Vol.1 – Chapter 019 – Secretly tell you

Su He bumped into it and was slapped back by a claw.

The sharp claws of the White Tiger cut through the turtle shell, making a piercing sound.

The turtle shell was injured!

This was the first time an attack couldn’t be completely blocked by the turtle shell.

Fortunately, Su He’s head shrank quickly, otherwise he would have been hugged by the White Tiger.

Of course, Su He also made some contributions, biting the White Tiger’s elbow and tearing off a piece of flesh. Blood spread in the lake.

Qingyuan Sect, Suppression Prison.

Lu Ming’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He sensed that the White Tiger was injured, and his breathing stopped for a moment, followed by a sigh of relief. It’s okay. After all, it’s a divine turtle with a divine beast bloodline. How can it not be injured?

Being able to injure the White Tiger while being suppressed by the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman, this turtle’s bloodline is probably terrifyingly pure. Great! The more powerful it is, the higher the White Tiger’s talent will be after eating it. Correspondingly, he will also get greater benefits.


The White Tiger has an Evil Ghost, which can attack from afar and defend from close. That Turtle is undoubtedly doomed to die! Hopefully, the White Tiger will act faster and not be smelled by other beasts to go and snatch it.

At Listening Sea Lake, Su He heard a sharp scream behind him, and the Evil Ghost dropped the Green Snake and hurried back to protect its master.

The dagger stabbed straight towards Su He’s tail.


He leaned his body, and the Turtle Shell Skirt sawed off the dagger. At the same time, he instinctively bit the Evil Ghost’s arm.

Biting down, it was cold and smelly, and suddenly bit nothing in the middle.

Su He’s eyes lit up. This Evil Ghost was tangible in the moment of attack! It can be bitten!


He made a meaningless cry, but the Green Snake immediately understood. Its body curled up like a spring, and at the moment when the Evil Ghost stabbed Su He’s turtle paw with another dagger, a water arrow pierced through the lake and penetrated the Evil Ghost’s head.

The resentment in the Evil Ghost’s eyes suddenly became confused and empty. Its whole body burst like a bubble and disappeared with a pop.

Lu Ming’s face changed suddenly in Qingyuan Sect. He sensed the disappearance of the White Tiger’s Evil Ghost.

His heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

How could this be?!

That Evil Ghost was carefully selected by him for the White Tiger, even using the Ghost Gate technique to sacrifice and refine it secretly. Although it was still immature, it was not afraid of knives and axes. How could a mere beast destroy its Evil Ghost?!

Could it be that the Turtle’s bloodline is special and ignores the Evil Ghost’s virtualization?

If so… his heart beat faster. If the White Tiger eats it, can it also inherit this ability?

The excitement on his face was almost uncontrollable.

No, find an excuse to send off the law enforcement. He needs to have a shared sense and sight. He wants to see the White Tiger eat the divine turtle with his own eyes!

“Roar!… Gurgle…”The White Tiger roared and swallowed a bellyful of lake water.

It was not an aquatic creature, but rather a tiger that could swim on its own, and with the powerful lung capacity of a three-star exotic beast, it was able to hold its breath and dive down.

After a few breaths, it was already choking on water. But with its strong physique, it would take several hours to drown it.

Su He couldn’t wait.

The White Tiger was just a pet, and there was still Lu Ming who could ride a sword and fly outside. Who knows when he would come?

Better to act fast!


He growled lowly and greeted Green Snake, then swam towards the White Tiger. At the same time, he waved his claws and two water ribbons, like jelly, wrapped around the White Tiger’s paws.

When the White Tiger clawed back, the water ribbons cushioned the blow, and did not harm the turtle shell.

Su He lowered and raised his body, and the turtle head instantly reached out and bit the White Tiger’s neck. In the instant that the White Tiger swung its paw, Su He tore back, tearing open a piece of flesh at its neck.

The artery burst, and blood spurted out.



Su He was slapped out again by a paw. His internal organs shook, and his vision turned black.

Lu Ming suddenly stood up in the Qingyuan Sect, his face changing drastically.

He sensed that the White Tiger was seriously injured.

How could this be? How is it possible? How could the Turtle, who was suppressed by the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman, hurt the White Tiger? Based on his perception that day, that Turtle, even if it was not suppressed by the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman, could not be the White Tiger’s opponent!

Where did it go wrong?

Were those released Beast Pets competing with the White Tiger?

The White Tiger was the strongest Beast Pet among this group, but four hands are better than two fists. Could it be that the Beast Pets released by Feng Yaya were all targeting the White Tiger?

Did I make a mistake?

