Chapter 14 – Reduce dimensions and strike three birds with one stone

This giant crocodile was walking very uncomfortably, with three of its legs torn off by Su He and then strangled to death by Green Snake. When it died, not even a complete bone could be found.

Killing the giant crocodile made it much easier to kill the other green crocodiles. With the giant python and Green Snake attacking from above, and Su He fiercely blocking the tunnel below, nearly twenty green crocodiles were killed and only seven-tenths of the giant python died.

Su He floated up to the surface of the water, and the thick fog had dissipated. Green Snake didn’t attack with water arrows anymore. Even the polite Turtle couldn’t compare to showing its fangs once.

When Su He tore off three limbs of the giant crocodile in front of Green Snake and blocked the tunnel, no crocodile could pass. The bloody battle let Green Snake truly understand Su He’s strength.

This was not a turtle that brought a rabbit to submit and attempted to hide in a corner to spy on the Demon Morphing Fruit.

This was an unparalleled giant turtle in terms of combat power.

Showing one’s fangs to beasts is much faster than trying to please them.

Su He and Green Snake looked at each other for a moment, then turned and crawled towards the alligator beach from the valley.


And the alligators, come with me!

Green Snake hesitated for a moment, wriggled its body, and followed, commanding the few remaining giant pythons in the valley.

After crawling out of the snake valley and into Listening Sea Lake, the alligator beach was in sight. But Green Snake refused to move forward and even wanted to take the giant pythons back to the snake valley. It was the local boss here and knew that there were countless alligators ahead.

Let this turtle kill these alligators?

How could it be possible! This was suicide!

Green Snake shrank back, but then saw the Turtle floating in the water and roaring at the alligators.


Little ones, come with me to hunt!

Hearing the king’s voice, the Su Family’s Crocodiles howled excitedly and looked greedily at the giant pythons in the snake valley.

Su He slapped a crocodile into the water with a palm. “Ang!”

Stupid, that’s an ally!

The crocodiles didn’t know what an ally was, but they knew that the king didn’t allow them to hunt these long worms. Were the long worms the king’s prey?

Green Snake: “!!!”

This Turtle was the king of the alligator group! He had a group of killing machines of his own!

After devouring the Demon Morphing Fruit for two months, it had already opened its Spiritual Intelligence, but it was still greatly shocked.

Turtle, alligator, king.

Something seemed a little off, but maybe not.

It tested the waters and followed the alligator group led by Su He towards the inner lake. The further they went, the more frightened it became. These alligators had gone to the snake valley tunnel.

Just when Green Snake wondered if Su He was trying to trick it into bringing the alligators to snatch the snake valley, the stench of the green crocodiles entered its mind through the snake senses and nasal cavity.

There were really some green crocodiles ahead, not many. A giant green crocodile led six ordinary green crocodiles, the team that had previously taken a detour to block Su He’s return to the alligator beach.

Su He led the alligators to swim underwater, with the Turtle swimming in front and the belly of the giant green crocodile visible in the distance. Su He suddenly accelerated and rammed into the giant green crocodile, tearing off a large piece of flesh.

The hunt was about to begin.

Taking the Su Family’s Crocodiles to find the green crocodile group led by the two giant green crocodiles was a war, and the Su Family’s Crocodiles didn’t necessarily obey commands. But there was only one giant green crocodile and six ordinary green crocodiles on the other side, and this was a hunt!

The giant green crocodile was suddenly attacked, turned its body in a panic, and whipped its huge tail, hitting Su He and sending him flying like a water driftwood.

In the midst of the turmoil, Green Snake saw a flash of green and heard the giant green crocodile’s terrified and angry roar. Then came the roars of the Su Family’s Crocodiles and the frightened splashing of the green crocodiles.

The hunt was about to end.

There were too many Su Family’s Crocodiles, and there were only seven green crocodiles, one of which was the giant green crocodile that had been strangled by Green Snake.

The green crocodiles that had been rampant on the alligator beach a few days ago were all wiped out by Su He’s little tricks.When the difference in strength was not too great, Su He, who possessed human intelligence, dealt with these wild beasts with ease.

The Su Family’s Crocodile emerged unscathed from the Snake Valley and completely wiped out the Green Crocodile, consuming seventy percent of the giant python in the process. This greatly reduced Green Snake’s hostility towards him.

