Chapter 9 – Eating, sleeping, and fighting the old crocodile

Su He didn’t get too close, just watched from afar. There were about a hundred or so crocodiles here. At a glance, the crocodile that had its front legs torn off and its belly gutted by him the other day was not among them. It was probably dead.

Wild beasts were like this. Being hungry was not a big deal, but they must not be injured. Especially for aquatic animals, the infection rate of wounds was higher.

On the edge of the crocodile group, a half-grown crocodile was hunting for sturgeon. It had already bitten a four-foot sturgeon in its mouth and was rolling in the water, trying to tear its food apart.

Su He swam quietly over, bit the sturgeon’s spine, turned in the opposite direction, grabbed half of the sturgeon, and quickly left the battlefield.

The little crocodile was stunned. It stayed away from the crocodile group to avoid being robbed by other old crocodiles. It had already gone so far away, would it still be robbed? Was the current turtle so reckless?

Looking at the size of That Turtle, it did not catch up, but tore and ate the remaining half of the sturgeon.

Su He swam out for over a hundred meters before stopping. The fish in his mouth was only half, but it was still jumping.

Dice roll:

Two points!

The quality of the sturgeon has improved.

Recently, his luck was good. He had rolled several quality points in a row.

The sturgeon was crispy and fragrant. With teeth, even sturgeon bones could be chewed into pieces. This sturgeon was not small, but not fat either. Su He only ate thirteen points full.

After eating, he swam aimlessly without anything to do. Several little turtles hurriedly swam past. Su He tried to gather them together, but the little turtles panicked and even bit him back. Turtles couldn’t communicate, there was no limb language, and they didn’t make any sound. Su He gave up after trying for an afternoon. He planned to look around and see if he could find Green Snake. By rights, snakes were solitary animals. Why did snakes have a Snake King? How did it make other snakes obedient?

Su He was thinking about it when the water behind him rippled. He turned his head and saw the half-grown crocodile that he had robbed the sturgeon from sneaking up on him quietly.

Su He was amused.

With a stroke of his four claws, he rushed towards the crocodile like an arrow. When he got close, Su He shrank into his turtle shell and headbutted him.


With a muffled sound, the crocodile’s nose was stuck in half, blood flowing all over. It fled away screaming.

The attack method was too monotonous. A turtle could only awkwardly bite and tear. Su He urgently wanted to master demon techniques, but he didn’t know where to start. He had to find Green Snake.

Now that Su He was outside, it was much safer. The smell of the Demon Morphing Fruit was no longer strong, and the crocodiles two or three hundred meters away didn’t come to kill him recklessly…

Damn it! Here it comes!

Bad things come true!

It was a two-meter-long big crocodile, swinging its tail and twisting its body, rushing straight towards Su He.

Su He squinted and instead of retreating, he moved forward. He paddled his four legs and rushed towards the old crocodile, wanting to give it another headbutt.

But when he rammed into the old crocodile, it suddenly opened its mouth and bit Su He.


Half of Su He’s body was stuck in the crocodile’s mouth, and the stench hit his nose.

The old crocodile exerted force on its upper and lower jaws, but it couldn’t bite or spit him out. The turtle was stuck in its mouth like that.

Su He hooked his two claws onto the corners of the old crocodile’s mouth and tore them apart. The old crocodile let out a scream and turned into a woman with a split mouth. Su He kicked his legs and struggled out.The old crocodile turned around and escaped into the group of crocodiles.

Other crocodiles looked at Su He, some eager to try, some quietly retreating, and some sneaking around to prepare for a surprise attack.

Su He stayed outside the crocodile group, moving his limbs and ready to fight or escape at any time.

For the next half month, Su He stayed outside the crocodile group, living a simple life of eating, sleeping, and fighting the old crocodile.

After enduring the beatings and fights, he finally stood up and became stronger.

Over the past ten days, Su He had intimate contact with more than a hundred crocodiles.

His biggest disagreement with the crocodiles was that he did not participate in hunting but still shared their food. If the crocodiles did not agree, they would have to fight.

Su He knew he was wrong, but he still did it.

During this time, Su He’s teeth had grown out completely, jagged and sharp, even the toughest scales on the back of the crocodile could not withstand his bite.

From being evenly matched at first, and even weaker than some, he could now easily defeat any crocodile.

Su He could now wander freely among the crocodile group, daring to steal anyone’s food. If necessary, he would fight again.

These few days were very nourishing, but the quality improvement was mostly two or three points, and the quantity was enough to fill him up.

When he was well-nourished, he would evolve quickly.

Since the day before yesterday, his throat and ears had been itching, and today the itching in his throat disappeared, and Su He suddenly could make a sound.

“Ya ah~ ya ah~”

His vocal cords were just beginning to form, and Su He dared not make too much noise. He was not afraid of sounding silly, but he was afraid of damaging his newly-formed vocal cords.

A plate-sized turtle under his paw listened in terror to Su He’s cries.

These days, Su He tried various methods to tame some of his kind and become the “Turtle King,” but all failed. It seemed that turtles were naturally unable to be tamed.

These turtles were even dumber than those on Earth in his previous life! In his previous life, Su He could easily tame turtles.

Su He let go of the turtle and sighed helplessly. Behind him, the water rippled, and a crocodile swam over with a small deer in its mouth.

Then it placed the deer in front of Su He.

Su He: “???”

The small deer struggled to escape, but the crocodile caught it and placed it in front of Su He again.

A bigger question mark appeared above Su He’s head.

After a while, Su He finally understood the crocodile’s intention from its eyes: it was a gift.

Was this an offering? Was he being protected?

Su He was confused.

He took the small deer in his mouth, and the crocodile swam happily around him.

A spinning dice fell on the body of the small deer, two points.

One deer became two.

Was this also considered an offering? Was this a protection fee?

Su He tore at the deer meat absent-mindedly. After eating high-quality meat for so long, eating ordinary food was just for the taste. He couldn’t resist hunger. Eating this small deer would not satisfy him for long.

No crocodile dared to come and steal Su He’s food, even if he ate one and threw one away.

Even another crocodile came with a python in its mouth and gave it to Su He.

Today, the old crocodiles had opened their minds.This crocodile had been severely beaten by Su He yesterday.

Su He accepted the python, three points, quality.

Su He was overjoyed and took the python with peace of mind, then threw a small deer to the crocodile. The crocodile was even happier, making a sound like a bullfrog.

Su He always felt that the sound was expressing something.

The itch in his ears became more severe.

Python meat wasn’t as delicious as Swimming Snake, and it was tough and hard to chew. Fortunately, it was spicier.

After eating and doing some activities, Su He leisurely fell asleep. He slept for two or three days and was awakened by the noisy crocodile.

One crocodile after another lay on the water’s surface, howling, their bellies drumming up countless splashes.

The itch in his ears disappeared, and the crocodile’s noise suddenly had a unique meaning in Su He’s ears.

It wasn’t a complete sentence, but it expressed a certain meaning:


“Want to mate…”


“Want to mate…”


“Want to mate…”

More than half were simple, unconscious howls, and there were others like this. Half of these conscious cries were for mating.

Isn’t the mating season for crocodiles at the end of spring and early summer? Why are they making such a fuss at this time? Has the climate change this year had such a significant impact on the Hundreds of Beasts? Why didn’t I notice?


Turtles don’t grow up until they are seven or eight years old. According to this age, Su He was still just a Little Turtle and didn’t have this trouble yet.

That’s nice.

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