Chapter 6 – Six Points

Su Huanian watched her daughter playing with the turtle, her face gradually turning pale.

She agreed that her daughter should make friends with a turtle. Even if it wasn’t a demon, turtles had long lifespans.

Yaya was too special. She was born during the Thunder Tribulation and had an abnormal development rate due to the Thunder Tribulation’s influence. She was like a three or four-year-old child even though she had been born 60 years ago.

Only demons could grow at the same rate as her and be her true companions. Even if this turtle couldn’t morph into a demon, it could still be her pet and accompany her for a long time.

But the turtle father…

Su Huanian pointed her fingers like a sword and looked at Su He.

Perhaps because she was born during the Thunder Tribulation and was naturally close to the heavens and earth, Yaya was born with divine powers and often spoke things into existence.

She said she didn’t like Senior Brother Bone and that he should be struck by lightning, and he was really struck by lightning. She said Elder An looked kind and would make a good mother, and Elder An, who had been single for eight hundred years, really gave birth to a child at the age of eight hundred. She envied the ruins of Xuanqing Temple and wished that her own sect could have such ruins. And within three months, Qingyuan Sect discovered ancient ruins at their feet…

Similar events happened frequently.

Now she said she wanted to find a turtle to be her father…

Su Fairy felt like she couldn’t breathe and her chest was as heavy as two large stones. Her magical power involuntarily surged into her fingers, and her gaze at Su He became increasingly indifferent.

Suddenly, Su He felt a great sense of danger, as if he were about to face a more terrifying battle than a pack of wolves or crocodiles. He instinctively retreated into his turtle shell and looked around for the source of the danger.

Yaya knocked on his turtle shell. “Hey, is Big Turtle at home? What’s wrong with you? Did something scare you? You’re so timid. How will you save me in the future if I get eaten by someone? You have to come save me!”

Su He: “???”

Was this how children thought? How could you be eaten by someone?

Su Huanian’s sword-like fingers paused and then retracted.

She had been mistaken. She sneered. She had instinctively wanted to kill the turtle when she heard Yaya say she wanted it to be her father. But how could it be this turtle? It must be a powerful turtle that had survived the Thunder Tribulation and had at least reached the Traverse Heaven Realm. Otherwise, how could it suppress her?

She would blame her husband for playing with their daughter and saying he wanted to cook her because she was too cute.

Ignoring her daughter and the turtle, Su Huanian focused on operating the formation.

She didn’t know what lay ahead, but as long as she focused on cultivation and her realm was high enough, who would dare to have any impure thoughts towards her?

The hostility that had come suddenly also disappeared just as quickly. Su He was scared out of his wits and thought he was going to die, but the hostility disappeared inexplicably.

The mountain breeze blew gently, and the summer sun shone on the mountaintop. The pond water scattered rainbow-colored light in the evening sun.

Yaya knocked on Su He’s turtle shell and outlined the beautiful life they would have together after he joined her.”I’ll tell you, Grandpa Ge is a good old man, but he’s too stingy. He created a breathing technique for his turtle, but he wouldn’t give it to me or anyone else. Now he’s out doing something, so come find me and I’ll take you to steal that breathing technique!”

Su He’s eyes lit up.

“And there’s Jing’an Hall’s health porridge, Qiyun Peak’s ginseng fruit, and Sword Valley’s water spirit stone… so many things that are useful for the turtle, we’ll steal them all. If we can’t steal them, we’ll go rob them with masks! Don’t worry, they can’t beat me, and even if they catch me, my mother is the sect leader’s wife, so they won’t dare to punish me.”

Su He looked at Feng Yaya with a completely different gaze now, and placed a turtle claw on her shoulder, patting it seriously.

Very good,This friend I had to get along well

In just a few words, a child and a turtle formed a deep friendship, and the two of them made friendly exchanges and plans for the bandit activity a hundred days later.

Until nightfall, Feng Yaya and Su Huanian had to leave.

They didn’t ride their swords, but walked down the mountain holding hands, and the little girl waved goodbye from time to time.

Su He stood at the pavilion and nodded.

Watching the two of them get further and further away, Su He suddenly realized something.

Wait a minute!

This chance to compete for the demon morphing fruit for a hundred days and a hundred beasts, this fairy didn’t want me to miss it, but… as a special turtle, I am the one who is being competed for!

If I don’t follow them, am I just going to wait here for the hundred beasts to tear me apart and snatch away the demon morphing fruit that they haven’t even digested yet?

