Vol.1 – Chapter 018 – Killing Moment

Su He couldn't wait any longer, even though he could have slept for a long time. He woke up after only two days of sleep. The turtle shell had not yet fallen off, but the itching sensation on the entire shell was almost unbearable, and it would molt in two or three days at most.


Su He picked up a water hose and kept washing the turtle shell while constantly colliding and rubbing it against the rocks. Finally, the turtle shell fell off piece by piece.


Two pieces of talisman were left on the shell, which were the two spirit talismans left by Lu Ming. One was a positioning talisman and the other was a ten-thousand catties talisman. Su He's turtle shell was the best carrier for talismans.


A flash of inspiration came to Su He's mind. Perhaps he should collect all the turtle shells in the future when they molt, not to mention whether they could be used as refining materials in the future. Collecting them would prevent them from being scattered and leaving potential dangers.


In a world of cultivation, there were means of cursing and positioning using body tissues.


It had been two days since Su He last saw Lu Ming's White Tiger, which could attack at any moment. Su He had already chosen a burial place for it.


It was on a small hill at the bottom of a lake two miles away. There was a cave in the shape of the character "匚" on the hill. The cave was not small, but it was dark and terrifying. In fact, there was nothing inside except for some fish and shrimp.


The turtle shell that carried the ten-thousand catties talisman was embedded in the top of the cave, while the positioning talisman and other turtle shells were buried at the bottom of the cave. It was a simple trap. It would be good if it could work, but it would not be a big deal if it did not.


In animal fights, courage was always the key. Sneak attacks on these small fry were more important, which was the fundamental way to win big with small.


After burying the turtle shells, Su He immediately went to Snake Valley and invited Green Snake out with a two-point wild boar cub.


Two days had passed, and Green Snake had become even more intelligent. The meaning contained in its hissing had also increased. It could even exchange a few words with Su He.


It hid in the green grass, and Su He went into the mud, which was his old profession. Both the snake and the turtle were patient predators. The two animals did not move, and Su He endured the sleepiness until the third day, when a barbaric aura approached from far away and rushed towards Su He.


It's here!


Five hundred miles away, in the Enforcement Hall of Qingyuan Sect's Suppression Prison.


Lu Ming carried a lunch box to deliver food to the prisoners in the Suppression Prison. The confinement of Qingyuan Sect was not about reflecting in a room, but guarding the Suppression Prison.


The Suppression Prison suppressed the sect's archenemies, prisoners, and demons. Guarding the Suppression Prison meant not leaving the area and guarding a place to the death. Of course, they could not approach the real Suppression Prison, which was guarded by specially trained disciples of the sect. These disciples who guarded the confinement were just doing odd jobs.


Lu Ming had just delivered food to the guarding disciples and was now sitting under a big tree with empty eyes but a smile on his face.


Everything was going according to plan.


As expected, with a little trick, the little princess who was spoiled by the Sect Leader had overturned the Beast-taming Valley. At this moment, the Beast-taming Valley was in flames, and countless beasts had escaped.


His White Tiger had fled in panic half an hour ago and was now rushing towards Listening Sea Lake.Lu Ming used the White Tiger's vision to observe all the way.


The White Tiger is his Guardian Beast, so Lu Ming can naturally share its vision. Although he cannot control or command it, being able to see is enough.


The White Tiger is using the Positioning Talisman left by Su He to travel in a straight line. Lu Ming is sweating for it.




Even faster!


This time, Feng Yaya released many Beast Pets. They must not let other Beast Pets find the Divine Turtle first.


The Positioning Talisman indicates that the Divine Turtle is just ahead!


The White Tiger jumps into the water and swims straight towards the location.


Lu Ming licks his lips and has no problem in the water. The turtle shell is inscribed with the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman, which is enough to immobilize it. Even in the water, it can only let the White Tiger tear and eat it.


It's just a Divine Beast cub that hasn't mastered any Divine Ability. Killing it is not difficult!


"Lu Ming!"


Suddenly, someone called out.


Lu Ming startles and immediately cuts off the White Tiger's connection. He stands up and responds, "Here!"



Su He holds his breath and concentrates.




Even closer!


Su He dives into the mud and stays still, while the Green Snake sways gently with the water grass, completely blending into the environment.


"Roar!" A White Tiger breaks through the water and dives into the depths.


This is a giant White Tiger with a body length of six meters. Its every move exudes a wild and primitive aura.


With the roar, three stars appear on the White Tiger's forehead.


Su He's heart tightens.


This is a three-star Exotic Beast!