“Enforcement Junior Brother, please wait a moment, my White Tiger has some problems, and I need to take a look.”

He faced a young man in the Enforcement Hall uniform: “Junior Brother Lu, please rest assured, there have been some unexpected events in the Beast-taming Valley, and many Beast Pets have escaped. Perhaps the capture team has injured Junior Brother’s Guardian Beast, and will return it after a few days of recuperation…”

He didn’t finish his words, and Lu Ming had already lost his senses.

What an impolite guy! The Enforcement Disciple’s face turned cold. Even as the chief disciple of the Beast-taming Valley, he shouldn’t be so disrespectful to him!

The struggling White Tiger’s eyes flickered slightly, and it became more agile. Lu Ming shared its vision.

As soon as Lu Ming opened his eyes, he saw a bloody lake water blocking his vision. Before he could figure out the situation, he heard a sharp sound of water breaking.



Like a ripe grape exploding, everything in front of him suddenly turned black.Lu Ming suddenly regained consciousness in the Suppression Prison, his face as black as ink, blind! One of his White Tiger’s eyes had been shot blind.

This was retaliation! The ability to shoot arrows was certainly not that of a regular turtle. It must have been a disciple of the Beast-taming Valley who was catching runaway Beast Pets. They intentionally shot my White Tiger blind!

Which disciple of the Beast-taming Valley did not recognize my White Tiger?

Jealousy? Cutting off my path?

Lu Ming was furious, and he used his Divine Ability to sense again.

The White Tiger was struggling underwater, unable to even roar. Its throat artery and trachea had been bitten off, and the uncontrolled trachea was bubbling with air as the lake water poured into its lungs.

Lu Ming, with only one tiger eye left, tried his best to look through the bloody lake water.

He saw it.

There was no one on the other side, only a vicious turtle that was shaking its head and biting towards him.

Lu Ming was shocked. This turtle was not suppressed by the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman?

Its breath had not become stronger, so how did it break through the talisman?

Was it Yu Lin? Did Yu Lin not fall for my trick and went to teach again?!

Did he see the Spirit Talisman that I left on the turtle shell? Lu Ming’s killing intent flowed in his heart.

Lu Ming could not let this slide!

Wait, something was wrong. Even if this turtle was not restricted by the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman, it could not possibly be a match for the White Tiger. Why was the White Tiger bitten to the brink of death?

The White Tiger struggled, and he followed its tiger eye to see the turtle shell that was pressing down on its back.

The Ten Thousand Catties Talisman was shining with a bright light.

Lu Ming was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

He couldn’t figure out where to start, and then he heard the sound of an arrow breaking through the water. Suddenly, his vision was plunged into darkness, and his only tiger eye was shot down.

He only heard the turtle roaring.

Lu Ming woke up suddenly in the Qingyuan Sect, spitting out a mouthful of blood, his face as white as paper.


That turtle broke the White Tiger’s heart!

The White Tiger could not survive.

The White Tiger was his Guardian Beast, and if it died, the owner would suffer the consequences. Even if it was a serious injury, the Qingyuan Sect could still save him.

Without the White Tiger, his path was broken!

“Turtle!” Lu Ming clutched his heart, fell to the ground, blood oozing from his teeth, and roared.

This evil creature! It broke my path for no reason, I will kill you!

And you, the despicable elders of the Qingyuan Sect who secretly held the Divine Turtle, and those disciples who did the same!

“Turtle!” He shouted.

“Huh?” An old lady’s voice came, “Does Senior Brother Lu also have a beautiful turtle?”

Two law enforcement disciples at the entrance of the Suppression Prison were helplessly escorting a little girl in.

Feng Yaya.

This escort was a bit unconventional, they had to use a string of sugar-coated haws to lure Feng Yaya in.This little ancestor didn’t know what madness had taken hold of him. He set fire to the Beast-taming Valley’s cages and released more than half of the Beast Pets. The Sect Leader was furious and punished him by sending him to work in the Suppression Prison to reflect on his mistakes.

Was this a punishment for her? This was a punishment for the Suppression Prison! What did the disciples of the Suppression Prison do wrong?

Feng Yaya jumped in front of Lu Ming: “I’ll secretly tell you, Senior Brother, I also have a turtle. It’s in the Listening Sea Lake, and we agreed to meet after a hundred days.”

“Senior Brother Lu, are you so upset because your Little Turtle was taken away by someone?”

She patted Lu Ming’s shoulder, comforting him: “Don’t worry, Senior Brother Lu, my mother placed a warning rune on my turtle’s head, so it won’t be taken away by others.”

Lu Ming’s eyes suddenly widened, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood, collapsing to the ground, unconscious.

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