Vol.1 – Chapter 043 – Night fishing

Su He silently watched Lu Ming’s body in the water. The dice had not yet fallen, and this person had not died yet, or perhaps there was still a chance. Otherwise, even if it was just the clothes on Lu Ming’s body, there should be dice rolling.

A hand suddenly emerged from the ground and grabbed Lu Ming, running away into the distance.

Sure enough, there was a chance.

Earth Escape!

The technique was powerful, at least breaking through the Sense Realm. The speed was astonishing. Su He couldn’t catch up, and this person wanted to steal Lu Ming’s inheritance!

Su He roared, and the camel hoof imprint on his forehead shattered. The camel hair on Turtle Mountain suddenly shot out and transformed into a huge cactus in mid-air, turning into a green light that smashed onto Lu Ming’s body.

“Spare me!” a scream was extinguished in the green light.

Silent and soundless, no explosion or loud noise, the entire Jing Shui Mountain collapsed and turned into a desert in the blink of an eye. Lu Ming’s body fell to the ground, and there was another female corpse beside him. The two bodies were dehydrated and dried up, all in one go.

Su He’s mouth hung open in shock.

This was the power of the Mysterious Moon Exotic Beast? This was the attack of that crazy camel?


For the first time, Su He had a direct sense of his cultivation level.

If a Mysterious Moon Exotic Beast was like this, then how would Su Huanian, who was said to have already reached the Traverse Heaven Realm, be?

He suddenly felt the Fairy Sword on his back weighing heavily. If all three swords were used, wouldn’t it collapse the heavens?

Two green sprouts grew from the hearts of the two bodies, intertwining and blooming into a pair of conjoined lotus flowers.

A dice spun and landed on the lotus flower: three points.

The flowers fell, producing a pair of Taiji jade pendants.

Curious, Su He crawled over.

The jade pendants could be separated into yin and yang fish. With a light touch, a piece of information fell into his mind.

Love Bond!

This jade pendant was called Love Bond, the key to a Cave Mansion.

The jade pendant was divided into yin and yang, with a man and a woman each holding one half. When the jade pendants were joined together, the hearts of the man and woman would be connected, and they could obtain the inheritance of the Cave Mansion.

This should be the inheritance that Lu Ming mentioned.

Su He put away the jade pendants.

He didn’t need this thing. He couldn’t find a female turtle to bond with just to open a Cave Mansion!

Su He shivered and shook his head.

He could choose not to transform into a human, but he couldn’t choose to bond with a female turtle.

At this point, Su He had already accepted that he was a Divine Turtle, and it would be difficult for him to transform into a human.

After taking the jade pendants, he turned and left.

There was nothing valuable left on the two bodies. With the sandification, even their clothes had disintegrated. The move of that amazing camel was too domineering, with the potential to be a prodigal. There was no gain from this move.

Especially the spiritual herb on Jing Shui Mountain…

Thinking of this, Su He felt a pang of distress. He had avenged one grudge and gained another. The person who took Lu Ming’s body was most likely Qiao Ling, his fellow disciple.

That woman was probably on the run. She should have been expelled from the sect after having her cultivation level abolished.

He had a big grudge with Shui Jing Shi Tai.

She was a woman with a not-so-good mind and a narrow-mindedness that could get stuck on trivial matters.

These kinds of women were the most difficult to deal with. They didn’t care about sect rules or even life and death. The next time he saw that amazing camel, he would have to ask for some camel hair again.

Su He returned to the river and hurried towards Su Huanian’s unnamed mountain.

After destroying Jing Shui Mountain, he would probably be punished. He had to rely on the Fairy to cover for him.

The autumn air was crisp, the moon was bright, and the stars were sparse. After traveling for seventy to eighty miles, he heard a sound:


Someone was fishing with a rod.

It was Feng Yiju.

Su He’s turtle scales stood up, immediately connecting with Su Huanian’s Fairy Sword.

Feng Yiju was deliberately waiting for him!

Qingyuan Sect was so big, and the Sect Leader had many things to deal with. Why would he be night fishing on the road that Su He must pass?

