Chapter 8 – Food, clothing, shelter, and transportation

Su He suddenly turned around and saw several water snakes swimming lightly towards him.

The first one was obviously the Snake King, about six meters long and as thick as a calf. It was beautiful with a bright green body. Su He even felt a “charming” feeling from its body.

It had also eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit!

Both the turtle and the snake recognized each other’s identity.

The scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit could not be hidden. The two sides stood facing each other, guarding against each other, neither side making the first move.

The water snakes following the Snake King quickly swam up and surrounded it in the middle.

Obviously, this was not the first time. This snake was able to protect the Demon Morphing Fruit, and its subordinate snake group was indispensable.

This is nature.

In the competition for the Demon Morphing Fruit, group animals always have an advantage over solitary animals. In the nine days that the Demon Morphing Fruit grows, if it is not protected by a group animal, it cannot survive.

If Su He had not intercepted it, the Demon Morphing Fruit in the small pond would have belonged to the Wolf King. That pack of wolves had more than twenty heads and could face any threat.

Except for the insidious sneak attacker.

Su He and the Snake King looked at each other quietly, then slowly backed away, neither side intending to attack first. They both estimated each other’s size and threat level, and tacitly removed each other from their menus.

Backing away five or six meters, the Green Snake suddenly opened its mouth and spit out a cloud of mist, instantly enveloping the snake group. Su He was surprised and quickly dived underwater. Fighting with snakes underwater was always advantageous.

Looking up from underwater, the Green Snake spit out thick fog to cover the snake group, quickly dived underwater, and swam away in the distance.

It retreated after releasing a smoke bomb.

It had some intelligence, but not too much.

But it could spit out fog! Only Exotic Beasts and Demons could master Divine Abilities like swallowing clouds, spitting fire, summoning wind, and calling thunder…

Exotic Beasts cannot morph into demons and are not interested in the Demon Morphing Fruit. This Green Snake could only be an ordinary snake that had eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit.

It had only eaten the fruit for a few days, and it already had Divine Abilities?

Why didn’t I have any?

Su He swam towards Listening Sea Lake, feeling aggrieved.

After several days of heavy rain, the sky had cleared, and fish, crabs, and shrimp had all swum to the surface to breathe. Every now and then, they would bump into various species, and old crocodiles would swim back and forth hunting for prey, stirring up countless water splashes.

This area was originally a crocodile beach.

Several crocodiles saw Su He and were eager to come forward, but they hesitated when they saw his size.

During this time, the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit had faded a lot, and his body had grown too much for the crocodiles to handle. If it were still the same size as before, these old crocodiles would have already pounced on him without any regard.

Su He swam quietly, looking for a place to settle down permanently.

Wolves have wolf packs, snakes have snake groups. Su He wanted to find a small island to try and tame a turtle group. He didn’t need to do anything else, even if he could just make an alarm during his sleep, it would be great.

There were still crocodiles who were unwilling to give up and wanted to cut open Su He to snatch the Demon Morphing Fruit.

They followed behind him.

Su He adjusted his state and swam forward calmly. A few lotus flowers floated by on the water’s surface. Although they had been battered by wind and rain, they still looked like they had bloomed.

He had slept for too long, and the lotus flowers were already in bloom.

The day he had agreed with the sloppy Old Taoist had arrived.

Su He swam towards the agreed-upon island based on his memory.

The crocodile following behind could no longer hold back and suddenly accelerated, rushing towards Su He, opening its jaws and biting towards Su He’s hind legs.

The stench hit his nose, and Su He shrank into his turtle shell.

Crack!The crocodile bit the saw on the turtle shell skirt and broke two sharp teeth, causing a loud noise in its mind. Su He turned around and bit its front paw, pulling it back and flipping it over.


The entire paw was twisted and torn off.

Blood spread in the lake. The bloody scene did not scare off the other two crocodiles, but instead aroused their ferocity. They roared and charged forward.

Su He quickly retreated into the turtle shell, letting them bite and not moving like a mountain.

After this period of sleep, the turtle shell had become even harder. The crocodiles’ bites shook it painfully, but there was no sign of damage.


One crocodile bit the turtle shell, but instead of breaking it, it squeezed and launched Su He like a bullet, hitting the other crocodile.

