Vol.1 – Chapter 045 – What is it?



Wow haha!


In a strange forest, Old Taoist Ge went crazy, continuously waving his palms, causing mountains to collapse and rivers to break.


The mountains here are white, but the trees are black, and even the water is like oil.


This is a deformed world.


A voice from the opposite side, unable to distinguish between male and female, came: "Old Taoist Ge! Don't bully others too much! Do you really think I'm afraid of you?"


Old Taoist Ge laughed heartily: "When something good happens, one's spirits are lifted. Crazy Yao , come out and fight!"


Just now, Xia Fatty received a message from Wooden Kite.


Talent, Thunder Sound!


I, Old Taoist Ge, indeed have a keen eye. Otherwise, in the Qingyuan realm of thousands of miles, why did I choose to get drunk at Listening Sea Lake? It just so happens that a lake full of turtles and tortoises is on the small island where that little thing is located?


The fate is inexplicable!


It's hard to say whether that little thing can awaken the bloodline of a divine beast, or if it was me who taught it. According to the traditions of the cultivation world, That Turtle was the first one I discovered, and it was I who guided it onto the path of cultivation. Su He also learned his techniques from me. Naturally, That Turtle is my disciple.


Only Old Taoist Ge doesn't accept disciples by name, so others can participate.


But only a fool wouldn't accept.


The Divine Turtle with the bloodline of a Dragon Turtle, talented in Thunder Sound. His character is not bad either. If I don't accept him as a disciple, do you think I've become like Feng Yiju, whose mind has become abnormal?


Thinking of Feng Yiju, Old Taoist Ge became angry.


Junior! While I'm risking my life for the sect in the Three Rivers Wasteland, you're bullying my disciple at home? Do you think my sect has no one left? When I return, I'll destroy your Eternal Life Hall!


The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He threw a punch, let out a tiger roar, and the mountain peaks ten miles away collapsed. The voice that couldn't distinguish between yin and yang came back in a furious manner: "Ge Jian San! Does the Qingyuan Sect want to monopolize the Three Rivers Wasteland?"


The Three Rivers Wasteland has a special space and produces unique minerals and spiritual values that are not found in the outside world.


Originally, the Qingyuan Sect had no share in this place, but in the past three hundred years, as the Qingyuan Sect grew in size, not only did they stick their foot in, but they also became the biggest beneficiaries.


Now they are attacking for no reason and still want to monopolize it?


Can you swallow it? Can you defend it? The reason why it's called a wasteland is because it cannot be developed. No one can develop it. The mountains and rivers in the wasteland are constantly changing. The mountain you see today may not be visible when you wake up tomorrow, as if everyone has been transported to another location.


And who knows when evil creatures will appear? With just the Qingyuan Sect, can they defend it? Is the Qingyuan Sect willing to send several top experts of the First Seat level into it?


Old Taoist Ge laughed heartily: "Why be so stingy? A little fight won't kill you!"


The Daoist Novice trembled in the corner, shivering in fear: "It's the Ancestor who fought you, if you want revenge, go find the Ancestor, don't come to me, a little Daoist…"


Beside him, the camel nodded in agreement, then somehow took out Old Taoist Ge's wine gourd and secretly drank from it.


Old Taoist Ge became furious and kicked the camel, causing its hump to tremble.


"Why are you still here? Go back to the sect! If I'm not here, someone dares to touch my disciple, pay attention! Go back and protect him!"


It's about time for the turtles to hibernate. Shouldn't Little Turtle be hibernating too? Let this stupid camel go back and protect him, so that Little Turtle won't be secretly attacked while hibernating.


The camel looked confused, pointing at its own head and not daring to believe it: "I just arrived today, and I'm already out of favor?"


Doesn't That Turtle live in the water? How can you let a camel go into the water to protect a turtle? How can you bear to do that?


The camel didn't like the environment of Qingyuan Mountain. There was too much water, too damp. It preferred the desert, but since following Old Taoist Ge, it hadn't seen the appearance of a desert.


It missed home!


"After you go back, go to the Water Mansion and wander around. The stupid crocodile next door doesn't know what's wrong with it. It fights with my turtle grandson every day." The third courtyard of the Beast-taming Valley is just Old Taoist Ge's resting place. His true Daoist temple is underwater.