Feng Yiju was dressed as an old fisherman, wearing a straw hat. He saw Su He stop and waved at him. “Did you kill someone?”

His calm tone was like a muffled thunder in Su He’s mind.

Su He mentally connected with the Fairy Sword, urgently calling out: Fairy! Su Fairy! Say something! Can’t you talk through the Fairy Sword? Say something!

Su Fairy’s three swords were enough to defeat others, but Su He didn’t know if they would work against the Sect Leader.

“No need to be nervous,” Feng Yiju smiled and said, “I’m here to apologize to you.”

Su He: ?

“Recently, I wanted to set up a restriction on you, but it was my fault.”

Feng Yiju swung his fishing rod and spoke openly, “Don’t worry, even if I wanted to set up a restriction on you now, who wouldn’t want to control a Divine Turtle?”

This wasn’t what an apology should say. Su He squinted his eyes, not understanding what kind of medicine Feng Yiju was selling.

“But, there are things that can be done and things that cannot be done. As Xia First Seat said, with your Spiritual Intelligence, you should be treated as a normal Qingyuan disciple. Moreover, as a Divine Beast, you should naturally have a higher status.”

Slowing down and looking suspicious, Feng Yiju shook his head and smiled, “You don’t believe me, and I don’t believe you either. Qingyuan Sect has been peaceful for thousands of years. How could a Divine Turtle suddenly appear? If the Qingyuan turtles had Divine Beast bloodlines, strong or weak, they would have shown it thousands of years ago.”

Su He fell silent.

He didn’t know where his Divine Turtle bloodline came from. As Feng Yiju said, if the turtles in Listening Sea Lake had Divine Turtle bloodlines, they should have shown some signs thousands of years ago.

But how could he explain this? Was he suggesting that Qingyuan Sect feed high-quality flesh and blood to the turtles to test it out?

Feng Yiju put away his fishing rod and threw another one. Looking at Su He, he said, “You are not from Qingyuan, but it doesn’t matter. As Xia First Seat said, you are only three years old. The origin of a three-year-old turtle can be traced back to a year ago, when I just opened the path of Divine Beasts in Qingyuan. I will consider you as a Qingyuan disciple.”

“Let’s make a deal!”

He extended a hand to Su He. “As long as you don’t betray Qingyuan, I won’t set any restrictions on you and will give you the treatment that a Divine Beast deserves. But you also have to take on the responsibilities of a Divine Beast: suppressing the aura, guarding the mountain gate. It is said that Divine Turtle can predict danger. Can you do it?”

Su He looked at him with narrowed eyes.

“It seems like you can’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have bumped into me.”

“Alright, you do your thing, and I’ll do mine. Let’s do our best to get along, how about it?”

Su He remained motionless, pondering for a while. Then he nodded.

“Good!” Feng Yiju clapped his hands. “In that case, let’s forget about everything that happened before. I heard that you have obtained Elder Ge’s technique and are about to start cultivating. Have you chosen a Daoist Temple?”

Su He remained silent for a moment. He wanted to stay by Su Huanian’s side, but it wasn’t very realistic. Su Huanian was still recovering, and if he stayed in the water pool, he would subtly change the environment.

Su He looked towards Listening Sea Lake.

“Listening Sea Lake?” Feng Yiju pondered for a moment. “Alright, let’s designate Listening Sea Lake as your Daoist Temple. Tomorrow, the sect will send Yellow Turban warriors to build a Daoist Temple tailored for you. You can go now!”

Su He turned and left.

The Sect Leader didn’t hide his malicious intent. Or perhaps, it was a kind of openness?

Could it be considered a deal reached with Feng Yiju? Listening Sea Lake had truly become his territory.

But for some reason, Su He didn’t like this feeling. Talking to people, dealing with certain matters, being calculated and flattered by others.

It seemed like these people completely saw him as a human.

Su He inexplicably disliked this feeling. He even missed the past two years of struggling for survival in Listening Sea Lake, fighting with the Giant Salamander for food, hiding from the Sparrowhawk’s hunting, and swimming among the crocodile group.

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