Chapter 4 – That Eagle

This is a long-term residence with a difficult design, and the place Su He chose is full of plant roots, which makes excavating difficult while ensuring the stability of the cave.

This is not a task that can be completed in one day.

The wound on Su He’s hind leg, which was scratched by an otter, has already healed and will be fully recovered in two days after this long sleep.

Su He crawled out of the semi-cave and took a breath on the water’s surface before quietly diving back down.

A carp swam recklessly in front of him.

Naked provocation.

Su He’s turtle head shot out like an arrow and grabbed the carp’s body. He shook his head and slammed it onto the pebbles at the bottom of the pond, knocking it unconscious.

Fish have strong vitality and are not easy to kill. Being unconscious is enough. Su He flipped the carp over and bit off its spine, tearing the fish meat slowly. There was a hint of earthy taste in his mouth, and the fish scales were still stuck in his teeth. Su He’s favorite food was shrimp, which had an extremely fresh and delicious taste that exploded in his mouth, making it a real treat.

The shrimp shells were also rich in calcium.

There was no food that could double its quality, so Su He had to settle for filling his stomach. The Giant Salamander was nowhere to be seen, so there was nothing to rob.

Su He suddenly thought of a question. Only when he robbed or stole something would the dice appear. Would killing prey count as robbing its life and freedom?

The carp didn’t die, so the dice didn’t appear?

Living creatures cannot roll dice.

Su He scratched open the carp’s head with his claws and took out its heart in one bite. The fresh fish heart was beating in his mouth.

“I robbed a fish’s heart,” Su He kept telling himself, but the dice didn’t appear.

Indeed, bugs cannot be exploited.

Su He summed up the rule: only robbing the target’s “external things” counts.

The Giant Salamander quietly crawled out of somewhere, holding two large shrimp and looking at Su He’s carp.

Su He glanced at it.


Large shrimp quality x3

Carp quality x2

Crying Baby Fish x1

Su He discovered a rule that he could reasonably use. He couldn’t roll the dice for the carp he killed, but if the carp was taken away by the Giant Salamander, he could rob it back.

He could definitely use this to his advantage!

After a satisfying meal, Su He crawled back into his semi-cave, buried the entrance in mud, and slept until the third day’s sunset.

The Wolf King on the shore stared at the pond without blinking.

It was very patient.

The wild wolves around it had green eyes, whether from hunger or the darkness of the evening.

After confirming that it was safe, Su He crawled out of the cave. His body had become a few shades darker, and not just his turtle shell, but even his skin had turned black. At this moment, he looked like a pure black turtle. If he had a bit of oil on his skin, he would have looked like a black jade sculpture.

A little…disappointed.

In this world, white is the standard: white snakes, white peacocks, white deer…

Any kind of mystical beasts were white, representing holiness. What was he, a black turtle?

The designated villain?

Fortunately, his skin had become tougher when he turned black, and the wound left by the otter had completely healed, leaving only a faint flesh-colored scar on his dark skin.

His strength had also increased. Su He broke through the water’s surface with one stroke, and his speed was almost twice as fast as before!

Su He had eaten good food before, and with the dice, he never lacked for high-quality food. But the effect on his body was not as exaggerated as it was now. The Demon Morphing Fruit had clearly accelerated his body’s evolution. The exquisite food that he couldn’t absorb before could now be fully absorbed.

Thinking of food, he felt hungry again and had an itch to gnaw on a stick.

But turtles don’t have teeth. He had a big plate tooth when he first hatched, but it fell out after five or six days.

However, Su He felt the tingling of his tooth bed. Was he going to evolve teeth?

Su He was a little worried.”Is it evolving towards an exotic beast? Has the Demon Morphing Fruit that enhances quality lost its ability to subdue demons?” Su He was uneasy, he grabbed back half a carp from the Giant Salamander and chewed it slowly, relieving the itchiness in his teeth. His gaze then turned to the big shrimp at the bottom of the pond, he needed to eat more to evolve.

He needed to improve his digestion ability to digest the Demon Morphing Fruit at the fastest speed to avoid nightmares.

He looked at the pond’s blue lotus, which would bloom in half a month at most, and could fill the entire pond within a month. The time he agreed with the sloppy Old Taoist was approaching.

