Chapter 044 – Hook

Su He wandered far away, and the air around Feng Yiju distorted, revealing a figure. It was a young scholar.

“Sect Leader Senior Brother, why not take this opportunity to impose a restriction on it?”

Private revenge would destroy Jing Shui Mountain, and this reason was enough.

Feng Yiju shook his head. “The means just now were from Elder Ge’s camel, right?”

The scholar remained silent. This indicated that Elder Ge was also standing behind this turtle. Why did someone from the Beast-taming Valley not think about subduing and controlling it, but instead actively form a good relationship with this turtle? The only one who wanted to control it was just killed by him.

A dragon turtle that couldn’t be brought under control made people feel unwilling.

Feng Yiju smiled and patted the scholar’s shoulder. “To gain someone’s loyalty, it’s not just about restrictions. Have you ever seen any divine beast being subdued by restrictions alone?”

Feng Yiju even suspected that divine beasts had their own purification abilities. Perhaps now, by imposing restrictions on the divine turtle and waiting for the day when the divine turtle purified its bloodline and truly transformed into a dragon turtle, the restrictions would likely be purified by the dragon turtle’s bloodline, and at that time, they would definitely fight to the death.

The destruction of Taibai Temple three hundred years ago might have been like this.

As the Sect Leader for three hundred years, he understood one thing: the only thing that could maintain relationships was interests. There was no emotion that could remain unchanged for hundreds or thousands of years, only interests were eternal.

Why could the Azure Dragon of Xuantian Sect and the Vermilion Bird of Zhuque Sect stay in their sects for thousands or even tens of thousands of years? The sect elders who were originally related to them had long since ascended, and what they could maintain was nothing but interests.

Suppression of divine beasts by sects maintained the sect’s fortune and inheritance. The sects offered sacrifices to divine beasts, taking care of their clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

This was a win-win situation, each side getting what they needed. In the face of interests, what did a little bit of selfishness matter?

Hasn’t anyone from Xuantian Sect ever caught the attention of the Azure Dragon? Where did Xuantian Sect’s Dragon Riding Technique and Dragon God Armor come from?

“Tell Pengze that Listening Sea Lake’s Daoist Temple should be built with the status of a Hall Master. If it can purify its bloodline and advance to the second realm, it will be promoted to the status of First Seat. If it can condense a complete dragon turtle bloodline when advancing to the second realm and achieve the Dragon Turtle Dao Body, it will be treated as a Sect Leader—Super Sect Leader is not impossible either!”

As long as the decision to support was made, Feng Yiju wouldn’t be stingy at all.

The scholar furrowed his brows, wanting to speak but ultimately didn’t. He saluted and accepted the order. “Yes, Senior Brother.”

Senior Brother would listen to their suggestions, but if Senior Brother gave an order, it couldn’t be changed. In fact, in the past three hundred years, no matter how unreasonable Senior Brother’s decisions sounded, it was proven afterwards that Senior Brother was right.

“Inform the entire sect by lighting the divine turtle’s life lamp,” Feng Yiju added.

Only disciples who reached the Enlightenment Realm and condensed their Spiritual Pearls in the Fate Hall would light their life lamps. They were considered true disciples.

Lighting the life lamp meant truly recognizing the identity of that turtle. If anyone plotted against it without reason, it would be considered internal strife. The sect rules would not tolerate any mercy.

The scholar bowed and Feng Yiju waved his hand, indicating that he could go and make arrangements.

The scholar stepped back and took two steps before finally asking his doubts. “Senior Brother, if the divine turtle harbors resentment at this moment, what should we do if it immediately leaves Qingyuan Mountain?”

Feng Yiju shook his head. “That turtle is intelligent, not inferior to ordinary people. Perhaps it doesn’t like Qingyuan Sect, but it will never leave.”


“Qingyuan Sect indeed has various problems, but no matter what, Qingyuan has rules. Even I cannot act recklessly. But if it leaves Qingyuan, the various cultivators outside will not follow the rules with it. The flesh, bones, and shell of a dragon turtle are all treasures.”

To those wandering cultivators and cultivators from other sects, is a divine beast not as valuable as their own progress?

The scholar suddenly realized and complimented him. He bowed to Feng Yiju and turned to ride his sword.

Feng Yiju chuckled. Couldn’t the junior brother understand this? This was a hint for him. Since the turtle couldn’t leave Qingyuan, why not have some control over it?

The junior brother was still young. The most detestable thing about a person was being indecisive.

Either do it decisively or don’t do it at all. Since they couldn’t guarantee the success of the restriction and it might make Su Huanian unhappy and offend Elder Ge, it would be better not to do it and instead improve their relationship with the dragon turtle. There was no need to make enemies if they didn’t have to.

