seven meridians through competition. However, from which generation onwards, the other six meridians couldn’t compete with Sword Residence anymore. The Sect Leader always came from Sword Residence, and gradually, there was the saying that Sword Residence is the main branch.

Especially in this generation, the current Sect Leader Feng Yiju, together with his wife Su Huanian, brought Qingyuan Sect from a mid-level sect in the Dongyun Mountains to a position of dominance in just three hundred years. Feng Yiju and Su Huanian have become the respected figures among the disciples of the sect.

Su He was going to see Su Huanian, the second person in Qingyuan Sect who was able to touch the testing token with their talent.

Qingyuan Mountain towered into the clouds, piercing through the sky with its beauty.

A boulder at the foot of the mountain was carved with a sentence, neither a poem nor a couplet: ‘Qingyuan Sect on Qingyuan Mountain, cultivating immortals.’

Su He came on the waves and climbed up the mountain. However, he didn’t go to the mountain gate, but was directed by Feng Yaya to a water pool in the mountains.

Su Huanian’s attribute was water, and she rarely lived on the mountain, often living by the water, peaceful and elegant.”Outside the pool, a Formation enveloped the area. Looking from the outside in, all one could see was a thick fog. If one were to suddenly enter without the method to break the Formation, they would either be trapped in confusion or die.

However, when the fog encountered Feng Yaya, it automatically retreated, allowing her to bring Su He inside.

The scenery within the Formation was beautiful.

There was a mountain stream and a pool, with a thatched house by the side. Outside the house, a white garment was scattered on the vines. The person who had taken off the garment had hurriedly entered the water, leaving the clothes in disarray.

“Hush! Big Turtle, be quiet!” Feng Yaya whispered to Su He on her head, “Mother is injured and is healing in the water. We must not disturb her.”

After saying that, she seemed to remember something and anxiously said, “You must not tell anyone!”

Seeing Su He nod, she was satisfied and said, “Let’s carefully get into the water and see how Mother is doing.”

Su He slowly climbed into the pool. The water was icy cold, much colder than Listening Sea Lake, almost as if it was about to freeze.

In the center of the pool, a stunning woman wearing only a small garment floated at the bottom. Her exquisite figure was accentuated by the water’s curves. As the water rippled, her garment fluttered like a thin veil of mist. The distant mountains appeared and disappeared in the mist. Suddenly, the wind blew the mist away, revealing the true face of the mountains. Then, the wind brought the mist back, covering the mountains again.

Su He’s breathing became rapid, causing the water to surge, making the mist flutter even more urgently, and the mountains appeared and disappeared.

Su He let out a long breath, setting an ultimate goal: Demon Subduing Transformation!

Su He vowed.

In this life, he swore to morph into a human, and no one could stop him!

This was a world of cultivation, where there were women generals who fought in the sky and looked down upon the masses; there were charming and bold fox demons; there were fairies as cold and pure as frost.

How could he be a turtle for the rest of his life?

Subdue Demons and become a human!

Su He’s breathing became even more intense, and the water disturbed the fairy.

Su Huanian suddenly opened her eyes, and the Fairy Sword almost pierced out, but it stopped just in front of Feng Yaya. Looking at her daughter, a smile appeared on her cold face.

This smile had magical power. Su He suddenly felt that everything before his eyes was pitch black. When the light returned, the fairy had already put on her clothes and landed gently on his back.

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