Vol.1 – Chapter 020 – Eat its meat

The water was murky, but it didn’t affect Su He and Green Snake’s vision.

One rolled in the mud all day, the other didn’t rely on sight to gather information. The turtle and the snake looked at the white tiger that was no longer struggling.

It was dead.

It took the combined efforts of Su He, Green Snake, and Lu Ming to kill it.

Lu Ming played a major role. Without his Ten Thousand Catties Talisman, Su He and Green Snake wouldn’t have been able to defeat the white tiger. Even underwater, a three-star Exotic Beast was not something they could handle.

Green Snake tried to shoot a water arrow at the white tiger’s forehead, but it only broke the skin before getting stuck in the hard bone.

A water arrow that could pierce through rocks couldn’t penetrate the tiger’s bones.

The white tiger remained motionless, truly dead.

Su He and Green Snake rushed towards the white tiger, stopping on either side of it, baring their teeth and threatening each other.

They both wanted the flesh of a three-star Exotic Beast.

Normal beasts could consume treasures of heaven and earth, strengthen their bodies, and condense Demon Stars within them, becoming Exotic Beasts.

At this point, a star would appear on their forehead. This was a one-star Exotic Beast.

The Demon Star would slowly rotate within the Exotic Beast’s body, providing them with transcendent power. When the Exotic Beast advanced again and reached its limit, the Demon Star would reverse, and a second star would appear on its forehead.

This process would continue, with each advancement resulting in the Demon Star reversing and another star appearing on their forehead. This was why Exotic Beasts with multiple stars were also known as “turning” Exotic Beasts. When the Demon Star reached the seventh turn, the Exotic Beast reached its limit, and the Demon Star shattered, forming the Mysterious Moon.

An Exotic Beast that had advanced to the Mysterious Moon stage was called a Mysterious Moon Exotic Beast, and the shape that appeared on its forehead was also that of the Mysterious Moon.

Just like Old Taoist’s sloppy drinking camel.

Perhaps it was a rule of heaven and earth that both Exotic Beasts and demons had three major realms, each of which was divided into seven minor realms. These were the Demon Star, Mysterious Moon, and Eclipse for Exotic Beasts, and Transcend Mortality, Subdue Demons, and Traverse Heaven for humans and demons.

As Old Taoist mentioned, the first realm for humans and demons was Transcend Mortality, also known as the Seven Steps of Transcendence. It was divided into seven minor realms: Mind’s Eye, Divine Object, True Blood, Sense Realm, Sacrificial Bone, Enlightenment, and Gathering Essence.

A three-star Exotic Beast was equivalent to a human’s True Blood realm in Transcend Mortality. Its entire body had undergone a qualitative change and was no longer the same as ordinary creatures.

Especially since this was a tiger, which was already a great tonic.

Both Green Snake and Su He wanted to eat it.

Especially now, as hibernation was approaching, it was the time when they needed to eat a lot.

The snake and the turtle eyed each other with bad intentions.

Two breaths later, Su He sighed and retreated. His damn moral compass wouldn’t allow him to let Green Snake, who had come to help him, be killed and eaten by him alone.

If it were an ordinary beast, it would have done the same.

Suppressing his desire to devour it alone, Su He lowered his head and said, “Ang.”

The tiger was big, so they split it in half and ate it quickly.

The white tiger was dead, but there was still Lu Ming behind it. They needed to eat quickly and run.

Green Snake agreed, coiling around the white tiger’s body and using all its strength to strangle it, hoping to squeeze it into a long strip and swallow it whole, just like a python eating its prey.

But Su He knew better. This was a three-star Exotic Beast, and its tiger bones were indestructible, even harder than his turtle shell. Even the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman couldn’t crush its bones, let alone a green snake.

Su He stepped forward and took a bite out of the white tiger’s heart.

This was a true tonic, but unfortunately, it was a female tiger. Otherwise, it would have been even more nourishing. As long as it was fresh meat, there was nothing that couldn’t be eaten.

He was really hungry, even if it wasn’t fresh, it didn’t matter.

It had been four or five days since he last ate, his stomach was empty, and Su He wriggled his organs to make more room for his stomach.After a hearty meal, Su He ate at least forty catties of tiger meat before feeling full. He turned his head and saw Green Snake staring at him with a fierce expression, flicking its tongue quickly.

This guy couldn’t swallow the whole tiger, nor tear off the tiger meat, and was ready to attack Su He at any time.

Su He thought for a moment and tore off a large piece of meat to throw at it.

