Chapter 11 – Return empty-handed

Outside the valley, Su He felt a sense of danger, which was unique to beasts.

Due to the reason of being a transmigrator, Su He’s beast intuition was always inferior to other wild beasts, and it had only slightly improved recently through evolution, with the slowest improvement speed among all abilities.

Inside the valley, Green Snake knew he was there and was very vigilant towards him.

This was normal. Among wild beasts, predators with similar strength rarely entered each other’s territories unless they were trying to seize their survival territory.

Su He stood at the mouth of the valley and shouted inwardly, “Ang~”

I have no ill intentions, just want to make friends!

He didn’t know if Green Snake could understand his shout, but subjectively expressed this meaning. They were all going to become demons, so at least they should be able to awaken their spiritual intelligence, right?

Didn’t the turtle evolve vocal cords for communication?

Perhaps like how ears evolved to understand crocodile roars, the sound produced by evolved vocal cords could naturally be understood by hundreds of beasts?

The valley was still silent, with no response.

Even the hissing of other snakes was meaningless, at most carrying hostility.


I want to make friends!

Su He shortened the meaning.

There was still no response in the valley.


If you don’t answer, I’ll take it as your agreement and come in!

After Su He finished shouting, he still didn’t receive a response, and the hostility in the valley did not increase or decrease.

This was a stubborn situation, and he reacted worse than the ordinary crocodiles.

Su He muttered to himself, unsure of what to do. If he went in directly, it would probably provoke even greater hostility from Green Snake, and fighting would not be good since this was their territory.

Su He was not afraid of snakes – if they didn’t use poison.

He hesitated, and his footsteps had just moved. Three venomous snakes simultaneously bit his exposed hind legs and tail.

Su He’s turtle face changed instantly, and he swung his tail, causing the three venomous snakes to hang on his body. The sharp fangs bit into his skin, but they didn’t penetrate.

After several evolutions, not only did his shell become extremely hard, but his skin also became tough, and the biting force of the venomous snakes was not enough to pierce his turtle shell.

The venom sprayed on him slid off.

Su He immediately rubbed the venom on the grass and rushed back to the lake to wash himself.

One minute, two minutes…

There was no discomfort in the bitten area, not even itching. The snake venom did not invade his body through his skin.

Su He didn’t believe it and caught a wild chicken by the neck, letting it spray venom on him. This was a mildly venomous snake that couldn’t even kill a chicken.

Su He didn’t go into the water and kept staring at the venom-soaked skin, but there was no discomfort. When he tried other venomous snakes, he felt the same.

Su He was relieved and climbed into the valley with a step that disowned his relatives.

Venomous snakes appeared frequently around him, and the warning hissing sound was endless. This time, meaningful sounds appeared, mostly telling Su He to get out of the Snake Valley.

Su He didn’t care. This place was the warehouse of the spicy sticks. If it weren’t for his request to Green Snake, they would all be small spicy sticks.

The Snake Valley was shaped like a “Jia” character, with a narrow and dark thirty zhang entrance that was only a little over three zhang wide. Once inside, it was a vast open space, with a football field-sized area and even a pond, with an old willow tree growing beside it.

A huge green snake coiled on the willow tree.After a few days, the Emerald Green Snake had grown even larger. Although it was originally a small snake, it had grown to the size of a python, with a well-proportioned body and a graceful sway. The Green Snake coiled around a willow tree, hissing at Su He without saying a complete word. Communication was impossible at this point, as it had only been two months since the animals had eaten the Demon Morphing Fruit and they were not yet capable of conversing. Su He had only come to see how the Green Snake had obtained its demonic powers and how it had cultivated them, but in this hostile state, the Green Snake was not in the mood for any training. Su He had to find a way to relax its guard.

“Ang~ Little snake, you are very beautiful,” Su He said, trying to flatter the snake.

“Hiss!” The Green Snake suddenly spewed out a thick fog, and its tail flicked, covering both Su He and itself.

Su He immediately held his breath and closed his eyes. Although the Emerald Green Snake was not poisonous, it was obvious that it was not an ordinary snake. Su He had evolved teeth, so why couldn’t the Emerald Green Snake evolve deadly venom?

Su He listened carefully for any movement.

Swoosh! A snake slithered through the grass.

The ordinary Emerald Green Snake usually ate insects and earthworms and had no combat power. Su He wondered what skills this soon-to-be-demonic Green Snake possessed, daring to attack directly. It was clearly a timid snake, but it had become reckless. Su He had made a mistake. He should have observed the Green Snake for a few more days.

Suddenly, the fog shook, and the Green Snake’s rope-like body wrapped around Su He, trying to strangle him.

…But there was no response. Su He’s turtle shell did not even show any signs of concaving inward. High-quality meat was not easily consumed.

This little snake was strong, and Su He suspected that even a cow could be strangled to death by it. But unfortunately for the snake, Su He was his opponent today.

Su He was not afraid of strength and resilience.

If he did not want to learn about demonic arts from the Green Snake, he would have bitten off its neck in one bite during this moment. The snake had already digested most of the Demon Morphing Fruit, and even without the help of dice, it was still a great supplement.

This little snake had suddenly acquired the Demon Morphing Fruit and begun to evolve. It was not accustomed to such a huge body for fighting! If it were Su He, he would not have been so reckless. Were there not thousands of venomous snakes outside waiting to eat him alive?

Why fight alone when you could fight as a group?

After several attempts to strangle Su He, the Green Snake retreated quickly, slipping away somewhere.

Su He listened quietly.

“Splash~ Crack!”

The lake made a slight noise as the Green Snake went underwater.

Of course, it had no experience. What snake would go underwater to fight a turtle?

Su He closed his eyes and swam towards the pond using his memory. He opened his eyes underwater. The scenery was beautiful, with clear water and a natural tunnel that had opened up in the middle of the small lake. The gap was two zhang long and one zhang wide.

The Green Snake was not visible underwater. It must have escaped through the tunnel. Su He swam after it.

The tunnel was winding, with strange rocks on both sides, some of which had snake skins of various sizes hanging on them. The Green Snake had probably been shedding its skin here for the past two months.

Following the tunnel forward, Su He emerged from a hole and was greeted with the sight of Listening Sea Lake.This tunnel connects Listening Sea Lake and Snake Valley’s small lake.

There were no traces of Green Snake around, nor was there any scent of the Demon Morphing Fruit. Green Snake must have swum far underwater, and the scent hadn’t spread up.

It was a fruitless visit.

Of course, it couldn’t be said that way. If Green Snake was unwilling to cooperate, Snake Valley would be a good place to reside, much better than the pill furnace Su He had prepared.

Su He identified the direction and swam towards Crocodile Beach. The entrance of the tunnel was not too far from Crocodile Beach, making him and Green Snake true neighbors in a sense.

Emerald Green Snake was timid, and she probably wouldn’t dare to return to Snake Valley in the next few days. Su He would go there again in a couple of days, bringing gifts with him. With enough gifts, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t get along well with Green Snake if he could even get along with the old crocodile.

As long as he shamelessly appeared time and time again, Green Snake would eventually get used to him and no longer see him as an enemy.

As Su He swam towards Crocodile Beach, the strong smell of blood drifted over from ten miles away.

Not knowing what had happened at Crocodile Beach, Su He cautiously sped up. As he got closer, he could hear the crocodiles’ roars one after another.

Looking up, Crocodile Beach was a mess, with two groups of crocodiles fighting fiercely. Blood had dyed the entire water area red.

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