Su He has only seen one Exotic Beast, which is the mount of the sloppy Old Taoist. It is a camel that has a greater addiction to alcohol than the Old Taoist. When it is drunk, a Mysterious Moon appears on its forehead.


The Demon Star, Mysterious Moon, and Eclipse are the three grades of Exotic Beasts, corresponding to the three realms of Transcend Mortality, Subdue Demons, and Traverse Heaven for humans.


The three stars on the White Tiger's forehead indicate that it has already reached the third grade of Demon Star. It cannot be judged by common sense.


Su He and the Green Snake are even more cautious, not daring to make any noise. Fortunately, the White Tiger breathes with its lungs and cannot smell anything underwater.


The White Tiger dives into a cave, its eyes gleaming with greed. It smelled the scent of the Turtle on the shore just now, and this is a great supplement!


The Positioning Talisman of its owner is here, and the Turtle has burrowed into the soil.


The White Tiger digs out a few pieces of Turtle Shell from the soil with its claws.




The White Tiger is a little confused. Just then, a water arrow shot over and exploded on the rock above its head. The pieces of Turtle Shell fell on the White Tiger's body, as if touching a switch, the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman on the Turtle Shell lit up.


It was like a heavy mountain, crashing down and pressing on the White Tiger's back. The White Tiger collapsed with a loud noise, and its whole body was pressed into a U-shape.


Well done!


The Green Snake succeeded with one hit and immediately fled. Its position has been exposed, and it doesn't know what abilities the White Tiger has. Escaping to save its life is the top priority.


"Roar!" The White Tiger roared, and bubbles came out of its mouth and nose. It tried to jump up and tear the Green Snake apart, but it was firmly pressed to the ground by the Turtle Shell. It couldn't even stand up, let alone roll over.


Qingyuan Sect, Suppression Prison.Lu Ming, who was talking to the law enforcement disciple, slightly clenched his fist. Beautiful! The Ten Thousand Catties Talisman he left behind had been activated, and the White Tiger should have already started fighting with the Divine Turtle.


This Ten Thousand Catties Talisman would only be activated if touched by the White Tiger, which means it must have jumped onto the back of the Divine Turtle. A White Tiger, combined with the weight of tens of thousands of catties from the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman.


No matter how extraordinary That Turtle was, the only outcome was being devoured by the White Tiger.


Unfortunately, he was entangled by the law enforcement disciple and could not witness it with his own eyes. It was a great regret in his life.


Under the Listening Sea Lake, the White Tiger lay on the ground, struggling to dig and get up, but couldn't. Even its spine made a creaking sound.


It stared at Green Snake angrily: "Roar!"


With a roar, a phantom was sprayed from its mouth. It was an Evil Ghost, dressed in gray cloth strips. As soon as it appeared, the surrounding lake water was dyed black.


It could vaguely be seen that this used to be a woman, but now her eyes were full of ferocity and filth.


Evil Ghost!


The word inexplicably popped into Su He's mind.


This should be the White Tiger's Evil Ghost.


As soon as the Evil Ghost came out, it immediately attacked Green Snake. As it floated over Su He's head, Su He bit down.




The teeth collided and missed. The teeth penetrated the Evil Ghost's body but couldn't bite it.


This Evil Ghost was illusory and had no physical form.


The Evil Ghost was attacked, and it stabbed Su He's turtle shell with a dagger in return. A sour, crackling sound followed, but the dagger did not pierce the shell.




The White Tiger roared again, and bubbles rolled in its mouth and nose.


It was an Exotic Beast. Although it couldn't gain Spiritual Intelligence and its intelligence was only slightly higher than ordinary beasts, it knew that it had fallen into a trap.


This turtle was the prey its master wanted it to hunt. The prey teamed up with a long worm to fight back against it!


The White Tiger roared, and the Evil Ghost left Su He to attack Green Snake with a dagger.


The White Tiger was not stupid. It could feel that Green Snake posed a greater threat to it than the Turtle—this Green Snake could use enchantments! It could pin it down here and shoot it to death from a distance!


Green Snake dodged the Evil Ghost's attack while coiling.


This ugly thing was unreasonable. It could attack the snake, but the snake couldn't attack it.


Green Snake twisted its body to avoid the Evil Ghost's dagger, shook its head, and shot a water arrow. The water arrow penetrated through the Evil Ghost's phantom, but it couldn't hurt it.


Su He's eyes narrowed slightly, and he turned around and rushed towards the White Tiger.


To capture a thief, capture the king first. To kill the Evil Ghost, kill the tiger first!

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