Vol.1 – Chapter 017 – People without harming the tiger’s intentions, tigers have harmful intentions towards people

His gaze lowered, his face showing a hint of gloominess, staring straight at Su He, muttering to himself, “This is not a morphed demon or an exotic beast, this is a divine beast!”

At least it has divine beast bloodline.

There are only two paths for beast cultivation, morphing into a demon or becoming an exotic beast. Divine beasts are not cultivated, they are born with their bloodline!

Dragons, phoenixes, qilins, divine turtles, golden crows, moon toads…

There are countless divine beasts in legends, but it’s rare to actually see one.

Junior Brother Lu gritted his teeth and said, “Why did a divine beast appear after I formed a bond with my guardian beast?”

Su He looked at it and slowly backed away.

This person had enmity towards him, deep enmity. The kind that won’t end until one of them dies!

This is so inexplicable!

“Why did you appear late? Am I not worthy of you since you only appeared after I formed a bond with my guardian beast?”

Lu Ming came from the Beast-taming Valley of the Qingyuan Sect. This lineage does not focus on swordsmanship or talismans, but on beast cultivation, cultivating their own guardian exotic beasts. The beasts and I are one.

Lu Ming’s guardian beast was a talented white tiger that he formed a bond with three days ago. But no matter how talented an exotic beast is, can it surpass a divine beast’s bloodline?

Three days!

It was three days too late!

If he had found this turtle three days ago, he would have risked everything to make it his guardian beast!

However, the Beast-taming Valley’s method of taming beasts only allows one person to form a bond with one guardian beast. With Lu Ming’s talent, it would take him hundreds of years to form a bond with another one.

Lu Ming couldn’t wait for hundreds of years!

Moreover, there was a turtle with divine beast bloodline in the Listening Sea Lake. This kind of news couldn’t be suppressed. The Beast-taming Valley would eventually know about it, and someone would eventually form a bond with it.

But I am the first True Transmission of the Beast-taming Valley in this generation!

Lu Ming hated it to the bone.

He took out a talisman pen, drew a series of talismans in the air, and patted them towards Su He’s forehead.

No one can take away my divine turtle. Even if it can’t be my guardian beast, it can only be my beast pet!

Slave Beast Seal, Life and Death Talisman, Prison…

I want to see who dares to snatch it away. If someone still dares to take it as their guardian beast after I marked it with these talismans, I, Lu Ming, don’t mind having an extra servant.

The guardian beast and its master share the same heart and origin. If someone else has formed a bond with the guardian beast’s soul, it won’t be able to escape.

Su He couldn’t understand these talismans, but his animal instincts told him that if he was marked with them, he would be better off dead.

Su He turned around and ran, but the talismans caught up with him and were about to touch his forehead when a talisman mark on his head lit up. It shattered all of Lu Ming’s talismans.

It was a warning talisman that Su Huanian left on him over a month ago.

It had no practical use, it was just there to prevent others from taking Su He as their beast pet.

Lu Ming’s face turned purple in an instant.

It was just an ordinary warning talisman, but it shattered all of his talismans. The person who left the warning talisman must have a cultivation level that was beyond his reach.

Damn it!

This person probably discovered the divine turtle early on but couldn’t form a bond with it. So they asked their elders to leave a talisman mark on the turtle, waiting for them to reach a high enough cultivation level to form a bond with it.

This person is so selfish!

If they had reported it to the Beast-taming Valley, the divine turtle would have been taken by them, and this generation’s disciples could have competed to tame it with their own abilities.

The successful one would give the discoverer a generous reward.

This person knew that if they left it in the Beast-taming Valley, I would be the first to tame it, so they kept it hidden here.

Who helped the junior do this? Elder An? Elder Qiu?

The other two elders of the Beast-taming Valley wouldn’t know, they would only think of me when there’s something good. Or was it done by a senior of the same lineage in the sect?

How despicable!Divine Turtle was snatched, and Lu Ming’s face became even darker. Beast pets cannot be forcibly taken, as it would trigger the warning talismans. A disciple who already has a guardian beast breaking through the warning talismans to forcefully take a beast pet would offend the elders to death.

A hint of cruelty flashed in Lu Ming’s eyes.

Since he couldn’t take it, he would destroy it! If his White Tiger could swallow this Divine Turtle, his talent would surely improve.

The guardian beast and its owner are closely related, and the White Tiger’s improvement is also his. The path of cultivation would be smoother.

With the warning talismans of the elders, he couldn’t just let the White Tiger come and eat it foolishly. He had to think of a way.

