Chapter 15 – Inheritance

“Talisman is the world!” Yu Lin said with a timid voice and a bold statement.

He dared not look at the crocodiles below and instead looked up slightly at an angle.

“Everything in the world can be described with talismans. In theory, talismans can even construct a whole new world.”

His voice was pleasant to listen to and his lesson plan was decent, but he was a bit timid. Fortunately, he found some confidence after hesitating for a while.

He could gather the courage to look towards the water surface where the crocodiles were gathered. However, only one-third of them were staring at him blankly, one-third were minding their own business, and the other third were sleeping.

The classroom effect was terrible.

This was probably the worst class that Yu Lin would ever teach in his entire career.

The nervous atmosphere of the classroom made him even more anxious. “I’m not lying to you!”

As if to make his words more persuasive, he jumped up and shouted, “Talisman is everything!”

“Wind come!” He drew a spirit talisman in the air with his finger, and suddenly a strong wind arose, causing waves to crash onto the shore.

“Rain come!” Another talisman, and suddenly there was a heavy rain pouring down from the clear sky, drenching himself like a drowned rat.

The sudden downpour caught the crocodiles off guard, and they all started to howl. Yu Lin became even more at a loss for what to do, waving his hands to try to maintain discipline.


Su He timely let out a roar, and the crocodiles quieted down.

Yu Lin looked at Su He gratefully, and when he saw Su He’s appearance, he showed a hint of surprise. “Did you eat the Demon Morphing Fruit or are you trying to advance into an Exotic Beast? Thank you! I’ll introduce you to Junior Brother Lu another day. Junior Brother Lu loves Exotic Beasts, and you two will definitely become good friends.”

Yu Lin decided that during the time he was teaching at the crocodile beach, this turtle would be his meal.

He waved his hand and threw out a few talismans. His wet clothes were instantly dry and even became clean, fluttering elegantly.

Feeling great, his state of mind improved a bit.

“This is talisman!”

If he had demonstrated this in front of his Junior Sister and Junior Brother, it would have surely caused a wave of amazement. Yu Lin felt a little proud of himself.

“Each spirit talisman is composed of different symbols, elemental symbols, descriptive symbols, and fixed symbols are the three main elements that make up talismans.”

“Seven hundred and twenty elemental symbols are the foundation of talisman dao. Wind, rain, thunder, lightning, water, fire, wood, earth… each elemental symbol is the origin of all things.”

“Descriptive symbols determine the power and nature of the talisman you write. Even if it is a thunder talisman, the descriptive symbol determines whether it is the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder or just ordinary lightning.”

Immersed in his teaching, Yu Lin was like he had turned off his own switch. He no longer saw the crocodiles in his eyes, and only wanted to teach. He counted on his fingers and drew talismans in the air.

A talisman with electric light condensed in mid-air, the thunder symbol, one of the seven hundred and twenty elemental symbols.

“This is the Thunder Elemental Symbol. Adding different descriptive symbols will create different thunder talismans: Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, Palm Thunder, Yang Thunder, Yin Thunder…”

Yu Lin quickly wrote and drew, forming different thunder talismans, each with a different aura. Even a layman could tell that they were all based on the Thunder Elemental Symbol that Yu Lin had drawn at the beginning.

“Descriptive symbols describe the characteristics of the talisman, while fixed symbols are the mechanism of the talisman. When the talisman takes effect and under what circumstances it takes effect are all determined by the fixed symbol.”

He gestured and added some strokes to each thunder talisman.

“I want this talisman to take effect immediately and split the stone in front of me.” The thunder talisman took shape, and a thunderbolt fell from the sky, smashing the stone into pieces with a crackling sound.”I want this talisman to activate only when it touches water.” Another talisman took shape, and the spirit talisman was launched, rampaging around without any effect until it bounced back into the lake.


A bolt of lightning struck the lake, causing seven or eight crocodiles to foam at the mouth and flip over.

Yu Lin was shocked and apologetic. He scrambled to pull out seven or eight bottles of elixir and stuffed them into the mouths of the crocodiles. After a while, the crocodiles slowly regained consciousness.

Yu Lin dared not demonstrate any further. He dispersed the talismans in the air and looked at the crocodile group sheepishly, “Do you all understand?”

No crocodile answered.

They were all scared by the thunder just now and only now cautiously emerged from the water, looking at him with confusion.

