Chapter 13 – Reduce dimensions and strike, three birds with one stone

The smell of blood from the crocodile beach has not dissipated for three days.

Two days ago, in the war, over thirty crocodiles died here, eighteen of them belonging to the Su Family’s Crocodile, and twelve to the Green Crocodile. There was more bloodshed.

After the war ended, three injured Su Family’s Crocodiles couldn’t hold on and died.

There was no grief from the crocodiles for this, everything went on as usual after the fight, only the injured ones suffered alone.

The only victor was Su He, who truly became the king of the crocodile beach after this battle.

At first, only two crocodiles would catch prey and wait for Su He to enjoy it first, then it became two or three dozen, and then over a hundred.

Nowadays, all the crocodiles know that prey must be given to the king first, and the sunbathing stone is the king’s exclusive property.

They might as well be called the Su Family’s Crocodiles.

Indeed, war is the catalyst for evolution.

Su He’s internal organs have completely healed, and the restorative ability brought about by evolution has made it so that he doesn’t even know where he was injured before it has already healed.

With offerings from the crocodiles, Su He’s physique is steadily improving.

Everything is developing in a good direction, but the only problem is that the Green Crocodiles haven’t left, and are stationed six or seven miles away in the water.

For crocodiles, this distance is equivalent to sticking their mouths directly into the Su Family’s Crocodile’s pot.

This makes Su He shudder!

The animals’ thoughts are too straightforward; they’re waiting for Su He to be alone. They don’t dare to approach Su He in the crocodile beach.

Su He wants to lead the Su Family’s Crocodiles over there, but he’s afraid that there will be a lot of casualties. Even if he fights with all his might, he can’t guarantee that he will survive between the jaws of two giant crocodiles.

Moreover, the Su Family’s Crocodiles have accepted tribute. Will they be willing to go to war with Su He?

After finishing his meal, Su He picked up a rabbit and swam towards the Snake Valley, hiding in the water and going through the tunnel directly.

Su He really wants to learn demonic arts.

Just relying on physical strength alone to win against two Green Giant Crocodiles without injury, he needs to eat a big meal and go into a deep sleep to evolve at least once.

But with the Green Crocodiles around, Su He can’t even sleep with both eyes closed, how can he relax and evolve?

If he can’t kill those two Green Crocodiles, Su He will have trouble sleeping and eating.

Last time he went to the Snake Valley, he was too rude, so this time Su He brought a gift. This rabbit was upgraded in quality by the dice, just right for a gift.

Su He swam through the tunnel, emerged from the water, and looked happily at the Green Snake without saying a word when a sharp piercing sound broke through the air.


Su He quickly retreated into his shell.

With a loud noise, a water arrow hit Su He’s turtle shell, and the tremendous force shook it underwater.

Demonic arts!

Su He caught a glimpse of it. The Green Snake was coiled on a willow tree, spitting out a water arrow from its mouth. The strength of the water arrow was not inferior to the sharp teeth of a crocodile.

It had mastered a new demonic art, the Demon Morphing Fruit is so unfair!


Another water arrow shot towards Su He’s neck, the Green Snake wasn’t driving him away, it really wanted to kill him! Su He turned his body around and used his turtle shell to meet the attack.The turtle shell made a crisp sound like a wooden fish.

“Hiss!” The green snake made a hissing sound.

This was the first meaningful sound it had made since Su He had seen it, probably meaning to kill the intruder.

Countless snake hisses came.

What the f*ck!

Su He spat out the rabbit and shouted in the softest voice possible, “Ang~”

Gift giving! Communication! Friendship!


Peeking at the treasure, death!

This was probably what it meant. He felt that Su He was peeking at its treasures, lovers, and other things.

Although that was true, he just wanted to share, not steal its Demon Morphing Fruit. Everyone will eventually master it, he just wanted to learn from it earlier, why bother?

“Clang!” Another sharp arrow was shot.


The malice in the snake’s hiss grew stronger.

Never give up!

Has it gone crazy?

Watching the giant python swimming rapidly towards him, Su He shook his tail and retreated back into the tunnel, feeling a little depressed as he swam towards the crocodile beach.

The snake had a small mind. Su He had only met it three times, and had always been polite, even bringing it a rabbit. Why did it have to be so aggressive?

Animals don’t lie, the green snake had great hostility towards Su He!

The green snake, which had restrained itself the first two times, was now going all out. Were the dozen or so giant pythons newly subdued by the green snake, just to target Su He?

It’s so inexplicable!

How did things get so troublesome? Did he have some kind of disaster-prone constitution?