Lu Ming stood by the lake for a moment, and his eyes gradually lit up.

Feng Yaya!

The little princess of the Sect Leader’s family! She had been staying in the Beast-taming Valley for some reason these days, and it was said that she had an appointment with someone outside, which was only a hundred days away. Where was she waiting for the person?

The Beast-taming Valley was the closest, so she stayed there.

As a young girl who never grew up and had low intelligence, her cultivation level was not low. As long as he used some tactics, he could make her turn the Beast-taming Valley upside down and let all the beast pets run away. As long as the White Tiger came out and coincidentally encountered a young Divine Turtle, it wouldn’t be unacceptable for it to accidentally bite and eat it. After all, it was just the instinct of an exotic beast. Cannibalism was natural for animals!

It would be better to also provide himself with an alibi, such as being imprisoned by the Enforcement Hall for making a mistake…


After all, if he was imprisoned, he couldn’t possibly instruct the White Tiger to make a mistake, right?

Of course, for the safety of the White Tiger, he should also do something to the Divine Turtle. Lu Ming waved his talisman pen, and a talisman fell on Su He’s turtle shell.

He deliberately avoided the warning talismans on the turtle’s head.

“A Ten Thousand Catties Talisman and a Positioning Talisman are enough.” Using too many talismans would make it more likely to reveal something, and the Positioning Talisman could locate the turtle, while the Ten Thousand Catties Talisman would activate when it encountered the White Tiger. When the Divine Turtle was suppressed by the spirit talisman and couldn’t move, it could only let the White Tiger eat it.

“Stay still and wait for my White Tiger to come and eat you.”

After he finished speaking, he sneered and rode his sword away. It was better to delay Yu Lin’s actions first and not let him come to teach the alligator anymore. Yu Lin would discover the talisman he left on the turtle shell.

Lu Ming’s speed was extremely fast, and Su He squinted his eyes and watched him leave.

Indeed, the instincts of animals were the most trustworthy. This person had bad intentions! No wonder he didn’t like him at first sight. He had a scent of resistance to animals on him.

This person must have frequently come into contact with various animals, but most of them left an unpleasant smell on him.

Saliva, urine, and fur…

Su He drew the talisman left by Lu Ming on the turtle shell from memory.

He didn’t recognize the first talisman at all, and the second one was based on the earth-element talisman. He couldn’t understand its specific function.

Any spirit talisman related to the earth would have the earth-element talisman as its core, such as gathering spiritual energy, sorting out the earth veins, increasing rice production, earth escape, etc…

Combined with the way Lu Ming spoke to himself, the Positioning Talisman was probably the talisman that Su He didn’t recognize at all. The Ten Thousand Catties Talisman with the earth-element talisman as its core should be the one.

As the name suggests, it was as heavy as ten thousand catties. It should have a function like suppression, sealing, or restriction.

Suppress me and let the White Tiger come and eat me?

A cold light flashed in Su He’s eyes. Thinking of Lu Ming’s previous actions, he should have wanted to take him as a beast pet but was blocked by Su Huanian’s talisman, so he wanted to destroy him instead.

Did I provoke you, your father, or your grandfather?After devouring several high-quality prey, Su He’s inner energy was piled up, and he shed the turtle shell with the Spirit Talisman on it.


It was just a white tiger. Without the restriction of the Spirit Talisman, it wouldn’t be difficult to kill it. If that didn’t work – Su He glanced at the hundreds of Su Family’s Crocodiles on the crocodile beach. Even if your white tiger is an Exotic Beast, I don’t believe that hundreds of crocodiles can’t kill you!

After that, Su He looked at the sword light that cut through the sky, leaving only a trace of brilliance.

Su He had fought with beasts, and even though he had faced many dangerous situations and nearly died several times, he had never hated any wild beast. However, for some reason, he always had an irritable feeling towards Lu Ming that he couldn’t get rid of unless he crushed him.

Sturgeon, two points.

The quality was not enough, so he threw it back to the crocodile group.

Rabbit, one point.

Wild wolf, three points.

Su He snatched the prey from one crocodile after another. The Su Family’s Crocodiles were confused, not knowing what was wrong with their king today. He was actually taking their prey, but after snatching it, he didn’t eat it and threw it back.

As soon as the same prey was thrown back, it immediately emitted an enticing fragrance, causing the crocodiles to scramble for it.

This continued until the twelfth crocodile was snatched.

Deer cake, four points, quality.

Su He devoured the entire fawn without leaving a trace. The warm deer blood made his whole body hot. Two hours later, Su He leisurely closed his eyes.

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