As the fishing rod in his hand sank, Feng Yiju reeled in his line and became even happier. “It’s hooked!”

Two green fish jumped around on the fishing line, both hooked at the same time and fell into the bucket.

The eastern sky turned white, and Su He returned to Su Huanian’s pool.

The cold autumn air became even stronger as he climbed the mountain. In previous years, he would have already entered hibernation at this time, and this year was also the time to prepare for hibernation.

He really didn’t want to hibernate. Without enough food intake, the next evolution would not come, and hibernation at this time would be a waste of time.

Especially since he had just obtained a cultivation technique, Su He wanted to find a quiet place to cultivate.

He couldn’t help but sigh, “Ang~”

“You still have to hibernate.” Xia Dali appeared out of nowhere and understood the meaning behind Su He’s sigh.

Beast language was a wonderful thing. It had nothing to do with the sound of the animal. It wasn’t a big problem if the donkey’s lips didn’t match the horse’s mouth. Cross-species communication among animals was normal. The sound of animals carried certain thoughts that could only be communicated among animals.

Cultivators who hadn’t cultivated the Beast Transformation Technique couldn’t understand beast language no matter what. Once they cultivated the Beast Transformation Technique and gained a beast form, they didn’t need to learn it separately; beast language would naturally be understood.

Su He looked at him in confusion.

Xia Dali said, “You have evolved too quickly. In just one year, you went from being a little guy to your current appearance. Your body hasn’t adapted to the previous wave of evolution, and the next wave has arrived. You should know that divine beasts are different from cultivators; divine beasts inherently possess divine abilities. Your turtle shell and scales should have their own divine abilities, but you haven’t awakened them. You need to hibernate once to completely relax your body and let it adjust automatically.”

Su He blinked, was there such a thing?

“Do you have a place to hibernate?” Xia Dali asked. If not, he would bring Su He back to the Beast-taming Valley. Beasts naturally belonged in the Beast-taming Valley!

Su He let out a long cry in the direction of Listening Sea Lake.

Xia Dali fell silent for a moment. “Is that so? Did the Sect Leader personally come to apologize to you?”

Finally, the Sect Leader Senior Brother returned to normal for a while?

Xia Dali shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He said to Su He, “Before hibernating, completely master the Turtle Beast’s Long Rest Technique. Keep cultivating the technique during hibernation. This way, your Mind’s Eye and Dao Body will condense true blood, which will cooperate with the body’s recovery and further enhance your bloodline.”

He wondered how talented this turtle was. If its talent was high enough, one winter would be enough for it to take off.

But the heavens had their fairness; one peck and one drink.

The blind have keen hearing, and the lame are skilled with their hands. Since it already had a divine beast bloodline, its talent couldn’t be high anymore. If not, where was the fairness? Would it still allow people to live?

“Talent: Thunder Sound,” Su Huanian’s cold voice sounded from the side.

“Hmm?” Xia Dali was stunned.

Su Huanian continued, “This turtle has the talent for Thunder Sound.” The so-called talent for Thunder Sound meant that the testing token alone was not enough to describe its high talent. It was accompanied by sound vibrations.

Sound vibrations were often related to the tester’s own attributes.

Only Qingyuan Sect’s Qing Snake, Gu Lin, and Feng Yaya knew about Su He’s test results. To ensure Su Huanian’s safety, she directly suppressed the test results.

But now that Su He’s status as a divine beast was already public, those with ulterior motives would have taken action long ago. It didn’t matter if they added another talent for Thunder Sound.

The more fleas, the less itchy.

For a moment, Xia Dali didn’t react, looking at Su He and then at Su Huanian.

“Talent… Thunder Sound?”

Su Huanian nodded slightly.

Xia Dali’s breathing suddenly became rapid.

Talent: Thunder Sound!!!

How long had it been since he heard this term? It was when they entered the sect three hundred years ago. Su Huanian had it during her test. At that time, six out of the ten major immortal sects came and wanted to take Su Huanian away.

If it weren’t for Su Huanian’s father being the previous Hall Master of the Sword Cleansing Pool, Qingyuan Sect had no reason to keep her.

His breathing became more and more rapid, and he suddenly looked up at the bright moon. How unfair was this damn heaven!

How could so many benefits fall on one turtle? Fortunately, it was a turtle. If it were a person, wouldn’t it have to be paired with an exceptional fairy?

No, I have to leave, immediately!

This turtle must belong to the Beast-taming Valley. I need to contact Elder Ge immediately and take this turtle as a disciple. Even if Feng Yiju comes, it won’t matter!

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