Chapter 12 – Strike at a lower dimension, three birds with one stone

On one side of the battle were Su He’s gray-brown crocodiles, and on the other were foreign green alligators. These alligators were generally larger in size, with most of them being around six meters long, while only a few of Su He’s crocodiles reached this size.

Each green alligator could easily overpower two of Su Family’s crocodiles. However, they wouldn’t hunt their own kind unless they were extremely hungry. It was currently the season when fish were plentiful, so they wouldn’t risk their lives to hunt down a hundred or so crocodiles.

Even though Su Family’s crocodiles were smaller in size, they were not easy to deal with. They were not hunting; this was a war!

Su He was hiding in the blood water and didn’t rush forward. He wanted to subdue these old crocodiles and give them the name Su Family’s Crocodile, but the premise was that he had to survive. It was selfish, but it was realistic.

In the distance, there were roars and fights. Some of the old crocodiles saw Su He and started calling out. The sound probably meant “king,” “leader,” “the most powerful,” or “the most fierce.”

Their roars were surprisingly excited, as if they were saying, “Our leader has arrived! The most powerful one has come! You green alligators are doomed!”

Su He suddenly felt a strange feeling rising within him. He couldn’t explain it, but it was a sense of responsibility and pride. It was a heavy feeling, and he felt a bit embarrassed, but it was still great!

Su He looked at the green alligators on the other side with a hostile gaze. One of the green alligators saw him and rushed over, emitting a faint Demon Morphing Fruit scent.

Some of the old crocodiles among them had morphed into demons, but the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit was not as enticing as usual. It had a fishy smell, which meant that some beasts had eaten the fruit and were then hunted and eaten by the green alligators. The Demon Morphing Fruit had probably been mostly digested, which was why many of the green alligators had its scent.

They had followed the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit to the crocodile bank. Su He had lived here for too long, and the smell had completely merged with the water area.

The first giant crocodile rushed towards Su He. It was three zhang long and the largest crocodile Su He had ever seen. A terrifying sense of oppression hit him.

Su He was excited! His heart beat rapidly, just like when he had stolen the Demon Morphing Fruit from the Wolf King when he was small and had to run away quickly.

This was wrong! Turtle shouldn’t like excitement. Turtle should like quietness, concealment, and being the sixth one. But this feeling was really great!


Su He roared, and his tail whipped the water as he charged towards the green alligator. He accelerated at the fastest speed possible and then accelerated again!



There was a muffled sound as his turtle shell collided with the green alligator’s jaw. Su He’s vision went black, and he felt his organs churning. Blood flowed from his nose.

The collision felt like a truck colliding with a boulder. The green alligator’s head collapsed, and it lay motionless on the surface of the lake.


“Roar~”The Su Family’s crocodiles cheered with excitement.

It turns out that they also have empathy and will cheer for the king’s victory.

Su He suppressed the strange feeling in his heart, shook his head to relieve the dizziness in his mind. The Snake Valley expedition was a must, and they had to go back every two days. Turtle’s attack methods were too limited!

In a fight, how could a turtle possibly win against a crocodile by biting? Besides, not everything is suitable to be put in the mouth. Demon subduing transformation must be mastered!

As the dizziness in his mind subsided, Su He swam towards another huge green crocodile. It also had a strong smell of demon morphing fruit.

Su He counted and found that there were three green crocodiles emitting the scent of demon morphing fruit, including the giant crocodile he had killed. These three were also the largest in size, all about ten meters away.

This was the result of their sharing the demon morphing fruit. If one of the crocodiles had eaten the fruit alone, Su He would have had to run far away.

Even if its demon morphing fruit quality had been improved and it had been eating high-quality food, two months was not enough time for a turtle to challenge a crocodile who had completely morphed into a demon.

The species’ foundation was too different.

For beasts, species innate determines too many things. Even those who have become demons can be restrained by natural enemies. Whether the shackles can be broken depends on the “pregnancy in the womb” before the demon subduing transformation by eating demon morphing fruit!

Therefore, Su He was eager to obtain demon subduing transformation.

With the demon subduing transformation he had mastered now, he should have a greater advantage after morphing into a demon. Perhaps it could become something like a divine ability.

As long as there was a possibility, Su He would not give up.

Two large green crocodiles swam towards Su He at the same time, and the two crocodiles and the turtle confronted each other at a distance of seven or eight meters. Su He took a long breath and tried to calm the vibration in his body.

The two green crocodiles did not know Su He’s depth and did not dare to act rashly— the other green crocodile that died with just one touch was a warning.

The three most powerful creatures were deadlocked here, and the war on the crocodile beach gradually changed from offense to defense. There were only about thirty green crocodiles, while the Su Family’s crocodiles numbered over a hundred.

Su He did not “command the war” unnecessarily. Not to mention whether the crocodiles would listen to him or understand his commands, just this sudden change in formation could make the war fail.

He just needed to hold these two giant crocodiles, and leave the rest to the Su Family’s crocodiles. He believed in their fierce instinct!

Two Su Family’s crocodiles could fight one green crocodile, and three could kill it!

The smell of blood on the crocodile beach became stronger and stronger, and the shrimp, crabs, and fish in the lake swam far away.

The smell of blood could attract predators, but such a strong smell of blood would only scare away all animals. The entire crocodile beach became silent, and even the insects and birds were too scared to make a sound.

Only the crocodiles’ roar and fighting could be heard.

As the setting sun turned blood-red, some green crocodiles could not hold on and began to retreat.

One, two…

Groups of green crocodiles fled, and the two giant crocodiles opposite Su He also shrank back, ready to escape.

No matter how powerful they were, they could not face the attacks of Su He and the crocodile group.

Su He suddenly realized that the two crocodiles in front of him turned over and fled towards the distance, flapping their tails.Beasts are like this; they fight with all their might, not caring about anything, even if it means getting their insides ripped out. If they can’t win, they immediately flee. What’s so shameful about that?

What is face? It’s not even as important as a single mouse.

Beasts don’t need dignity or face.

Su He didn’t pursue, as the slight pain in his abdomen made it difficult for him to make any big movements. The same impact force that killed the green crocodile only caused pain in his abdomen, which was already a great victory.

But for beasts, anything less than a complete victory is a failure. This is the naked law of the beasts.

Among the beasts, even tigers and leopards prefer to prey on the old, weak, sick, and disabled who have no resistance. Facing powerful prey is not a matter of whether they can win or lose. If they get injured while hunting, it’s not worth it.

Even for tigers and leopards, being injured often means a death sentence.

Just like the crocodile whose claws were torn off and its abdomen ripped open by Su He that day.

Today, he fought inexplicably, and the pain in his abdomen even caused internal bleeding. Even though he drove away the green crocodile, he still lost.

Su He ignored the howling crocodiles and slowly climbed onto the basking rock with his limbs.

The smell of blood at the crocodile beach was unbearable, but Su He dared not leave. The green crocodile came for his Demon Morphing Fruit, and the other crocodiles were just innocent victims.

However, if Su He left now, the two giant crocodiles would definitely hunt him down with their subordinates. No matter how strong his shell was, how many times could it withstand their attacks?

Staying among the crocodile group was the best way to save his life.

It may be unfair to the crocodiles, but this is nature, and this is the meaning of Su He subduing them.

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