Killing three birds with one stone.

It wasn’t honorable, even despicable, but it was practical.

Su He had no animosity towards Green Snake. They were all demons that needed to be subdued and would live together for more than a hundred years. There was no need to make enemies, but Su He still hoped that his neighbor would be weaker, even weaker.

It would be best if they could become a vassal.

If Green Snake’s spiritual intelligence opened up in the future and she remembered everything that happened today, so what? It was all just ignorant behavior when she was a wild beast. Would she really hold a grudge?

I couldn’t have been the one who set a trap for you as a turtle, could I? At that time, I was just a wild beast without spiritual intelligence.

The crocodile beach returned to its former tranquility.

Eating and sleeping.

Su He no longer hunted the crocodiles since they were obedient. Of course, he occasionally educated them in a friendly manner.

The Snake Valley was open to Su He.

At least when Su He went there again, he wouldn’t be greeted with a water arrow. Su He often slept under the willow tree while Green Snake coiled up on the tree. Occasionally, her tail would hang down and brush against Su He’s turtle shell, making him itchy.

Green Snake was a female snake.

Su He often lazed around in her Snake Valley but had not discovered how Green Snake obtained her inheritance.

Time passed day by day, and Su He preferred to bask in the sun.

The water level of Qinghai Lake began to return to normal, and the crocodiles migrated to the lake with the water level. Su He’s exclusive sunbathing rock was gone. Most of the time, he lay motionless on the water’s surface like a crocodile.

As the water level dropped, a stone emerged, but Su He didn’t like it. It was a vertical platform without a slope, making it a bit difficult to climb.

During this time, he grew a bit more but didn’t have a breakthrough growth. Ordinary fish with triple the quality were unlikely to make him fall asleep again, and even quadruple the quality would only put him to sleep for two or three days. The energy required for growth had increased.

Two sword lights streaked across the sky, circled around, and landed on the high platform in the water, transforming into two young men dressed in Qingyuan Sect attire.

“Junior Brother Yu Lin, this place is good. There are no people around, only a group of old crocodiles, which is perfect for your teaching practice.”

Yu Lin nodded in satisfaction after being addressed as Junior Brother by the other young man.

Both of them were disciples of Qingyuan Sect. It was already autumn, and in a little over a month, the first snow would come. According to Qingyuan Sect’s customs, the new disciples’ teaching would begin when the first snow arrived.

Yu Lin was this year’s talisman instructor, and this was his first time teaching. In the past few days, as the leaves turned yellow and the temperature dropped, he had become extremely nervous.

The thought of facing dozens of pairs of eyes in the audience made him turn pale.

It was impossible for him to hunt the same number of exotic beasts.

Helpless, he went to seek advice from his senior brother, who brought him here.

“Junior Brother Yu Lin, can you see the old crocodiles down there? Treat them like the new junior brothers and sisters and teach them as you please. Once you get used to it, you can treat the junior brothers and sisters like the old crocodiles, and you won’t be nervous when you teach.”

“Senior Brother, you did the same thing when you were a beginner.” He patted Yu Lin’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, senior brother won’t eavesdrop. You can teach as you please. If there’s anything you don’t understand or can’t explain, write it down and we’ll discuss it when we get back.”

Yu Lin was full of gratitude.

His senior brother rode his sword and left.

Yu Lin licked his dry lips, took a deep breath, and passionately said to the crocodile group, “Fellow junior brothers and sisters, I am Yu Lin, the talisman instructor. You can call me Senior Sister Yu Lin, not… Junior Brother Yu Lin. I will explain talismans to you all…”Even facing a group of crocodiles, he was extremely nervous.

Su He’s turtle eyes widened to the extreme, and he let out a low growl to keep the crocodile group quiet. He silently approached Yu Lin a little closer and quietly dived into the water.

Thanks to the grace of the heavens, he was going to attend a class!

A dice fell from the sky and spun on top of Yu Lin’s head.

Four points!

Snatching food was an unexpected windfall, but stealing art was not, right?

He just didn’t know how the dice would be counted here. Would it create four Yu Lins to teach? Wouldn’t that scare the young man and make him faint on the spot?

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