Green Snake immediately stopped threatening him and pounced on the meat to swallow it in one bite.

This snake seems like a dog, accepting food and eating.

Su He found that this Green Snake could eat even more than him! It ate everything, including the fur!

Has it never had a full meal before?

Two sword lights cut through the sky and stopped on the water surface. Su He and Green Snake stopped moving and looked up at the same time.

The tiger blood stained the lake red, and from this angle, the entire sky had a strange atmosphere.

On the two sword lights, there were two young men, one fat and one thin. They were sent to capture the escaped Beast Pet and followed its breath here, only to see the shocking scene in the lake.

“Senior Brother, isn’t that Senior Brother Lu’s White Tiger being torn apart and eaten down there?” The thin young man looked at the tattered White Tiger that Su He and Green Snake had eaten with a shocked expression.

The fat one swallowed his saliva and nodded, “It’s that White Tiger, can’t be wrong. Senior Brother Lu’s Guardian Beast.”

Both of them looked at each other in dismay. They understood each other’s meaning: this matter is big!

“Senior Brother Lu’s Guardian Beast was killed, but there is no trace of his breath around here. Why isn’t he coming to help?”

Guardian Beasts and their owners share weal and woe, and Senior Brother Lu couldn’t possibly let his White Tiger be killed without doing anything.

The fat one shook his head, “You don’t know, because of Junior Sister Qiao’s matter, Senior Brother Lu was confined for three months.”

The Qingyuan Sect’s confinement even forbids the Guardian Beast from coming out if it is killed?

Underwater, Su He’s eyes lit up.

The thin junior brother asked, “What should we do? Catch this Green Snake and Big Turtle back?”

The Beast Pet escaped from the Beast-taming Valley, and Senior Brother Lu’s Guardian Beast was killed. Someone had to take responsibility. The Sect Leader’s daughter couldn’t run away, but since she has the highest status, she couldn’t be locked up in the Suppression Prison.

So this Green Snake and Big Turtle are unlucky.

The fat senior brother looked at his junior brother in shock, “Are you crazy? This is the Green Snake that ate the Demon Morphing Fruit in the Snake Valley!”

He was responsible for monitoring the Demon Morphing Fruit in the Qingyuan Sect and recognized this Green Snake.

“Only eighteen Demon Morphing Fruits grew in the Qingyuan Realm this time, but only six of the beasts that ate them survived. The rest either couldn’t stand the Demon Morphing Fruit’s aura and self-destructed, or died in the struggle among beasts.”

“Are you taking it to bear the blame, afraid that the Elder in charge won’t punish you?”

The thin junior brother suddenly realized.

The demon race is naturally favored. The beasts that can morph into demons are at least in the Demon Subduing Realm. Moreover, demons are simple-minded and can be taught well when brought back to the Sect. They have a strong sense of belonging to the Sect.

And the demon race has a long lifespan and can serve the Sect for a longer time. Each Demon Morphing Beast is a treasure of the Sect.

“We can’t take away this Big Turtle either.” The thin junior brother thought for a moment and said, “I saw this Turtle tearing meat to feed the Snake from a distance just now. It must be the pet of this Green Snake.”

This Green Snake will definitely morph into a demon, and its identity will not be low in the future. It’s not worth offending it. Beasts are simple but also hold grudges, especially wolf and snake types.

The fat senior brother nodded, but was also puzzled. He closed his eyes and suddenly opened them, a glint flashing through them.

“Come out!” He shouted and made a move, and the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman on the Turtle Shell that was suppressing the White Tiger broke out of the water.

The fat senior brother pointed out the function of the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman, holding the Turtle Shell in his hand, suddenly realizing, “I said, just with this Green Snake and this Turtle, it’s impossible to kill the White Tiger.”Someone is trying to target Senior Brother Lu. This talisman armor must be handed over to the Enforcement Hall.

He counted on his fingers and completely restrained the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman to prevent it from dissipating over time. Then, with a backhanded move, he summoned the Positioning Talisman Turtle Shell from under the White Tiger and dealt with it similarly. Afterward, he cupped his hands towards Green Snake and said, “Fellow Daoist of the snake clan, this White Tiger is my Senior Brother’s Guardian Beast. My Senior Brother and I need to take it back, so I hope you won’t take offense!”

Green Snake would eventually undergo the Demon Subduing Transformation and become human. It was important to be courteous at this moment, so as to avoid any resentment from Green Snake when she recalled this incident in the future.

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