Chapter 2 – The transformation of a beast

The Giant Salamander cried out.

He watched helplessly as the Turtle swallowed his Red Carp piece by piece. And after eating the fish, he even beat him up!

Why was the fucking Turtle here in this pond? Why not go to the big lake in the desert where he couldn’t swim to the end?

The Giant Salamander felt pitiful. When Su He wasn’t paying attention, he quietly swallowed a carp.

Su He ignored him and stayed still at the bottom of the water.

He was a bit full from the high-quality Red Carp. It was tough to digest and he needed a warm and sunny place to rest.

If it weren’t for the wolf pack on the shore, he could find a shallow area and bury himself, leaving only his nostrils out for air. This was how he had survived hibernation for the last two years since he had reincarnated as a turtle.

Of course, he could also sleep at the bottom of the water like other turtles.

On the first day of his shell breaking, Su He discovered that he could breathe not only with his nose and mouth, but also underwater. He just couldn’t explain how he did it.

His butt!

Or should it be called the cloaca? Su He wasn’t very good at biology, so he wasn’t sure.

The cloaca not only allowed him to urinate, but also to suck in water and absorb oxygen. However, this type of breathing was very weak and barely sufficient.

He didn’t know if all turtles could do this, or if it was just his species, or maybe because he was a transmigrator, he had some special abilities?

If he chose to hibernate, he could suck in enough air and then reduce his movement to the minimum, and breathe through his butt. He could sleep quietly at the bottom of the water for six or seven days.

Su He rarely used this method of breathing. At first, he couldn’t overcome the psychological barrier, and later, he just wasn’t used to it.

But not being used to it didn’t mean he couldn’t do it.

Su He dug a cave at the bottom of the pond while holding his breath and then swam to the surface to exchange air with the wolf pack. After taking in enough air, he sank to the bottom of the water and slowly closed his eyes.

Soon, he fell into a deep sleep.

This pond was not very big, only about two acres. There were no natural enemies in the water, and the wolf pack guarded against other predators. Su He could sleep peacefully.

However, he didn’t sleep soundly this time. His whole body was itchy and uncomfortable. Su He kept dreaming that he was being caught and cooked in a pot, and the boiling water licked his shell, causing him pain.

After being boiled, he felt itchy all over, wishing he could peel off his shell to scratch himself.

As time passed, the wolf pack on the shore became more and more restless.

The wolf pack was not so impatient, but the scent of the Demon Subduing Fruit in the pond had faded as Su He slept!

The breathing of the sleeping turtle became extremely weak.

The Wolf King became irritable and had even beaten up three or four other wolves. He forced the wolf pack to go into the water more than ten times a day to search for Su He.

The wolf pack was angry but dared not speak up.

What was worse was that there were no more fish corpses floating on the water’s surface in the past few days. The wolf pack needed to hunt, but the Wolf King was unable to organize an effective hunt.

It dared not leave the pond and could only command from the nearby hill. The hunting efficiency of the wolf pack was greatly reduced.

The wolves were hungry.

There were herds of deer running around, occasionally glancing at the wolf pack. The once densely grown areas of water grass had become a paradise for the deer. The wolf pack was suppressed by the Wolf King and was not allowed to leave the pond.

These lush grass areas had become a heaven for the deer.Not far away, a swimming snake had just swallowed a frog when it was caught by a sparrowhawk that swooped down from the sky.

The faint smell of blood permeated the air.

Predators were also prey, and no one could guarantee that they would live to the next moment.

Peaceful and harmonious days passed by.

At the bottom of the pond, Su He felt that he was really doomed this time. He felt as if he was surrounded by boiling water, and his turtle shell was being peeled layer by layer. He was probably being cooked, and his whole body sank to the bottom of the pot.



Su He suddenly woke up and looked around. He was still in the pond, but the hiding cave had collapsed and was crushed by him!

From the remaining air in his lungs, he had only slept for five or six days.

But Su He had grown from the size of a plate to the size of a washbasin. The cave he had dug before could no longer contain him and was torn apart. His body became heavy and sank into the mud. No wonder he had been sinking to the bottom of the pot in his dream.

