Vol.1 – Chapter 073 – Guest arrives

Su He:???

A flash of anger passed through Dragon Turtle’s eyes: “That woman doesn’t mean well for the king. She said she was using This Turtle’s shell as an apology, but in reality, she never let go of her control over the shell. There’s still a trace of her imprint in the shell. Whenever she wants, she can recall the shell.”

On the way here, the ugly servant had already told him about the turtle demon, so Dragon Turtle knew the origin of the shell.

“And also—” Dragon Turtle looked at Su He.

“It’s just recalling the shell, but has the king felt any impulse towards this shell?”

Su He blinked.

“I’ve never seen a turtle species that practices charm and dual cultivation! The woman’s cultivation method is imprinted on the shell, which naturally attracts male turtles.”

She drew a water curtain to isolate the turtle shell: “If the king looks at it for too long, he won’t be able to resist treating the shell as a female turtle.”

It’s often said that dragons are lustful, but turtles are no exception, especially male turtles, which will mate with every female turtle they encounter during the mating season.

Now it’s the end of June and the beginning of July, and the turtles are still in the breeding season. The king has been guarding this shell but hasn’t been chaotic, either the king has enough self-control, or—the king doesn’t have this ability yet!

Turtles only start to mate when they are eight years old. The king is not yet a Dragon Turtle, and his habits are closer to ordinary turtles.

The king is still young!

The young turtle already has the charm of a Dragon Turtle, the king’s talent is even higher than she imagined!

Dragon Turtle was overjoyed, pointing to the female turtle shell and said: “If the king can’t resist the temptation and releases his essence into the shell, that woman can instantly recall the shell. Stealing the king’s offspring.”

“Moreover, the king has not yet transformed into a Dragon Turtle, if he releases his essence now, his cultivation speed will inevitably decrease sharply, and he may even never be able to transform into a Dragon Turtle because of this flaw!”

The demon woman deserves to die!

She stole the essence, probably not to help the king reproduce, but to cultivate with the essence of the Dragon Turtle.

“Her identity as a member of the Changsong Sect is probably fake.” Dragon Turtle snorted.

“But she’s just a wild turtle, she doesn’t even know the characteristics of the Dragon Turtle, and she wants to calculate the Dragon Turtle, she simply doesn’t know how to live.” Dragon Turtle tapped her cane, threw out several magic weapons, and quickly set up a formation, surrounding the turtle shell.

“It’s rare for a turtle species in the Demon Subduing Realm to voluntarily offer its shell, this is the best supplement for the king’s external appearance.” She looked at Su He and laughed: “Even if that turtle demon thinks hard, she won’t expect to become her own enemy!”

Three thousand miles away from the Qingyuan Sect, this place is still within the Qingyuan territory, but it has already left the Qingyuan Sect’s formation, in a primitive forest, the turtle demon woman stood barefoot, looking expectantly in the direction of the Qingyuan Sect.

Behind her were the disciples of the Changsong Sect.

Dragon Turtle guessed wrong, her identity as a member of the Changsong Sect was not fake.

“Senior Uncle, are you sure this method can steal the true blood of the Dragon Turtle?” The one who asked was Shang Yanzi.

The turtle demon woman smiled: “Of course!”

Essence is the marrow of blood, and she has left a trick in the turtle shell. What she wants to harvest is not just some essence, she is confident that she can take at least half of the Dragon Turtle’s true blood.

By then, the true blood will merge into her body, not seeking to transform into a Dragon Turtle, but her path will definitely progress further, even the elusive Traverse Heaven Realm, there might be a slight possibility, right?

But she can’t stay in Dongyun Mountain anymore, after taking the Dragon Turtle’s true blood, she must immediately flee to Yunmeng Marsh, where it’s the world of demons, with a mix of fish and dragons. As long as she goes in and finds a cave mansion to hide, who will remember her after a few hundred years?

The turtle demon doesn’t have much, but she has enough lifespan to cause trouble.

It should have started by now, right? She has sent out the entire Changsong Sect, and she is sure that there will be no elders of the Demon Subduing Realm from the Qingyuan Sect under the water, and no one will notice anything.

According to the estimated time, it should have started by now.

She looked up in the direction of the Qingyuan Sect, full of expectation, and was absolutely sure.

Suddenly her face changed drastically, turning pale. Just a moment ago, she couldn’t sense the existence of the turtle shell!

It was as if the turtle shell had suddenly disappeared from this world.

The turtle demon’s face was pale, and she was scared out of her wits.

