Chapter 3 – Make a Hole

The setting sun shone on the water, casting a fiery golden glow. The shadows of lotus leaves and stems swayed in the water, like a forest.

The entire turtle was limp at the bottom of the pond, with several cuts on the tail and hind legs caused by a water otter. The bloody smell attracted the fish and shrimp in the pond. Fortunately, the bleeding had stopped, and the wounds were starting to turn white.

The water otter next to Su He was already dead, with a large piece of flesh bitten off by Su He on its neck.

This time, Su He’s sixth older brother had ambushed and seized the fatal point of the water otter’s fate, preventing its agile movements and using his superior breath-holding ability to drown it.

Although he was fortunate and had strength, what about next time?

If the Wolf King could bring one water otter, he could bring ten. If there were two water otters, Su He would not be able to fight them.

Turtles were never a species that excelled in battle. Turtles were measured by their patience and their ability to hide in their shells to avoid danger.

But the turtle shell could not stop the water otter, which knew how to attack the turtle’s limbs. When the turtle retreated into its shell, it was like a walnut that could be smashed open and eaten.

The pond was too small. If four or five water otters were released, there would be nowhere to escape.

He had to find a way out.

Su He gives no thought far-flung problems soon finds suffering nearby. He either had to kill the Wolf King and drive away the wolf pack or find a retreat that could stand undefeated.

He was just too weak!

Su He had only been reincarnated for less than two years and had only grown to the size of a basin thanks to the dice. The other little turtles that had survived with him were only as big as a palm.

As long as he had two more years, he could grow to the size of a manhole cover and be unstoppable. Even if a crocodile came to bite him, it would break its teeth.

He had to dig a hole!

Su He found an excellent place to dig a hole under the water, hidden in the lotus flowers, surrounded by plant roots and stems. He could dig a large cave, and even if the pond water pressed against it, it would not collapse. After digging in, he would break the topsoil layer above, and a large stone would fall and cover the entrance.

Not only could the water otters not get in, but Su He would also have to dig through the mud to get out. Water otters closed their nostrils in the water and could not smell anything. If there was too much noise, Su He would be awakened. Turtles had very sensitive hearing.

Su He planned it out and dived into the pond, waving his claws to break the mud and start digging.

As the sky gradually darkened, the bottom of the pond was the first to sink into darkness. The howling of wolves echoed in the distance, and pairs of eyes glowed green in the darkness, creating an eerie atmosphere.

Su He was hidden in the pond, digging a hole.

Fifty miles away, on a small island in Listening Sea Lake, a sloppy old Taoist and a young boy appeared in a flash of sword light. The boy held a bronze mirror and looked at the flashing dots on it, feeling a little discouraged. “Master, there are eighteen Demon Morphing Fruits on Listening Sea Lake, all colorless.”He put away the mirror, revealing a hint of envy: “Ancestor, when will our Qingyuan Mountain grow green Demon Morphing Fruit?”

Yesterday, he followed Ancestor to meet with the Old Taoist of Xuanqing Temple. They had a green fruit growing in their territory, which was swallowed by an old mastiff that had been raised in the sect for over ten years. Those two little Daoist novices showed off in front of him as if they were the ones who ate the fruit.

The child’s eyes sparkled: “Ancestor, is it possible that our Qingyuan territory’s Demon Morphing Fruits have grown into Red Fruits, and we missed them?”

This treasure mirror can only check for colorless and green Demon Morphing Fruits. What about the rumored Red Fruits?

The Messy Old Taoist took a bite of a big chicken leg, his mouth full of oil: “You little brat is quite daring! The Demon Morphing Fruits fall from the sky every sixty years. It takes sixty years to become an ordinary fruit, and 3,600 years to become a green fruit. The Red Fruit has never appeared, but it is speculated that it may take over ten or twenty thousand years to gestate. Even if it exists, can Qingyuan Sect guard it?”

This place belongs to Qingyuan Sect for thousands of miles around. Su He’s pond and Listening Sea Lake within a hundred miles are no exception.

The Old Taoist gave the child a knock on the head: “Don’t think about those things. It’s better to think about how to cook the chicken to make it taste better. If you do well, I’ll give you something, enough for you to show off for half a lifetime!”

