Chapter 5 – Yaya

Rash decision.

He regretted it a little. Turtle was best at endurance and should have competed with the wolves in the pond. He wasn’t like Mellivora capensis, why act recklessly!

Su He stretched his neck and hurriedly surveyed the surroundings.

To the northwest, Listening Sea Lake was just a mile away, but the crocodiles blocked the way. Two miles to the east was a small pond where the wolf pack was full of killing intent.

To the southwest, less than a hundred meters away, there was a towering rocky mountain, not high with only twenty or thirty zhang, with jagged rocks.

Climb up the mountain!

Su He made a decision in an instant.

There was only this one road. He didn’t have the ability to cross over a hundred crocodiles to reach Listening Sea Lake, nor could he fight the wolf pack. There was only one road up the mountain.

He quickly climbed up the mountain and found a crevice to wedge himself in. As long as he could find a suitable crevice, he could put his body in and leave only his turtle shell outside, and no one could do anything to him.

With this half of a Swimming Snake in his mouth, he could live for a month without any problems. When Sloppy Old Taoist didn’t show up for their appointment, he should come find him… right?

Su He held the half of the snake in his mouth and flew up the mountain at a surprisingly fast speed. Even so, he had only climbed less than ten zhang when a wild wolf pounced on him and bit him.

Su He shrunk into his turtle shell, and the wolf’s bite missed him, teeth clashing with a crisp sound. His head buzzed, and he saw the turtle’s head shoot out like lightning, biting the wolf’s throat.

It was the first time he had seen a turtle resist.

The turtle’s mouth was like a beak, and it clamped down on the wolf’s throat, locking it in place. The wild wolf suddenly couldn’t breathe and struggled, roared, and jumped… but Su He held on tight.

He used all his strength to bite open the wolf’s throat. The hot blood surged into his mouth and rolled into his stomach, and the wild wolf rolled and struggled with him.

Gradually, his movements became slow, and gradually, he stopped moving.

It was dead.

Su He released his numb jaw, turned his body with difficulty, and looked down with his head held high.

In front of the ferocious rocky mountain, more than seven wild wolves and a group of crocodiles faced off against a blood-stained black turtle.

Su He raised his head slightly.

A turtle had taken on the posture of a thousand horses.


Which one dares to fight me? Only one wolf had come forward after so long. Are these guys afraid of me? He looked down and saw a three or four-year-old girl holding the tail of a huge crocodile, swinging it at the wolf pack.

As she smashed and shouted in a childish voice, “Don’t bully the turtle!”

More than twenty wolves had already been knocked down by her, and no beast dared to come forward.

Su He: “…”

Where did this little girl come from? It seemed like she was helping him. Had the same kind become enlightened? She couldn’t bear to see her own kind being bullied?

He looked at the wild wolf that he had exhausted all his strength to kill, and then at the wolf and crocodile pack that the little girl had driven away.

A strange feeling arose inexplicably.

The little girl had killed the crocodiles and wolves in a frenzy, and threw the crocodile in her arms to the ground, clapping her hands and standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at the group of beasts.”Don’t bully Turtle!” she warned in her cute voice.

Confident that the group of animals was timid, she turned around and came over, touching Su He’s turtle head, showing a pure smile: “Hehe, I also met a good-looking Turtle, much better than Elder Ge’s turtle, and it even dared to fight with wolves!”

She squatted down and looked at Su He: “Right? I saw that you were very smart and flew with the help of the eagle. Unlike the bad Turtle that Elder Ge met, they agreed to meet on the Seventh of July, but Elder Ge waited all night and it didn’t show up.”

Su He blinked, not understanding.

“Big Turtle, did you come here because you knew there was a treasure on the mountain?” She carefully wiped the blood stains off Su He’s body with a handkerchief, picked him up, and walked towards the top of the mountain. “The spiritual energy on the mountaintop is regulated by Mother.”

The little girl giggled: “Mother fought with people and messed up the climate. She’s taking a bath on the mountain now. I’ll take you to see her and give you a bath too. You smell terrible!”

Su He: “???”


Mother? Taking a bath? Can a two-year-old turtle see this?

Su He didn’t struggle, letting the little girl carry him up the mountain. After passing through a rugged mountain rock, the view from the mountaintop was unobstructed.

