Chapter 10 -How the Crocodile King was Made

An alligator was beaten up, and this guy relied on his large size to try to steal Su He’s sunbathing stone.

This is unacceptable.

Su He has given up his turtle king identity. Without any turtle willing to listen to him, he cannot understand any opinions without the turtle’s voice.

He wants to be the alligator king.

It is impossible to steal the sunbathing stone from the alligator king without being beaten.

This is a giant alligator with a length of two and a half zhang. Su He did not fight it a few days ago, and the two of them were peaceful. Su He originally wanted to wait for another month to pass peacefully.

But it came to steal the sunbathing stone, so he couldn’t back down.

To tame the alligator group, the first thing is to establish an invincible image. This old alligator has touched his bottom line.

Su He’s head shrank to avoid the alligator’s bite, and his four claws paddled and rushed out, biting its tail and swiftly swimming with the old alligator out of the alligator group, using the inertia of the sprint to paddle and shake his body.


He used all his strength to swing the old alligator and slap it on the water surface. During this time, Su He had plenty of food, and his strength was getting stronger. He could already shake several hundred catties of old alligators underwater.

The premise is to control its tail.

The old alligator lost consciousness and floated on the water surface for seven or eight breaths, and then woke up slowly, only to see Su He’s dominant gaze from above, and his turtle eyes were wild and domineering.

“Get out of here! The sunbathing stone is mine!”

Su He called out, conveying a consciousness.

The old alligator probably really understood it, or was afraid, and twisted its tail and ran away, never daring to come out again.

Su He slowly climbed onto the sunbathing stone and lay on it with his four limbs spread out.

These days, he likes to sunbathe more and more. The climate is abnormal this year, but the overall trend has not changed. The temperature has started to decrease.

The various fruits on the shore are also ripe and emit a tempting fragrance.

Autumn came early. In previous years, Su He would have to hunt extensively for another month and store energy to prepare for hibernation.

Calculating this year, he can just digest the demon morphing fruit before hibernation, and then he can transform into a human form-should he?

Su He suddenly felt uneasy and uncertain.

He could clearly feel his own evolution in the past two months, but there was no sign of demon subduing transformation!

The green snake he met more than twenty days ago had already mastered demon techniques and could spit out mist. But Su He didn’t even have a trace of mastering demon techniques.

The only advantage brought by the demon morphing fruit is that his body is constantly evolving, and his turtle shell and skin are becoming tougher, and his strength is getting stronger.

Demon techniques, none.

Could it be that when I transform into a demon, I will become a clumsy iron man who can only lift eight hundred catties of drums and gold hammers?

Su He felt uneasy in his heart.

Even he occasionally had a bad premonition, always feeling that he could not subdue demons and could not transform into a human form.

This feeling is like the mentality of waiting for the score of the college entrance examination in the previous life when the webpage is refreshing in circles.

It’s like confessing to a goddess and waiting for her to speak.

Worried and anxious.Su He suddenly plunged his head into the water, shook off all distractions, and used his claws to press a crocodile underwater, stealing its water bird.

The second step of taming: the food king eats first, regardless of who caught the prey.

3 points,quantity.

By the time the crocodile came up, Su He had already torn off the fattest part of the water bird and threw three dead birds without butts at it.

The crocodile was confused. It was sure that the bird that was thrown over was not eaten by the bossy turtle, but was thrown to it, so it swallowed it carefully without splashing water.

Su He patrolled the crocodile group and beat up two crocodiles who wanted to escape. He also forcibly grabbed all the prey caught by the crocodiles and tore off the fattest parts, throwing them back to the crocodiles – except for the improved quality.

After a round of inspection, Su He was full again.

Fourteen points full, unable to eat another bite.

Su He returned to the sunbathing stone lazily.

Time passed quietly for a day, and the golden crow fell to the new moon and climbed the cliff.

At this moment, it was probably the beginning of the month, with a shallow crescent moon. Combined with the weather, Su He estimated that it should be the beginning of September in the lunar calendar if the vegetation pattern in the Mysterious Wasteland was consistent with that of China in his previous life.

According to the drunken ramblings of the sloppy Old Taoist, the area of ​​the Qingyuan Sect alone covers thousands of miles. And the Qingyuan Sect is not a big sect. There are hundreds of such sects.

How big is the entire Mysterious Wasteland?

The rules of the two worlds are definitely different. Otherwise, in such a large world, the gravity would be tens of thousands of times that of the earth, and wouldn’t people become superhumans when they go to the earth?

Su He lay on the sunbathing stone, looking at the stars in the sky, listening to the noisy autumn insects, and the roars of beasts in the distant mountains and forests were continuous. During this time, his hearing became more and more sensitive, and he could hear the howling of wolves ten miles away.

The beasts in the mountains and forests were busy with fleeing, fighting, blood, and delicious food…

Turtles and crocodiles are nocturnal animals, but they ate too much during the day, and Su He could not eat anymore. He just symbolically grabbed the food of the crocodiles, ate the fattest parts, and rewarded them twice.

After a few times, the night became a feast for the old crocodiles, and there were no hungry crocodiles among the hundreds of crocodiles, and many had food in their stomachs.

Su He was full and could not eat anymore. Finally, when it was dawn, he lay on the sunbathing stone and fell asleep.

When he woke up, the sky was gloomy.

It was raining again, not heavy, but the sky was dark, and the temperature dropped, making the turtle lazy to move. They had eaten too much last night, and there were few crocodile hunts today. They were all lethargic in the water.

None of the crocodiles dared to climb onto Su He’s sunbathing stone. Su He had no chance to show his domineering aura.

He shook his tail and swam down into the water, heading towards the place where he met Green Snake that day.

The place where he met Green Snake was not far away, and he arrived in a moment. But the water surface was calm, only the raindrops rippled. Su He stood still in the water, with his nostrils open, taking a long breath.

Turtles have a keen sense of smell.Although it was not as good as the turtle species, it was much better than humans. Especially after starting to evolve recently, Su He’s body functions had improved in all aspects, and his sense of smell had become more sensitive.

So lately, he preferred to stay underwater, as he found it difficult to adapt to the pungent smells and noisy sounds on the surface.

Various scents were mixed in the wind and rain, but there was no trace of the Green Snake’s Demon Morphing Fruit scent.

Su He thought for a moment and swam in the direction where the Green Snake had gone that day. When animals were frightened and fled, they would instinctively run towards their nests. The snake’s nest should be in this direction.

Su He wanted to find the Green Snake.

He didn’t want to cause trouble, but he was curious about how the Green Snake had mastered the art of Subdue Demons. Both of them had eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit, so why was he treated with discrimination?

After swimming for about four or five miles, a faint snake scent entered Su He’s nostrils. He discerned the direction and swam towards the source of the smell. In just two or three miles, he saw the Swimming Snake activity.

Moving forward, there was a shallow beach. The snake’s nest was on the shore, in a quiet lakeside valley. The environment here was more suitable for snakes – actually, it was quite suitable for turtles as well.

The faint scent of the Green Snake’s Demon Morphing Fruit had already drifted with the wind. The scent was much weaker than the last time they met, and if it had been an ordinary wild beast that hadn’t eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit, it might not have been able to detect it.

The snake demon was basically safe.

In the valley, the Green Snake, coiled around an old willow tree, suddenly raised its head, its tongue flicking rapidly.

It sensed the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit, much stronger than its own. Along with the scent of the fruit came a faint smell of water.

It was that Turtle!

It had come to snatch its territory!

The Green Snake’s murderous intent was chilling.

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