Old Taoist Ge took out a token from his pocket and threw it into the camel's luggage. This was to truly send the camel out of the Three Rivers Wasteland.


When the camel left yesterday, it didn't actually leave the Three Rivers Wasteland. Although it went out, it was still enveloped by the spatial force of the Three Rivers Wasteland, so Su Huanian couldn't sense it.


The Three Rivers Wasteland is special. It only opens once every three years, and once you leave, you can't come back until three years later. Yesterday, Old Taoist Ge used a special method to tear apart the space of the Three Rivers Wasteland and envelop the camel, sending it back to the Qingyuan Sect.


So when the camel left, it suddenly disappeared. That was the fusion of space, and the space that enveloped it was directly recalled by the Three Rivers Wasteland.


This time, when it goes out, it won't be so miraculous. The camel can't appear directly at the Qingyuan Sect. It has to run all the way back from the exit.


Quite a distance.


The camel felt sad for a moment, but immediately became cheerful and ran towards the exit of the wasteland without looking back.


It had been here long enough and didn't even give it a sip of wine. It would go back and bring Little Turtle to Evergreen Peak to steal some wine!


Evergreen Peak is good at cultivating spiritual plants, and the wine they brew is exceptional. It has been craving it for several months.


Let's go!


It panted a few times.


"Little Daoist, I'm leaving. You stay here and serve the old man! Next time you roast chicken for him, put three pinches of salt. Teach him a lesson!"


At this moment, Listening Sea Lake was bustling.


Eighteen two-meter-tall Yellow Turban warriors were carrying mountains, dividing water, filling ditches, and digging channels… They were constructing a Daoist temple at Listening Sea Lake.


The Qingyuan Sect was not building palaces and pavilions for Su He, but rather transforming Listening Sea Lake into a geographical environment that was extremely suitable for his cultivation.


Or it could be said that they were arranging a Feng Shui formation at Listening Sea Lake.


The formation diagram was drawn by Su Huanian and Xia Dali themselves, and the materials used were more than three times what Feng Yiju decided yesterday.


Outside the Eternal Life Hall, Feng Yiju stood with his hands behind his back, standing on the Observation Platform. This was the highest point of the main peak of Qingyuan Mountain, with thousands of mountains below, and he could see all parts of the Qingyuan Sect from here.


Feng Yiju let out a sigh of relief.


He now somewhat regretted his words about the "forbidden technique" back then. If the bloodline of a divine beast had a chance to suppress the Qingyuan Sect's luck for thousands of years, coupled with the talent of Thunder Sound, it was basically a done deal.


Even if That Turtle couldn't purify its bloodline and transform into a true Dragon Turtle, this talent had a chance to allow That Turtle to reach the Traverse Heaven realm. It was not much different from a divine beast.


When he received this news this morning, Feng Yiju immediately gave the order that the Daoist temple at Listening Sea Lake would not be built according to the standards of a Hall Master. Instead, it would be built according to Su He's needs, regardless of the cost of materials.


The formation diagram was made by Su Huanian and Xia Dali. Su Huanian understood what his techniques required, and Xia Dali understood what turtles needed in their lives.


At Listening Sea Lake, there were twenty-eight places for sunbathing, arranged according to the twenty-eight constellations. The sandy areas for hibernation and the ditches for raising shrimp… If it weren't for Green Snake pitifully sneaking in through the back door, Snake Valley would have become Su He's villa.


Even so, Snake Valley specially built a sunbathing platform and a rain-listening corridor for him.


When the camel arrived at Listening Sea Lake with a murderous aura, it looked confused when it saw the bustling construction site. Wasn't its turtle buddy living in a difficult and dangerous situation?


Wasn't it supposed to be frightened and scared, fearing being restricted by others?


Wasn't it supposed to be hungry one day and full the next, always worried about being plotted against?


As soon as it left the Three Rivers Wasteland, it sensed that the camel hair given to Su He had already been stimulated. What kind of hellish life did it live in to immediately use the life-saving divine ability that was just given away?


It even felt that taking a breath was a waste of time. It ran more than a hundred thousand miles in one breath, desperately rushing back to support its turtle buddy. But what it saw was the turtle lying on a stone platform, enjoying the crocodile's respect, and watching the Yellow Turban warriors build a Daoist temple for him with great interest.


What's going on?!

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