Chapter 75 – Thank goodness I’m one step ahead

Where there are people, secrets cannot be kept hidden. The news of the company being infiltrated quickly spread. Everyone would mention this topic intentionally or unintentionally, speculating who the mole was and why Mr. Huang didn’t report it to the police.

But all of this had nothing to do with Lu Yao.

He continued to go to work as usual, as long as his salary arrived on time, nothing else mattered.

After work one day, Mr. Huang called Lu Yao and asked him to get in the car.

Mr. Huang drove his BMW X5 and drove the car out of the parking lot in front of the company, onto the highway.

“Xiao Lu, how have I treated you normally?”

As soon as Mr. Huang spoke, Lu Yao felt something was wrong.

It seemed like he was being asked to do something difficult.

“Well… Boss, I would like to take a leave of absence.”

Lu Yao tried to find a way out: “My parents have always wanted me to get married early, and they have been urging me to go on blind dates for a long time.”

“My parents said that if I don’t go on blind dates, they will make me go back to my hometown to work as a temporary worker.”

Mr. Huang was taken aback.

Finally, he sighed: “Young man, family is indeed something to consider. If Amy could listen to her family like you… How many days of leave do you need?”

Lu Yao looked out the window.

Since leaving the company, he had a strong feeling that someone was secretly watching him.

Through the rearview mirror, Lu Yao clearly saw a white Mondeo following behind. The car had been following him all the way.

The man wearing sunglasses was Fu Chenggang.

He was being followed by Fu Chenggang.

Where did things go wrong?

Or was Lu Yao the target from the beginning?

Lu Yao couldn’t be sure.

But he knew that he had to find a way to deal with Fu Chenggang.

The current top priority was to go home and shake things up with the simulator.

“Mr. Huang, I would like to start my leave tomorrow, for three days.”

Lu Yao’s words surprised Mr. Huang.

But he nodded: “Alright. Go back and go on your blind dates. If there’s a suitable girl, I’ll keep an eye out for you. Take a rest, you’ve been busy lately.”

While Lu Yao was being polite, his eyes were constantly on the rearview mirror.

Fu Chenggang was determined, following closely behind the BMW.

Lu Yao pretended to feel unwell and asked Mr. Huang to drop him off outside the residential area.

As soon as he entered his house, Lu Yao locked the door. He quickly ran to the computer and opened the interface of the temple, summoning Isabella.

Feeling that it still wasn’t safe enough, he also summoned Neville, the Blood Knight, into the real world.

Neville’s arrival almost crushed the computer desk, but Lu Yao didn’t have time to worry about that now.

“Be on guard.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Neville replied in a deep voice.

In the pixel world, the Blood Knight was a small figure, but in the real world, he revealed his true form. With a height of about two meters, he exuded a natural sense of oppression.

Neville wore a black armor covered in scratches, made of a material between rock and metal, emitting a faint glow under the fluorescent light. He was tightly wrapped in the black armor, carrying a dark red double-handed sword on his back.

The cross-shaped hilt and the long and slender blade made the sword appear even wider and heavier.

Lu Yao glanced at it and found that the sword was securely stored in the knight’s back armor.

Due to being fully armored, Neville wore a bone-white goat horn helmet on his head, emitting a cold and sinister aura. His pitch-black eye sockets contained a deep and restrained demonic nature.

The scales of the armor completely covered Neville’s neck, and a necklace-like “Skin Peeler” hung on his neck, an old black-gray pair of scissors inserted into the curtain behind his waist, known as the “Mocking Scissors.”

After looking around, Lu Yao discovered that the “Greedy Leader” was originally stuck to the double-handed sword.

It looked like a spread-out blob of milky white paint, extending thin tendrils that wrapped around the hilt and the junction of the blade, forming a bizarre floral pattern.

The appearance of the Blood Knight was quite eye-catching.

Lu Yao commanded, “Take off your armor.”

“My lord, the armor is me, and I am the armor.” The Blood Knight’s voice lacked any emotion.

Lu Yao suddenly realized.

So the armor was the true form.

That made sense.

The Blood Knight was a special life created by the “Whistleblower.”

Lu Yao assigned the “Ghostly White Horse” to the Blood Knight, with advanced camouflage, so he wouldn’t be easily noticed.

Isabella, who was guarding the window, said, “My lord, I’ve spotted a suspected demon apostle.”

Lu Yao’s heart tightened.

He followed Isabella’s guidance and saw Fu Chenggang standing on the street outside.

Fu Chenggang was wearing a brown duckbill cap and smoking a cigarette, seemingly idle as he watched the pedestrians around him. There was also a man wearing a mask beside him.

The man in the mask was wearing a dark blue Air Force jacket and a knitted hat, with a similar build to Fu Chenggang. However, he occasionally coughed, seeming to have poor health.

The demon apostle that Isabella mentioned was the man in the mask.

“Can you tell his strength?” Lu Yao asked.

“The flame of faith is very weak, but it may be a kind of feigned weakness.” Isabella chose her words carefully. “Only by fighting can we know for sure.”

Lu Yao thought it made sense.

Fu Chenggang waited for a while before splitting up with the apostle. The man in the mask walked towards the parking alley, while Fu Chenggang went in the opposite direction.

Lu Yao thought to himself, luckily he called the Blood Knight over, so he wasn’t short-handed.

He ordered Isabella to put the Blood Knight in the state of the “Sword of the Forest” first, and then go and track Fu Chenggang, waiting for his further instructions.

With the eyes left by Isabella, Lu Yao could keep an eye on Fu Chenggang’s situation in real-time.

The Blood Knight stayed at home, ensuring safety.

Through his eyes, Lu Yao noticed that Fu Chenggang was very vigilant. He kept taking detours, passing through the vegetable market, entering the mall, and then coming out after two floors, without showing his exact purpose.

A thought flashed through Lu Yao’s mind: Could he be creating an alibi?

The key might not be Fu Chenggang, but the man in the mask.

Lu Yao grabbed the binoculars and looked outside.

By now, it was already dark.

In the parking alley, the man in the mask stood under a street lamp, his body trembling slightly, still coughing.

Lu Yao made a quick decision: “Neville, take out that apostle. Hide your tracks with the white horse, don’t let anyone see you.”

“Yes, my lord.”The Blood Knight, with his massive and sturdy body, leapt down from the balcony. Mid-air, a white steed materialized, catching him securely.

The ghostly white horse transformed into a shadow on the street, silently galloping at full speed. The surrounding pedestrians noticed nothing unusual, oblivious to the knight charging on his horse.

The masked man seemed to sense something. He lifted his head, looking towards the direction of the alley.

As he turned his head, it suddenly flew off.

His headless body remained standing in place, stunned.

His body collapsed to the ground like melting wax, leaving behind a pile of clothes and a vague shadow.

Lu Yao wiped off a cold sweat.

Thank goodness I’m one step ahead.

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