A few moments later, under the Listening Sea Lake, Su He looked at the turtle shell trapped by Dragon Turtle’s formation, feeling uneasy, so he simply collected the formation and the turtle shell into the external space, and started the Returning to Origin operation to directly draw the turtle shell from the external space.

It’s better to keep such things out of sight.

This turtle shell is from the Demon Subduing Realm, and it’s very difficult to absorb. Su He slowly closed his eyes and devoted himself fully.

On the Listening Sea Lake, at the peak of Returning to Origin Island, Qiao Changlun slowly put down his teacup.

Just collecting it into the external space is not safe enough. What if the aura leaks and is sensed by that turtle demon, causing the turtle shell to self-destruct?

He pointed with his halberd, and the Fairy Sword on the table flew out. In a moment, it returned, with a line of blood on the sword. Elder Qiao waved his hand to shake off the blood bead and sheathed the sword.

This kind of demon, it’s better to kill.

He never thought of leaving the enemy behind, waiting for the Dragon Turtle to grow up and then personally eradicate it as a form of training.

There are plenty of enemies, and the path of cultivation is full of hardships and dangers, and enemies can be made at any time. Is he afraid that there won’t be enemies to practice on? Clear enemies, it’s better if they die.

If you can kill on the first day of the month, don’t wait until the fifteenth.

Under the Listening Sea Lake, Su He was dumbfounded.

Just now, a dice suddenly fell, spinning and landing on the turtle shell in the external space, and then one turtle shell turned into three, filling up the external space.

Stealing body parts from living creatures won’t result in dice. He had tested this before. He had no idea what was going on now.

But having more turtle shells is always a good thing, it’s just that the digestion has become even more difficult.

He slowly gathered his mind, using all his energy to operate Returning to Origin.

Until the three turtle shells were simultaneously melted down a layer by the Negative Mountain, and absorbed by the External Mountain Shadow, a child’s voice came from Listening Sea Lake:

“Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle! It’s the Seventh of July, dawn is approaching. Guests are coming, the Ancestor wants you to greet them!”

Su He suddenly opened his eyes.

The time had come.

The ugly servant girl slowly put down her brush. During the time Su He was absorbing the turtle shell, she had already cleaned Su He’s turtle shell and scales, making them as clean as ink jade, crystal clear and transparent.

Let’s go!

Su He gave her a look, divided the water and swam up, quickly heading towards Longevity Island.

The sky was still dark, but Longevity Island was already bustling. The guests had not yet arrived, but the disciples of Qingyuan were already gathered.

All the First Seats had arrived, even Sect Leader Feng Yiju was sitting quietly in the main hall drinking tea, a smile on his face.

Su He landed and greeted his fellow disciples.

Old Taoist Ge, who was usually sloppy, had changed his appearance today. His Taoist robe was extraordinarily bright, his messy hair was tied up, and his beard had been trimmed, making him look quite charming.

Before long, a streak of white appeared in the eastern sky, the darkness dissipated and the day gradually brightened, followed by a round sun leaping out of the water, illuminating Qingyuan.

Daybreak had arrived.

Continuously, people outside the island were singing praises: “Senior Jade from Listening Phoenix Tower has arrived, wishing Senior Jade a prosperous journey, the Ancestor is on the island, please come in~”

“Haha! Old Jade has arrived.” Old Taoist Ge laughed, stroking his beard.

Elder Qiu went out to greet him. Today, Old Taoist Ge and Su He were the main characters, they were in the hall to entertain the guests, but the greeting was done by others according to seniority.

This was not a mortal reception, where the host could greet everyone at the door. Cultivators could fly, and they might come from any direction. If the host went to greet the east, he would miss the guests coming from the west, which would be impolite. So they simply greeted the guests at the second door in the hall.

There were also people singing praises from the east: “Senior Luo from Mountain Outside Tower has arrived, thank you Senior Luo for your reward, wishing you to transcend mortality, morph into a demon and step into the blue sky, advancing step by step!”

“Hahaha! The younger generation knows how to speak, but unfortunately, there is only one reward, no matter how well you speak, there won’t be more.”

One after another, the guests landed on the island, and Old Taoist Ge introduced them to Su He with a smile. These were all the connections he had accumulated in his lifetime, which was his greatest gain from a thousand years of cultivation.

“Elder Qiu from Xuantian Gate has arrived!” A disciple sang praises, and the laughter on the island quieted for a moment, followed by sounds of surprise.

In the cultivation world, there were always two factions. The Ten Immortal Gates played with the Ten Immortal Gates. The remaining sects played with their own. They were not on the same level and could not be grouped together.

Everyone looked at Old Taoist Ge. Old Taoist Ge shook his head slightly.

This one had come uninvited.

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