Vol.1 – Chapter 016 – Causing waves

In the moment when he saw the white snake, Su He felt as if the whole world had crashed onto him. He instantly knocked it away.

When he woke up, he was still in the small lake in Snake Valley, but the moonlight was no longer shrouding him.

This was the inheritance belonging to the Green Snake, and it had been expelled.

A dice fell quietly in front of Su He:

Five points!

It was a pity. If he could stay in the Green Snake’s inheritance, Su He should be able to learn at five times the speed…

Suddenly, Su He was stunned.

Something appeared in his mind: make waves!

Making waves, stirring up trouble!

The inheritance that the Green Snake got this time was making waves, and Su He only saw the latter part of it, and then he got this inheritance.

Making waves can control the water to create huge waves, of course, this is the skill of the White Snake. Just getting the inheritance, he could only create a small water splash, not the big one that splashes water.

Su He could only… He lifted his paw and seemed to pick up a ribbon, scooping up a piece of lake water.

No, this is not making waves.

Making waves can create huge waves, but it cannot pick up water like a ribbon, this is… water manipulation!

The making waves inheritance of the White Snake, which was rolled five points by the dice, turned into a divine ability like water manipulation.

Divine ability!

It was not demon magic, but divine ability, like eating and drinking, an instinct that seemed to be born with Su He.

There was a fundamental difference between magic and divine ability.

Magic was learned, while divine ability was innate.

If you had to say something, a person’s eating and drinking, defecating and urinating were all divine abilities, but they were too ordinary. However, from the perspective of plants, it was too magical. That thing could actually eat!

Divine ability!

Divine ability was a natural ability that could not be learned or taught.

People could not teach their divine abilities to others, just like birds could not teach cats to fly.

But magic could.

The dice not only could improve learning efficiency, but also could advance the inheritance that was snatched.

It was just unclear how this advancement multiplier was calculated?

The snatched prey could accurately increase by five times, at least in terms of quality or quantity, it was a real thing. How could the demon magic accurately calculate five times or five to the power of something?

Su He slowly sank into the water and thought to himself. It wasn’t until the full moon set, and the moonlight on the Green Snake gradually dissipated, that it looked back at Su He with a bewildered expression.

The Green Snake glanced at Su He and ignored him. It had become accustomed to this lazy turtle always lingering around it.

In recent days, the Green Snake’s eyes had become more agile. It was almost a hundred days, and the Demon Morphing Fruit was about to be digested, which was a sign of its spiritual intelligence gradually opening up.

The Green Snake swam down from the tree and plunged into the lake, flicking its tail to stir up the water.

It wanted to make waves but didn’t succeed.

The Green Snake was not discouraged. Learning demon magic required a gradual process. Since it ate the Demon Morphing Fruit nearly three months ago, it had received a demon magic inheritance every full moon, and it took more than a month of hard practice to master the first two demon magic. Making waves, the difficulty was even higher.

Especially making waves, it always felt like something was missing, and it was difficult to master.

Maybe it was because it was not a water snake?

The Emerald Green Snake could swim, but it was not a water snake.

Su He sank in the water, and his turtle head kept turning around, constantly observing his body. The more he sank, the more he could feel the changes in his body. It seemed that the ability to control water flow was integrated into every inch of his skin.

Anything that came into contact with him could be controlled by him, even the tip of his tail.The combination of Turtle and Water Manipulation is much more effective than just causing waves.

He obtained a remarkable inheritance.

Su He poked Green Snake and climbed onto the shore. He drew a water element talisman on a rock with his claws.

Talismans are a direct representation of the essence of all things in the world. Observing talismans is to comprehend the Dao. After obtaining the inheritance of Green Snake’s wave-causing ability, leaving a water element talisman could be considered as compensation.

If necessary, he could offer Green Snake some high-quality food before hibernation.

Su He submerged himself in the lake and swam back to the Alligator Beach. Perhaps due to the influence of the Divine Ability he just obtained, he preferred to stay underwater. He controlled the water flow and coiled it around his body like a snake, as if his entire body was merging with the lake water.

Before, he could only swim with the webbing between his claws, but now, every stroke was accompanied by the Water Manipulation Divine Ability. The water he stirred seemed to solidify, like grabbing a rope and moving forward underwater, doubling his speed.

This Divine Ability could still be practiced and developed. Perhaps in the future, he wouldn’t need to swim when traveling. A wave of water could carry him to travel the world.

When he returned to Alligator Beach, the alligators had finished their overnight hunting. Su He ate some tribute alligator meat and forced himself to rest for a while, suppressing his excitement at the thought of not having eaten any food that had improved his quality by five or six points. However, little by little, his body accumulated a large amount of energy. He could accumulate it for a while and then go back to sleep.

These days, there were signs that the turtle shell was loosening and shedding again. The next evolution was approaching. This time, it would be a longer hibernation, perhaps even merging with winter hibernation.

The Demon Morphing Fruit was also almost digested.

When the sun was three poles high, the sheep shone lazily on the Alligator Beach.

Just as Su He thought that Yu Lin was no longer afraid of teaching and would not come again, two Fairy Swords arrived late and landed on the green stone, turning into two people.

Yu Lin and a young man in his twenties.

The young man looked mild but was not likable. Su He vaguely felt a sense of rejection towards him.

Animal instincts.

Yu Lin pointed at Su He and said, “Junior Brother Lu, this is the turtle I told you about. It ate the Demon Morphing Fruit and is about to morph into a demon. Can you see that?”

The Junior Brother took out a small mirror from his pocket. This was the Heavenly Mirror specially used to check the Demon Morphing Fruit. If an animal had eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit, it could be reflected in the Heavenly Mirror.

However, there was no response on the Heavenly Mirror. It could not reflect the Red Fruit, as the sloppy Old Taoist had said before.

The Junior Brother shook his head. “It’s a pity. This is a Xuan Turtle about to advance to an exotic beast. It didn’t eat the Demon Morphing Fruit.”

Yu Lin slowly opened his clenched hand, showing a hint of regret on his face. “What a pity. If it had morphed, no one would have known about yesterday’s sacrifice…”

He looked at Su He with a friendly expression again. “You’re still my cook.”

The Junior Brother put away the Heavenly Mirror and bowed to Yu Lin. “Since it’s not a demon animal, I won’t delay Senior Brother’s teaching. Don’t forget to notify me when Senior Brother starts teaching. I’ll come to support him!”

The Junior Brother knew that I was practicing here! Yu Lin blushed and bowed to the Junior Brother, watching him ride his sword and leave.

Yu Lin was quiet for a moment, suppressing his shame and starting today’s class. Yesterday, he briefly explained the runes, which was just the beginning. Today, he would start explaining each rune step by step from the basics.Although it was just a practice session, Su He still treated it extremely seriously. He treated the crocodiles below the stage as if they were his Junior Brothers and Sisters, not missing a single detail. He even sternly dealt with a fighting incident among the students.

The two crocodiles, for some unknown reason, started fighting. Su He pointed his finger at them, and they were hung upside down over the lake’s surface. The small ruler in his hand smacked the crocodile’s buttocks with a crisp sound.

The class ended earlier that day, probably because they had practiced a lot yesterday and were more relaxed today. As the western sky was just lit up by the sunset, Su He finished the day’s course and left on his Sword Riding.

Night fell once again. A figure slowly emerged from behind the rocks on the shore.

It was Junior Brother Lu, who had left on his Sword Riding in the morning. At this moment, he looked at Su He with furrowed brows and approached him step by step.

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