The small pond was surrounded by a pack of wolves for half a month, and after escaping, he had fought with crocodiles for most of the month. After finally subduing them, a group of green crocodiles came to visit, wanting to make friends and even brought gifts, but the green snake wanted to fight Su He to the death.

Who did I provoke?

Swimming out of the tunnel and towards the crocodile beach, the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit mixed with the faint stench of the green crocodiles filled the air.

It was unpleasant.

As Su He swam, he suddenly realized something.

Could it be that the green snake had misunderstood? Su He had killed the green giant crocodile and had its stench on him, making the green snake think that Su He was a predator that hunted demon beasts?

This was so unfair. Su He wanted to kill those green crocodiles even more than the green snake did. If only the green snake had Spiritual Intelligence, it would be easier to coax it. Maybe he could play the hero and save the beauty…

As Su He swam, he slowly calmed down.

There was a group of crocodiles on the east side staring at my body, and a green snake on the west side who knew demon magic and wanted to fight me to the death.


Su He suddenly turned around and swam towards the water where the green crocodiles were, not getting too close but just letting his scent spread out.

After half an hour, the green crocodile, which had only shown its head on the water surface, suddenly opened its eyes and looked around anxiously.

It suddenly smelled the turtle’s scent and thought the turtle had brought the crocodile group to attack. After searching, it only saw Su He, who was alone in the far-off sea.The air was still for a moment. The turtle seemed to have realized something and turned to run away.

The crocodile didn’t think too much and instinctively didn’t think of the turtle that was about to escape its mouth.

“Gu~” Two giant green crocodiles roared at the same time, chasing after all the green crocodiles.

In the water, the turtle didn’t have the speed of the crocodile.




The green crocodiles chased after them, and even one giant green crocodile led a few green crocodiles to take a detour and block Su He’s return path to the crocodile beach.

Unfortunately, the turtle panicked and rushed into an underwater tunnel.

The leading green crocodile felt that it was normal. The turtle should be like this. When caught, it should run away and hide.

It chased after Su He into the tunnel. Following the tunnel all the way forward, they hadn’t emerged from the water yet when they heard the turtle’s roar ahead.


Hurry and escape! The treasure hunters are here!

Su He leaped out of the water, and a water arrow came at him.

He didn’t care and shrunk his head, trying his best to run towards the shore – this wasn’t an act. Nearly twenty crocodiles were chasing him, including a three-zhang giant crocodile that would scare any turtle into losing control.

Before Green Snake could shoot a second water arrow, the green crocodile had already leaped out of the water, and the pungent smell of the Demon Morphing Fruit hit them.

Green Snake quickly figured out the situation. It opened its mouth and spit out a thick fog, covering a large area of the water’s surface.

Su He was shrouded in the fog and couldn’t see anything even a foot away. He could only hear the sound.

This thick fog was harmless, but it blocked their vision and sense of smell – only targeting outsiders.

Green Snake hissed as giant pythons slid into the fog. Their target was clearly the green crocodiles in the water, and they were obviously not affected by the fog.

Struggling and roaring sounds shook the sky.

The giant pythons couldn’t do anything to Su He, but crocodiles didn’t have a hard shell. As long as they were entangled by pythons around their chest and abdomen, death was only a matter of time.


A crocodile tail hit Su He, and he bit it and shook it with all his strength.


The sound of bones breaking came, and the crocodile was thrown onto the shore, howling and struggling, but not moving anymore.

After defeating one, Su He lay still, unable to see anything clearly due to the thick fog, even if he went underwater and looked up, he could only see half. It was too distracting.

At this moment, there was a big battle in the lake, and the sound of water was like gunfire. Su He didn’t want to get involved in that muddy water. This was a war belonging to Snake Valley.

The sound of old crocodiles and snake cries filled the air.

The sound of water splashing and fighting was everywhere.

Su He listened carefully, and the thick fog in front of him suddenly disappeared – no, it didn’t disappear, it just no longer affected Su He. The green crocodiles still couldn’t see or smell anything.

Green Snake had lifted its restriction.

On the shore, Green Snake coiled around the three-zhang giant crocodile, trying to kill it with all its might. The giant crocodile kept rolling and knocking Green Snake onto the rocks on the shore.

Green Snake was covered in blood.

Its skin was fragile and couldn’t even withstand the rocks!

Green Snake was in pain, but it didn’t dare to let go. Another crocodile nearby bit off a giant python, and Green Snake anxiously shouted.”Hiss!”

Green Snake let out a cry for help, hoping that Su He would join the battle and help the other snakes.

However, Su He paid no attention to it. Instead, he swam to Green Snake’s side, bit the huge crocodile’s hind leg that was entangled by it, and rotated in the opposite direction of the crocodile.

Crack – Hiss!

A leg was torn off by Su He.

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