The surrounding area was full of pieces of peeled turtle shells.

Turtles also molt, but not like crabs, they do not quickly shed their shells and grow new ones. Instead, it is a gradual process of shedding layer by layer.

They molt about twice a year.

During molting, they gradually grow larger. This is a gradual process.

But this time, after sleeping for five or six days, Su He had molted more than one layer of shell. Moreover, the color of the shed shell had changed, from the dull gray of an ordinary turtle shell to a darker color.

It was a good thing, as he could be more concealed in the mud.

Su He’s head quietly poked out of his shell to confirm that there was no danger. He gently paddled the water and slowly swam towards the surface.

After a few days, the surface of the pond was covered with lotus leaves. The leaves had not yet grown to their full size, but in another five or six days, they would cover the entire pond.

Then they would be ready to bloom, and Su He was waiting for the lotus to bloom. He had an appointment with someone.

He paddled his front legs and kicked his hind legs. Su He’s head poked out of the water to observe his surroundings.

The Wolf King was pounding two wolves, and only three were still patrolling the pond. The rest were gathered around the Wolf King, snarling and threatening.

It was unclear whether they were threatening the Wolf King or threatening the beaten wolf.

But Su He had a vague feeling that the wolf pack no longer respected the Wolf King! After not seeing him for five or six days, the Wolf King’s authority had disappeared!

Hello, Wolf King!

Goodbye, Wolf King!

The Wolf King was distracted by something else, and by the time Su He had finished exhaling, he had sunk to the bottom of the water. It was only then that he realized he had left the two beaten wolves behind and jumped into the pond with a splash.

The center of the pond was about  six meters deep, and the lotus leaves provided cover. Su He was absolutely safe when he dived to the bottom of the water.

The giant salamander was swimming happily underwater. It had become much livelier after a few days.

Su He decided to help it consolidate its memory. So he beat it up and took two big prawns from it.

The dice fell, and it was three points.

Eight prawns.

Two had become eight, not tripled, but cubed.

But it was still a  unfortunate one ! Su He wanted to improve the quality of the prawns.

He casually flicked the prawns towards the giant salamander and watched it gobble them up.

Unfortunately, the dice had a virginity complex. It has rolled the points of the thing and then grab back will not roll the points again, or else it could have an infinite loop.

On the surface of the water, the Wolf King returned to shore with hatred in his eyes. He looked at the calm surface of the pond, and his gaze became more profound and human-like. After a few glances, he turned and ran into the depths of the forest, ignoring the howls of the wild wolves behind him.In about two or three hours, the Wolf King returned with a small animal the size of a cat in its mouth, resembling an old mouse. It threw the creature into the pond, and the poor thing, terrified by the Wolf King, quickly swam into the pond and hid far away from the wolf.

An otter?

Su He was shocked for a moment, then became furious.

Damn it, an otter!

When did a wolf learn to use tools?!

Otters were the absolute natural enemies of turtles! They had quick reflexes and could easily hunt turtles larger than themselves.

Little Turtle would have its shell smashed, and Big Turtle would have its flesh scooped out from its limbs.

Hiding in the shell was useless!

You bastard! Playing dirty tricks!

This otter was about the same size as Su He.


Su He’s limbs fiercely swam, propelling him towards the water’s surface. Taking advantage of the otter’s panic from escaping the Wolf King, Su He bit its neck and forcefully dragged it underwater, sinking to the bottom of the pond.

The otter could only hold its breath for five or six minutes, while Su He could last for seven days. This was his only advantage.

Having just escaped the Wolf King and suddenly being attacked again, the otter was utterly terrified. Its body twisted like a rope as it desperately tried to break free.

It didn’t relax at all just because it was bitten by a turtle. With its neck being bitten, it couldn’t muster any strength!

The otter stretched its fur, its front claws trying to scratch Su He’s head, while its hind legs kicked at Su He’s shell like a cat, trying to kick him away or tear open the shell.

Su He let it struggle, not feeling the pain even when the otter tore open his right hind leg. He was determined to bite its neck and press it underwater. He immediately flipped over and pinned the otter down, his claws hooking onto the water plants at the bottom of the pond, not letting go for a moment.

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