Chapter 1 – There is a Turtle

Set a small goal first: survive for a hundred days!

In a pond deep in the mountains and forests, a turtle the size of a dinner plate made up its mind.

He was Su He, a normal teenager from Earth’s China in his past life. In this life, he was reincarnated as an ordinary turtle in the Mysterious Wasteland. Fortunately, he did not experience any confusion at birth and still retained his memories and wisdom from his past life.

At this moment, most of Su He’s body was buried in the mud, with only two nostrils slowly exhaling bubbles.

Around the pond, more than twenty wild wolves patrolled back and forth, and the Wolf King on the hill nearby squinted his eyes and looked down at the entire pond.

They were all looking for the turtle.

There was anger and killing intent in their eyes, as if Su He had desecrated their ancestors’ graves.

Su He didn’t do much, he just seized an opportunity from the Wolf King, a chance to transform into a human…

What a petty wolf!

In the Mysterious Wasteland, there were immortals, ghosts, gods, and demons, but the demons here were different from the demons in Su He’s past life legends.

Not every beast had the chance to cultivate into a demon with a human form.

Beasts could only advance to become Exotic Beasts, and they could not cultivate a human form.

Once every decade in the Mysterious Wasteland, there was a “Starfall,” like a meteor shower, with light falling on the earth. Afterward, Demon Morphing Fruits would grow on the ground. The Demon Morphing Fruit would grow for three days, bloom for three days, and bear fruit for three days. The fruit was ripe and looked like a wrinkled, semi-transparent date.

Only by swallowing and digesting the Demon Morphing Fruit could beasts transform into a human form and become demons.

Demon Morphing Fruits had a fatal attraction to beasts.

Half a month ago, a Starfall occurred, and a Demon Morphing Fruit grew in the mud by the pond. The Wolf King led the pack and drove away all the strong enemies around, waiting for the Demon Morphing Fruit to ripen.

But at the moment of ripening, a turtle suddenly stretched its neck from the mud, plucked the fruit, and dived into the pond without coming out again.

The Wolf King was dumbfounded, watching the turtle escape.

Then the entire pack of wolves went crazy and rushed into the pond, howling and paddling like mad dogs.

Fortunately, Su He could dive and hide in the water, or he would have been torn apart.

These little dogs were pretty good at swimming!

For the next seven days, the entire pack of wolves did not hunt, but instead surrounded the pond. Wild wolves occasionally swam in and searched the pond with their paddling.

The wolf pack knew that the long-shelled reptile had not escaped, and the scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit was still pervasive.

They would not give up until they found it!

Su He lurked motionless at the bottom of the water, and time passed by second by second.

Finally, he couldn’t hold his breath any longer. He slid his limbs gently out of the mud and swam to the surface, his nostrils poking out from between the lotus leaves.






The scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit in his breath instantly alarmed the wolf pack, and the Wolf King howled and led the wild wolves to rush into the pond again.

Su He dived to the bottom of the pond with a sudden lunge. Instead of diving into the mud, he shrunk into his turtle shell and remained motionless.

The wolf’s dynamic vision was excellent. If he stirred up the mud now, he would surely be discovered. It was better to hide himself with the natural camouflage of the algae on his shell.

The pack of wolves paddled around for a while and found nothing, gradually returning to the shore in dissatisfaction.

Su He quietly swam to the surface to breathe, and as soon as he shook off the water, the wild wolves howled and rushed into the pond again.

After five or six rounds of this, Su He finally finished breathing. The suffocating feeling of oxygen deficiency disappeared completely.

After taking a deep breath, Su He gently paddled with his four turtle claws and sank to the bottom of the water again.

Just wait a little longer. In ten days at most, the lotus leaves would cover the entire pond, and it would be much safer then. Moreover, every additional day would allow Su He to absorb a bit more of the Demon Morphing Fruit, and the scent would become weaker and weaker.”Underwater, a giant salamander was hunting a crucian carp. The salamander remained motionless like a mountain, resembling a green stone. The moment the carp passed by, it bit down and was about to swallow it whole with a flick of its head.

Su He swam over with a stroke of his four claws, bit the carp, performed a backflip, and kicked the giant salamander with his front claws and hind legs, stealing the carp away.

The giant salamander rolled a few times underwater, finally stabilizing its body and looking at Su He with a bewildered expression.

This thing is stealing my food? Isn’t it on my menu?

Su He bit the carp to death and stared at it intently, tossing it aside. As for the giant salamander behind him – who was the prey and who was the hunter? Wasn’t it determined by size?

I’m going to need a millstone-sized turtle shell; those wolves outside will be just a snack in minutes.

Su He stared at the carp, and after a while, a fist-sized dice appeared out of thin air, landing on the carp and spinning.

Three points!

One carp suddenly turned into three.

Bad luck!

Su He casually put the carp aside.

This dice was his golden finger after crossing over.

Whenever Su He stole something belonging to someone else, the dice would appear, and the stolen item would multiply.

Su He hadn’t completely mastered the specific multiplication rules yet. Sometimes the quantity doubled, sometimes the weight, and sometimes the volume.

There were even a few times when it wasn’t a multiple but a power!

There was also a very small chance that it wasn’t a quantitative doubling, but a qualitative one!

Like when he stole the Demon Morphing Fruit from the Wolf King. It was originally just a translucent, jelly-like sweet date, but after the dice rolled a five, the Demon Morphing Fruit didn’t become more numerous, but instead turned from transparent to blood red, bright and dripping, full and round.

It directly improved the quality of the Demon Morphing Fruit!

This was also the reason why Su He had already eaten the fruit, and the mere smell of it still attracted the wolf pack and made them reluctant to leave.

Su He wanted to improve the quality of the carp today.

He had already consumed the Demon Morphing Fruit, and now, like a fetus developing in the womb, it was the best time for growth, allowing him to recklessly increase his potential and talent. After a hundred days, when the Demon Morphing Fruit was fully digested, his talent would be fixed, and there would be no more such good opportunities.

However, the chances of improving quality were too few; it would be good if it appeared once in five or six throws.

The three carps floated away with the waves, and the giant salamander didn’t dare to pick them up. It remembered that it had been beaten by this shelled creature just yesterday!

It shook its head, changed direction, and resumed hunting.

About two hours later, it caught a red carp and was about to swallow it when the damn turtle rushed over again, biting, kicking, and stealing its carp before disappearing.

The giant salamander cried, wailing like a baby.

Su He hid to the side, and the spinning dice appeared, landing on four points.

The carp didn’t multiply, but the ordinary red carp suddenly emitted an enticing fragrance, causing half of the pond to stir.

Quality ×4.

The giant salamander, which had been wailing on the side, suddenly changed its expression, and like a hungry tiger, it pounced on the red carp and bit down.


Su He slapped it away with one hand, and before it could show a fierce expression of snatching food, he twisted his turtle head and tore off a large piece of fish meat.

The taste was fragrant and incredibly tender.

The giant salamander charged again, and Su He, holding the red carp, flipped over, using his turtle shell to block the giant salamander as he enjoyed his meal.

On the shore, the wolves were excited, and their howls were horrifying.

There was treasure underwater, but wolves couldn’t dive.

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