“Go! Look around and see if that little turtle has come.  We have arranged to meet again on Seventh of July.”

Last year, the Old Taoist got drunk and talked nonsense on this small island for three days in front of a group of fish and turtles. After he woke up from his drunken stupor, he found that a turtle was actually listening to him seriously. After teasing it a bit, the turtle showed great spiritual intelligence and even thanked him.

The Old Taoist was overjoyed and wanted to take it away directly. But he couldn’t bear to cut off its chance to morph into a demon. Every sixty years, there is a chance for all beasts to subdue demons during the starfall. If he took it away, he would be burying its chance.

In the cultivation world, it is forbidden for humans to participate in the competition for Demon Morphing Fruits.

The Old Taoist agreed to come back and see it on Seventh of July this year. If it was lucky enough to swallow the Demon Morphing Fruit, he would take it back to the sect to teach it well. If it was still a beast, he would keep it as a pet.

Today is Seventh of July.

The child climbed up high and looked around. The lake was full of swimming fish, and there were little turtles swimming gracefully like flying, while water birds flew leisurely and freely. However, the little turtle that Ancestor loved was nowhere to be seen.

After searching carefully, it was still not found. The turtle stood him up.

Ancestor was probably stupid. Even if the turtle was intelligent, how could it know about the agreement without taking the Demon Morphing Fruit to open its spiritual intelligence?

He ran down from the small mound, shouting as he ran, “Ancestor, are you stupid? You made an agreement with the turtle to come on Seventh of July when the lotus flowers bloom. How could it know when Seventh of July is? Senior Uncle Su fought with people and caused spring and summer to be late around Qingyuan Mountain this year. The lotus flowers haven’t bloomed yet!”

The Messy Old Taoist suddenly froze, with a chicken butt in his mouth and a shocked expression on his face.

Even wise men make mistakes?

He sighed: “This is fate!”

He had to go to the Sanhe wasteland to preside over this year’s wasteland opening ceremony tonight, and he couldn’t wait for the lotus flowers to bloom.The lotus flowers must have been in bloom for at least a month?

Old Taoist picked two lotus leaves and carefully wrapped the half-eaten roast chicken, stuffing it into his bosom. He then stood up and summoned his Fairy Sword.

The child blinked, “Master, are you going to break your promise? Aren’t you going to look for that little turtle?”

With Old Taoist’s Divine Ability, he should be able to find it with just a glance, right?

“Pah!” Old Taoist snorted arrogantly and raised his head, “Even if I were to look for it, it should come and find me. Does it make sense for me to look for it?”

Who is the seeker of the Dao? Who is the one spreading the Dao? Shouldn’t that turtle go through all kinds of hardships and crawl in front of Old Taoist, paying his respects sincerely?

The master is indeed arrogant!

The child’s eyes spun, “What if… that little turtle has a heaven-defying luck and eats the green Demon Morphing Fruit?”

The green fruit could create a genius with unparalleled talent among demon-kind.

Old Taoist disdainfully snorted, “So what?” To cultivate to his level, who isn’t a genius?

“What if it eats the Red Fruit?”

Old Taoist flicked the child’s forehead, what was this little head thinking every day? What’s so great about the Red Fruit? A fruit that only exists in legends, would Old Taoist care about it?

Would Old Taoist have to kneel down and pass on his teachings? At worst, he would fight a bloody battle with other sects, snatch the disciple for his master, and accept a closed-door disciple.

With the luck of being able to eat the Red Fruit, Old Taoist wouldn’t be afraid to accept it. After all, the old man was already dead and rotten, so he wasn’t afraid.

Old Taoist stomped on the ground, grabbed the child, and jumped onto the Fairy Sword, soaring into the sky.

As the wind blew, the stone he had stomped on shattered into pieces, revealing a turtle stone statue carved with an ax and a knife in the center. The turtle stretched its limbs and elongated its neck, its eyes slightly closed as it faced the bright moon, breathing in and out.

Old Taoist’s skills were profound, and the turtle he had carved with just a stomp contained a set of breathing techniques.

The breeze blew and entered the stone turtle’s nostrils, as if the turtle was breathing, sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes fast, sometimes slow…

At this moment, fifty miles away in a small pond, Su He was digging a hole.

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