A pavilion and a pool of misty water in front of it.

No woman bathing.

“What are you doing, Yaya?”

A cold voice came from behind. Su He turned his head to look, and was stunned.

The speaker was a woman in her mid-twenties, wearing a white dress as pure as autumn moonlight, her sleeves fluttering with grace and beauty, like a white lotus out of water, calm, elegant, and frosty…

Especially after just taking a bath, her black hair was not yet dry, hanging down on her chest, outlining her ups and downs.

“Mother!” the little girl happily shouted, “I met a big Turtle, even better than the one Elder Ge talked about! It can fly!”

Hearing the child’s voice, a few traces of a smile appeared on the woman’s cold face.

Children are children, innocent and lovely. Three days ago, Elder Ge came here riding a sword, saying that he was going to meet a Turtle, but he was stood up by the Turtle. The little girl showed great interest in the clever Turtle.

Like being possessed, she wanted a Turtle too, not those exotic beasts that spit water and fire, but an ordinary and intelligent little Turtle.

She even begged her to adjust the disturbed climate back and hoped that the Turtle Elder Ge talked about could see the lotus blooming and come to meet him.

This little girl was possessed, and while she was bathing, she somehow brought a black Turtle.

The woman gently brushed her hair, and a clear water flowed through, cleaning Su He’s blood stains and the stench that had been lurking in the mud for years.

“Mother, can I take it home and raise it?” The little girl blinked her big eyes.

The woman shook her head: “The Demon Morphing Fruit just grew a few days ago. This hundred days is the time for hundreds of beasts to compete for the opportunity to morph into demons. If you take it home, it will miss the opportunity.”The little girl held the turtle with a gloomy expression. After a while, she suddenly looked up, “Mother, can you help Yaya check if it has eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit? It was fighting with a wolf just now, maybe it got one.”

So the little girl’s name was Yaya, a nickname? Su He thought.

The woman smiled and touched her daughter’s head, “Only beasts can sense the Demon Morphing Fruit. I don’t have a heavenly mirror here, so I can’t see it.”

Demon Morphing Fruit was a chance for beasts. Humans could not sense the fruit’s aura unless they saw it with their own eyes, regardless of their cultivation level.

Just like in the previous life, no matter how knowledgeable one was, they needed special equipment to observe sound waves and electromagnetism, as humans did not have this ability.

Demon Morphing Fruit belonged to beasts, and humans could not sense it. This had nothing to do with one’s cultivation level; it was a rule of the world.

The woman put a bright red fruit into Yaya’s arms, “Go and play! Mother still needs to adjust the formation. We’ll go back soon.”

“Okay!” Yaya replied, holding Su He and walking into the pavilion.

Her mood was a bit low.

Su He lifted his claw and pressed it against her chubby little face.

The little girl was not in high spirits, pressing Su He’s claw down, “Big Turtle, don’t mess around. You can’t play with me. I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with me. You have to go and grab the Demon Morphing Fruit, and you can’t follow me…”

Her eyes suddenly lit up, “That’s right! After the Demon Morphing Fruit snatch is over, you can come find me!”

She placed Su He on the ground, made a hand seal, and condensed a talisman. She pressed the talisman onto Su He’s forehead, “With this mark, you can go to Qingyuan Mountain. You can come and play with me! Let’s make a pinky promise, and you can’t break it!”

Turtle claw and little hand pulled together, and the gentleman’s agreement was established.

The girl laughed happily, “I’ll tell you, my name is Feng Yaya, my mother’s name is Su Huanian, and my father is Feng…never mind, I won’t talk about him. He’s not a good person. If he sees you, he’ll definitely want to cook you and eat your meat. Remember to hide from him when you come to find me.”

“Yaya! Don’t talk nonsense about your father!” Mother’s voice came from outside the pavilion. She looked at her daughter leaving a mark on the turtle without objection, but secretly altered the mark a little bit from a distance.

The mark was an identity certificate. Could this silly girl leave any certificate? This was the highest authority rune mark. If someone caught this turtle, they could directly enter her treasure house with the turtle.

That would not be good.

Feng Yaya pouted and hummed, “Why can’t I say bad things about Father? He wants to eat everything, even Yaya! He must not be Yaya’s father. In the future, Yaya will find a turtle to be father!”

Su Fairy’s face suddenly changed.

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