Especially since the fruit he ate was a red fruit with improved quality, emitting an even stronger aura, and a turtle living on a high mountain… the lighthouse!

Brothers, wait for me!

Su He wanted to shout, but the turtle was mute and couldn’t make a sound, except when in heat.

He almost jumped off the pavilion and crawled quickly towards Feng Yaya and Su Huanian. Feng Yaya widened her eyes, and Su Huanian’s clothes fluttered in the wind.

Feng Yaya looked at the big turtle with joy, “Big Turtle, are you reluctant to leave me?”

Su Huanian smiled, how could a turtle be so intelligent and emotional? Elder Ge encountered one, and Yaya encountered one too. Have the turtle clan in Qingyuan Sect as a whole been civilized?

This turtle probably wanted to leave the mountain too, after all, there was only a small pond on the mountain, and no food…

Then they saw the ink turtle crawling up quickly, biting onto his daughter’s clothes and not letting go.

Su Huanian was stunned, and Feng Yaya screamed and jumped around. She held Su He in her arms, staring with big eyes, and looked at her mother adorably.

Su Fairy shook her head, “The ancestor instructed that during the demon morphing fruit competition, pets cannot be kept.”

The competition for the demon morphing fruit is both an opportunity and a selection process. The most suitable animal for demon morphing is selected, and it’s survival of the fittest.

During this period, keeping pets is not allowed, and disciples are not allowed to participate in the competition for animal demon morphing fruit. The Qingyuan Sect’s ancestors’ teachings were followed by all, except for people like Elder Ge who had no taboos.

The little girl suddenly looked disappointed and pouted, “Okay then…”

She reluctantly let Su He go.

Su He: ??

Giving up?Su He was shocked, “Wait, aren’t you going to resist?” He stared at Su Huanian with wide eyes, “Fairy, I have something to say! Give me a spell, the kind that can make animals speak by just touching their neck.”

Last year, he saw the sloppy Old Taoist touch a fairy crane, and the crane began to speak human language.

Fairy Su didn’t understand his gaze, but she thought that this turtle was very spiritual. This kind of spiritual intelligence was not something that could be achieved by consuming the Demon Morphing Fruit recently, it must be innate.

It wasn’t surprising, as turtles were a blessed species. The real Divine Turtle was one of the four spirits alongside dragons and phoenixes.

She thought for a moment and pointed her delicate jade finger at Su He’s forehead, leaving a mark. This mark was not visible, but if Su He was caught by someone who wanted to enslave him, it would warn them that this turtle already had an owner.

Feng Yaya squatted down awkwardly and touched Su He’s turtle shell. She was reluctantly pulled up by Fairy Su, who then stepped lightly on her Fairy Sword and took off.

The Fairy Sword carried the two of them leisurely into the clouds, their clothes fluttering gracefully, truly like a fairy descending to the mortal world.

Not taking me…

Su He stood still for a moment, looking down the mountain. The packs of wolves and crocodiles had already dispersed, leaving seven or eight corpses behind, which no one dared to approach.

There was also half of a Swimming Snake, with a dice settled on top of it:

Six points!

This was also food that Su He had snatched from the Sparrowhawk. The dice had already settled, but he had gone to fight with the wolves and hadn’t harvested it.

He carefully crawled over, bit the snake’s tail, and the dice disappeared without the snake changing. This was an improvement in quality.

Su He climbed up the mountain with the snake’s tail in his mouth, returning to the pool at the top of the mountain as quickly as possible. He dragged the snake’s tail and dove into the bottom of the pool, his heart pounding wildly.

A six-point quality improvement, this was the first time in history.

The snake was broken from the seven-inch mark, with the snake’s gallbladder and heart on this side. It was about one and a half meters long and as thick as a walnut. The taste was not fragrant but had a faint spiciness.

The taste buds of turtles and humans were not the same. The snake’s fishy smell in Su He’s mouth had a spicy but not enough spicy strip feeling.

He tore it open and swallowed it.

The snake meat was chewy, but he didn’t dare to waste time grinding his teeth. He had to eat the six-point quality snake meat to feel secure.

He swallowed it as quickly as possible, and Su He let out a long, satisfied burp.

The sky darkened, and the rustling sound of insects rose, accompanied by the howling of wolves and the roar of beasts in the distance. Lying on the top of the mountain, he was one step closer to the sky, with the stars twinkling brightly.

Su He hid at the bottom of the pool, and the entire sky rippled with the water. With the stars as his company, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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