Yu Lin fell silent. They were just crocodiles, unable to understand his words or his lessons…

He thought to himself, “They are just crocodiles. Even if they are struck by lightning, they won’t feel wronged. Does it matter what I do? They don’t understand anyway…”

He twitched his face and suddenly pointed to an old crocodile, “Oh? Junior Brother raised his hand. Do you have something to say?”

The crocodile looked bewilderedly at its front paw, which had lifted up uncontrollably. Then, the entire crocodile was pulled out of the water by an invisible force and stood up like a kneeling disciple, politely asking a question.

It wanted to struggle, but couldn’t move, looking at Su He with a frightened expression.

“King, save me!”

The king didn’t have time to deal with it. The king was being a good student, listening very carefully. Even a turtle claw drew lines on the water surface, copying the thunder talisman that Yu Lin had just drawn.

The crocodile was stunned.

The king was listening so attentively to the human’s lecture, while we were being played with by this human…

The crocodile’s small brain couldn’t understand this.

Su He didn’t notice the complicated psychological activity of the crocodile. He knew the function of the dice now.

Learning efficiency!

Yu Lin had just drawn eleven talismans, and Su He had completely memorized them in this short moment! He could even replicate the process of drawing the talismans with his claws, imitating the rhythm and tempo of Yu Lin’s drawing.

The crocodile didn’t speak, and Yu Lin automatically filled in the question for it, “Oh? You want to know why the talisman you copied with your tail couldn’t attract thunder?” Yu Lin asked the crocodile in surprise.

The crocodile: “???”

“Of course, it’s because you have no spiritual power!” Yu Lin laughed heartily. He suddenly had an epiphany and was no longer afraid to teach or had given up on healing.

He threw the crocodile down and began to teach, from thunder talismans to furnace refining, from alchemy to dual cultivation, even seriously discussing the feasibility of cross-species dual cultivation with the crocodile.

Su He didn’t even notice how Yu Lin had made such a big turn.

It wasn’t until the full moon rose and the autumn dew condensed that he shuddered and his soul returned to his body, his face gradually turning pale.

Who am I? Where am I? What have I done?

I have been teaching talisman magic here for a whole day, not only teaching but also dancing. When I was excited, I even publicly lifted my pants and peed on the stone steps.


His neck turned like an old puppet, one section at a time, towards Su He.

This might be a demon. In the future, it might transform into a human form and remember what happened today.

Kill it!

Su He shuddered, feeling a wave of malice coming towards him. His turtle shell was about to grow hair.

He slid his limbs and plunged his head into the lake bottom, not even turning back to run away.Yu Lin looked at his retreating figure, his face pale and his body trembling. Finally, he fell headfirst into the lake, about to drown. However, a gentle Fairy Sword caught him. The sword emitted a soft light, carrying him as it floated leisurely towards the direction of Green Yuan Mountain.

As the malice receded, Su He submerged underwater, feeling an inexplicable excitement in his heart.


Indeed, some people sharpened their wits to squeeze into the capital, while others were born in the city. Even the choice of being born as a beast was crucial, as being born near a Sect could lead to various mysterious opportunities.

The sloppy Old Taoist, the shy Yu Lin. The Old Taoist had been bragging drunkenly for three days, telling him about the Mysterious Wasteland. Yu Lin practiced with him and showed him the scenery of cultivation.

There would be many more opportunities like this in their long lives as turtles.

Su He’s heart thumped with excitement, unable to suppress it. He just wanted to find someone to share it with. Unconsciously, he swam towards the Snake Valley tunnel, following the tunnel and emerging on the lake’s surface.

A wave of tranquility washed over him.

Snake Valley was peaceful, the full moon hung low, and the mist was hazy. On the willow tree by the lake, a Green Snake coiled its body and hissed at the moon.

An indescribable charm rippled around the Green Snake, as if a hazy moonlight was enveloping it.

Su He unconsciously approached.

The moonlight enveloped him as well.


The scenery before him changed drastically. He saw a snake, a white snake, covering the sky and occupying the entire world. The snake soared high into the sky, then plunged into the water, swimming freely in the endless waves.


The Green Snake was receiving an inheritance! The Demon Morphing Fruit it had eaten contained the inheritance of a white snake!

Su He’s mind was shaken. He saw the white snake in the surging waves turn its head slightly, looking at him.

It seemed that the white snake had discovered the uninvited guest.

At that moment, a mountain-like dice fell from the sky, landing on top of the boundless giant snake’s head, spinning around.

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