The senior’s lecture was not to be missed.

Su He was planning.


A sparrowhawk’s cry came from the sky. Su He instinctively shrank into his turtle shell. He had almost been caught by a hawk several times when he was still living in the Listening Sea Lake. He had also seen several turtle corpses that had been ravaged by hawks. Hawks couldn’t break the turtle shell, but they would drop it from a hundred meters high. Even the sturdy turtle shell couldn’t withstand such tossing.

Su He shrank underwater, his limbs slightly curled up, making it impossible for the hawk to get a grip. If this were on Earth in his previous life, a turtle of this size would not have to worry about flying hawks. But this was the Mysterious Wasteland, where giant hawks with wingspans of six to nine meters were not uncommon.

The ripples in the water fluctuated, and a Swimming Snake next to him also dived underwater. It wasn’t avoiding the hawk, but trying to hunt Su He. This guy had some problems with its brain, but Su He didn’t move, only lightly paddling with one claw to maintain balance, making the Swimming Snake think that there was a fish in front of it.

The Swimming Snake had poor eyesight and couldn’t sense snake messages. It relied more on the water’s ripples to judge things in front of it. Su He had encountered proactive Swimming Snakes more than once.

The taste was good.

Green Snake swam towards Su He, opened its mouth to prey, and suddenly a strong wind blew over its head. The Sparrowhawk that had been hovering in the air plunged down, and a pair of claws tore into the water.

The target was the Swimming Snake!


This hawk wasn’t big, with a wingspan of about three meters. It was a bit difficult to carry Su He, and it knew it, so it went straight for the Swimming Snake.

There were many hawks here, and the Listening Sea Lake’s water surface had a diameter of over a hundred li, and a large river flowed through it, nourishing too many creatures.

The hawks lived on the high mountains in the southwest of the Listening Sea Lake.

Su He missed the Listening Sea Lake very much. Although there were fierce beasts in the lake, the water was turbulent, and the breath exhaled was quickly dispersed by the water. If he was careful, he would be safer than now, where a group of wolves blocked him in a small pond. He also had to beware of the Wolf King setting otter traps for turtles.

The Sparrowhawk made a slight splash on the water surface, grabbed the Swimming Snake, and flapped its wings to fly back to its nest.

A flash of inspiration struck Su He’s mind. His turtle head shot out instantly, and he bit the Swimming Snake’s tail.

“This stewardess will take me for a ride!”

The struggling Swimming Snake was instantly stretched straight, and the Sparrowhawk was pulled down. Its eyes suddenly burst into inexplicable surprise, it smelled the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit.

This Sparrowhawk had a wingspan of more than three meters, almost four meters. It should have no problem carrying a two-jin snake and a twenty or thirty-jin turtle.

From the small pond to the high mountain where the Sparrowhawk lived, they must pass through the Listening Sea Lake. It was just in time to move.

The Sparrowhawk flapped its wings with difficulty, rising only three or 15 meters from the ground, and struggling to fly west.

The Wolf King on the ground exploded with the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit, roaring and howling as it caught up. Its speed was so fast that it was not inferior to the heavily loaded Sparrowhawk.

“Hello, Wolf King!”

“Goodbye, Wolf King!”

“Don’t send me off, Wolf King!”

The Sparrowhawk was very fast, leaping over the pond, flying over the hills, drawing an arc in the air, and flying more and more smoothly with the light wind in the air.

The wolf pack chased desperately on the ground. They saw the turtle in the sky getting farther and farther away. The Wolf King roared in anger, showing its teeth.


Su He waved his paw, feeling very good.

At that moment, there was a crisp sound.

The Swimming Snake couldn’t withstand the pull of the Sparrowhawk and Su He.

It broke!Su He fell to the ground with a thud, and it took him a while to react. Luckily, they were almost at Listening Sea Lake, right at the shallow mud pit area.

Good news: It hurts, but there’s no injury.

Bad news: There’s a group of crocodiles in front of them, all looking in their direction.

Su He suddenly felt shocked, and heard the howling of wolves from behind. The pack of wolves was catching up.

A chill went straight up Turtle’s shell to the tip of his tail.

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