Su He bit the hind leg of the crocodile and kicked its belly with his hind legs, tearing off a large piece of flesh and opening its belly.

Its intestines spilled out.

The crocodile struggled and rolled, and then its tail flicked, throwing Su He out. It didn’t dare to chase after him and fled like crazy, dripping with blood.

Two out of three crocodiles had been defeated.

The remaining crocodile did not approach again, slowly wiggling its tail and quietly escaping.

Su He stayed in the water for a moment, feeling proud that the crocodiles could not threaten him. There were not many species in the lake that could pose a threat to him.

He lifted his turtle head and swam towards the agreed island with his head held high.

A heavy rain had changed the appearance of Listening Sea Lake, and the small island that Su He remembered had disappeared by half.

It took Su He a whole day to find the small island. At this moment, the island was just a bare hilltop alone on the water.

Su He circled the island, but did not see Old Taoist. He only saw a turtle statue soaked in the water, indicating that Old Taoist had been there.

Su He was stood up.

He lay next to the stone turtle for a while, finally smiling helplessly. Stones on the island were piled up to form an image of Old Taoist drinking.

“I came to keep the appointment, but I’m late. We’ll meet again if we are destined to.”

What I gain is my fortune, what I lose is my destiny.

After swallowing the Demon Morphing Fruit, he would have the opportunity to seek the Dao in the future, and he did not need to care too much about gains or losses.

After being a turtle for two years, Su He had not learned anything else, but he had long been indifferent to gains and losses. Especially when he was a young turtle, he didn’t need to be happy about finding food. There might be predators hiding behind him. It was better to focus on finding food than to worry about prey escaping.

Wild beasts that are obsessed with gains and losses cannot survive.

Surviving in the wild requires caution and the ability to be carefree.

Outside the Qingyuan realm, in a special realm, Old Taoist suddenly stopped chewing on chicken butt with oil stains all over his mouth and said, “Child, it seems that I made a mistake!”

The child did not understand.

Old Taoist was a little serious, “If that little turtle swallows the Demon Morphing Fruit, there will be a suitable inheritance for it in the fruit. If it doesn’t, it will have to follow the path of Exotic Beast. The breathing technique is not suitable for it. I shouldn’t have left that stone turtle behind.”

Hopefully, that little turtle really stood him up. Or maybe an earthquake or volcanic eruption shattered the stone turtle? At worst, flood it. The stone turtle was a breathing technique, only useful in the wind. If it sank to the bottom of the water, it would be a real ordinary statue.This place was special, completely different from the outside world, as if it were a unique space. Old Taoist still didn’t know about the Green Yuan Rain.

At the moment, Su He was somewhat excited. He was lucky enough to find a truly suitable “Water Mansion” not long after leaving the small island.

It was a broken pill furnace, with the pill chamber gone, leaving only the three-legged furnace upside down at the bottom of the lake. The furnace body was covered in a thick layer of rock-like rust, with shellfish parasites. The surrounding water plants swayed with the current.

The furnace was quite large, with a diameter of at least fifty to sixty feet.

Digging an “indentation” shaped entrance at the bottom of the lake and entering the pill furnace, using pebbles to block the entrance, it would be a good place to rest.

Su He decided to settle down here.

What cultivators sought were nothing more than food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, as well as wealth, companionship, and territory. Su He’s requirements were even lower, as long as there was food and shelter. Now all he desired was the word “companion”, to tame a group of turtles to be at his disposal.

This was not a task that could be accomplished in a day or two. The urgent matter was the food issue.

Upon arriving at Listening Sea Lake, there were fish, shrimp, and crabs everywhere, but Su He found himself without a source of food.

Perhaps it was due to the different living environment, the fish in Listening Sea Lake were more cunning, and it was difficult for Su He with his size to snatch their food.

Generally, for big turtles like Su He, their hunting methods were mostly waiting for prey, motionless like a dead object, and then suddenly attacking when the prey passed by.

But Su He needed to snatch and throw, so he couldn’t use this method.

He missed the Giant Salamander a little.

Su He crawled out of the pill furnace and swam towards the crocodile beach.

Considering his size, even if he found the Giant Salamander, it wouldn’t be suitable for them to team up anymore.

As expected, the dining hall had to be moved to the crocodile beach.

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