Chapter 74 – Poor manners

The Count of Withering is tall and has a curved horn-like bone helmet covering his head. He is wearing a broken gray lock armor and holding a wide-blade knife, with white frost emanating from his body.

Lu Yao double-clicked on the Count.


【Hero LV65】Count of Withering, Sertie

HP: 2660/2660

MP: 1433/1433

Damage: 144

Defense: 50

Speed: 19


Slowly restores HP and MP by devouring corpses or decaying objects.

【Flesh Tempering】

Has special resistance to poison damage.


A noble among the undead, capable of summoning and controlling ghouls.

【Range Lv10】

Able to attack enemies from a distance, attack range depends on ability level.

【Withering Lv1】

Activates withering effect, temporarily reducing the enemy’s speed.

【Crazy Tombstone Lv1】

Creates a crazy tombstone that collects the residual power of the deceased, causing high damage.


Lu Yao was a little surprised that the Count of Withering turned out to be a hero unit.

He wondered if he was naturally evolved or transformed by some deity.

The dungeon team has engaged in a battle with the Count of Withering.

Leading the front is the Blood Knight Neville.

He is wielding a greatsword and has the Sword of the Forest buff on his head. With the amplification from the ghostly white horse, his speed should theoretically overwhelm the Count of Withering.

However, in actual combat, he is slower than the Count.

Lu Yao noticed that there was a grayish-blue mark of “Withering” above Neville’s head. The mark was gradually becoming transparent, indicating its duration.

A quick calculation revealed that Neville’s speed had been weakened by at least half.

This conclusion left Lu Yao stunned.

The values of the “Withering” ability were too outrageous. No wonder this Sertie was called the Count of Withering, living up to its signature skill.

Fortunately, Neville had brought many equipment with him, and his taunting was effective against the Count.

Sertie’s attack style was well-balanced.

In close combat, he swung his wide-blade knife, engaging in a melee with the Blood Knight.

When the distance was slightly widened, the Count’s wide-blade knife floated up as if held by an invisible hand, releasing a white blade light from a distance.

But regardless of the attack method, the damage caused was fixed.

Intermittently, a damage value of -40 appeared above the Blood Knight’s head.

With his current HP of over 4000, he was not afraid of this slight loss.

On the other hand, the Blood Knight’s greatsword attack, when hitting the Count, would deal a red damage value of -92 on the Count’s head.

The Count of Withering was at a disadvantage due to his low HP and defense.

Once the taunting state ended, he immediately moved back and distanced himself from the Blood Knight.

A part of the Count’s flesh and blood peeled off, wriggling and twisting on the ground like worms. It quickly molded into a black tombstone with the help of stones and soil.

The tombstone was covered in blood vessels, with white bones growing on top, intertwining with each other to form a giant skull. The left half of the skull had decaying flesh, while the right half was just bones, with two green flames in the eye sockets.

The skull opened its upper and lower jaws, emitting a strange laughter of “gaga”.

Ghostly flames shot out from its eye sockets, enveloping two ghouls. The ghouls desperately tried to burrow into the ground, with a damage value of -150 constantly appearing above their heads. The soil couldn’t extinguish the ghostly flames, and soon the ghouls were burned into a pile of charcoal.

Lu Yao looked on with a puzzled expression.

What is going on?

Then the crazy tombstone targeted another ghoul, continuing to spew out ghostly flames, happily hunting down its own kind.

The usually silent Count of Withering couldn’t help but curse, “You damn lunatic! I brought you out to deal with the enemy!”

“Get to work! Attack!”

While remotely controlling the wide-blade knife to release white blade attacks, he maintained his distance from the Blood Knight.

The skull laughed loudly, twisting its head and aiming at the Blood Knight.

Two green flames hit the Blood Knight, but only caused 65 points of damage.

Lu Yao glanced at the panel.

The Blood Knight had “Indestructible,” which specifically countered ranged attacks, and it came in handy at this moment.

On the other side.

The Deep Sea Lord was also participating in the battle. However, its speed was too slow to keep up with the Count of Withering, so it could only be used to clear the surrounding ghouls.

Only Isabella remained vigilant throughout the entire process, staying on the outermost perimeter.

She came here for one purpose only, to give the Blood Knight and Deep Sea Lord the buff of the Sword of the Forest. After applying the buff, she quickly retreated to the relatively safe entrance.

The Blood Knight, Deep Sea Lord, and Count of Withering were engaged in a fierce battle, with both sides rapidly losing HP.

Lu Yao watched and felt that the probing was over, and it was time for him to take the stage.

He moved the mouse and activated a miracle.


The blue and white interwoven lightning pierced through the barrier and descended from the black abyss, hitting the Count of Withering right in the forehead.

The Count, who had been struggling to deal with two opponents, was caught off guard and fell into a stiff state. He suddenly raised his head and roared at the thunder, “You despicable deity! Why won’t you let me fight fair? Damn it, how hateful…”

Lu Yao was taken aback.

Damn, you dare to curse at a deity? Such poor manners!

Just as he was about to increase the intensity of the divine punishment on the disrespectful Count, the Count fell to the ground.

The Count of Withering’s body turned into ashes, emitting black smoke that was quickly absorbed by some kind of power from the depths of the abyss.

With the Count’s death, the living tombstone also immediately collapsed.

Lu Yao took a sip of cola.

Although the Apostle enjoyed killing people.

The most effective combat within the Simulator is for players to directly bombard with miracles. As long as there is enough faith reserve, this is the fastest and safest means of combat.

No matter how high-level the boss is, it has to take my chain lightning!

The Withering Count has 2660 health points, which is not outstanding in terms of health bar. A full 67 chain lightnings would be enough to blast him into dust.

Even if the Count has a second form, Lu Yao doesn’t care.

I’ll do it, you’re free to do whatever.

I have plenty of ammunition now.

High-level Boss?

That’s exactly what I’m fighting!

It’s just 1340 points of faith, a drop in the bucket.

What disappointed Lu Yao slightly was that the Withering Count didn’t have any other enhanced forms, and was simply blasted into black smoke by the lightning. He didn’t know if it would resurrect or refresh in the future.

He suddenly felt a sense of emptiness in his heart.

Is my understanding of combat too advanced? Or has the Boss in the Abyss been weakened by the God of Darkness?

On the screen, the Blood Knight and the Sea Lord were slaughtering the surrounding ghouls. Isabella also entered the inner circle, and she found a piece of loot from the body of the Withering Count.


[Withering Crown LV6]: Damage +10, Defense +5. Can activate [Withering LV1].


The simple description made Lu Yao overjoyed.

The Withering ability is top-notch in actual combat.

Slowing down the opponent is equivalent to speeding up oneself. This ability of Withering is like instantly pulling the opponent out of a high-speed car, forcing him to run on the racetrack.

After annihilating the Withering Count, the effect of Isabella’s [Sword of the Forest] was also triggered.

A green four-legged animal was conjured.


[Forest Lizard LV24] [Created by Isabella]

Health: 855/855

Mana: 359/359

Damage: 20

Defense: 28

Speed: 12

[Thick Skin]

Innately has higher health.


Can slowly recover health and mana by devouring corpses or rotten objects.

[Poison LV15]

Attacks can poison the enemy, causing continuous damage.

[Forest Element LV1]

Forest elemental creature, beneficial for rapid growth of the forest, all attributes are amplified in the forest. The effect depends on the ability level and health.


With this, Lu Yao’s second exploration of the [First Layer of the Black Abyss] successfully ended.

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