Chapter 76 – Role-playing method

Fu Chenggang’s eyelids were twitching uncontrollably.

He didn’t know why. Maybe it was due to the fatigue of his eye muscles from staying up late, or perhaps it was caused by some kind of foreign perfume.

Fu Chenggang hated perfume.

But there were too many perfumes in this world.

There was perfume on the bus, perfume in the subway, perfume in the elevator, perfume on the sidewalk, and even that annoying smell in the bathroom…

What a person likes or dislikes is often unreasonable.

Living in a world filled with various smells, there are many things that one has to endure helplessly. The more one resists, the more likely they are to encounter them.

Like perfume.

Like work.

“Sir, would you like to try our latest coffee?” The salesgirl smiled and held a small paper cup filled with coffee, emitting a cheap perfume scent.

Fu Chenggang raised his hand. “No, thank you.”

Before leaving, he glanced at the top of his head.

The surveillance camera was there, capable of capturing his appearance. They would soon know that he had been here in this shopping mall.

And then, the committee would send someone over.

According to the procedure, he would be arrested on suspicion of endangering public safety, taken to the detention room, and subjected to a 24-hour interrogation.

They wouldn’t have any evidence or testimony because there were no witnesses or physical evidence.

According to the relevant regulations, the committee could at most impose a fine on him, detain him for three to five days, and warn him not to disrupt the lives of ordinary people.

He had only used his “Identity Card” to get to know a few women, check some personal privacy, that’s all.

At the same time, a kidnapping case would occur in the city, quietly beginning and quietly ending.

That had nothing to do with Fu Chenggang, and the surveillance camera was the best proof.

To solve a case and convict someone, evidence was needed.

Fu Chenggang had no doubt about the outcome of this plan.

This was the advantage that being a “police officer” brought him.

Identity is a symbol that allows others to see your behavior. Identity is also a shackle that prevents people from crossing the boundaries defined by their identity.

In other words, this is also a rule.

Of course, one could completely abandon the rules, which would bring unlimited freedom and the ability to do whatever one pleased.

However, that would make enemies of everyone within the rule circle, and the outcome would generally not be good.

Fu Chenggang admired the courage to disdain the rules, but he himself still stood within the circle of rules.

Or rather, he stood on the stronger side.

The ones who could establish the rules were always the strong ones.

Fu Chenggang waited quietly.

He knew that it wouldn’t be long before the committee’s people appeared and took him away. He was even thinking of a sarcastic joke to complete his conversation with the committee.

After all, Fu Chenggang, the police officer, was a man who liked to tell sarcastic jokes.

At least, that’s what he wrote on his “Identity Card”.

His eyelids were still twitching, interrupting his thoughts.

Fu Chenggang suddenly felt a sense of danger.

He seemed to have been targeted by something, not like someone from the committee. For some reason, he suddenly couldn’t sense the spark of Shirute.

He felt something was not right.

Fu Chenggang hesitated.

This was different from the plan.

Before he could choose which backup plan to use, something was pressed against his lower back.

“Don’t move.”

A girl behind him said, “If you don’t want to end up like your Apostle, then listen.”

Fu Chenggang’s body stiffened.

An unfamiliar scent, a faint fragrance, a dangerous smell.

Pressing against his waist was a finger, but this finger was as dangerous as a gun.

He finally confirmed that the spark of Shirute had completely disappeared.


The 14th level Apostle was instantly silenced.

A character at this level…

Something went wrong!

Huang Liaoxin was a decoy, and he fell for it!

Fu Chenggang didn’t dare to think too much.

His heart was pounding, his palms were sweating, and he felt a dryness in his mouth.

“Move forward.”

The person behind him said.

Fu Chenggang obediently followed her words.

At this point, he knew that there was no need to resist anymore.

He arrived at a storage room in the mall’s restroom, and suddenly, Fu Chenggang was entangled by a viscous yellow liquid, causing him to immediately lose consciousness.

When he woke up again, Fu Chenggang found himself in an abandoned car.

This was a parking alley.

His heart sank.

It turned out that every move he made was under the other party’s watchful eyes.

Sitting next to him was a young girl.

She appeared to be around twenty years old, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap. Under the cap was long green hair, and she was wearing an oversized gray hoodie.

“Awake?” the girl said.

Fu Chenggang tried to remain calm. “Who are you? What do you want me to do?”

The girl said, “Tell me everything you know. Get to the point, I’m in a hurry.”

The situation is stronger than the individual.

Fu Chenggang organized his thoughts, his cheeks twitched, and a hint of struggle flashed in his eyes. “My name is… Lin Zecheng, I’m from Jiangnan City.”

“In the Temple of Gods, my name is ‘Lamp God,’ and I belong to the ‘Whistleblower’ God.””Recently, I received an order to find the key hidden by Jia Xiaokai, who was praying to the Gods. Now he has been imprisoned by the committee and completely lost contact.”

“Jia Xiaokai is one of the gods of the ‘Whistleblower’. He privately kept the key to the ‘Golden Field’, but no one knows where he hid the key.”

He said, “The ‘Whistleblower’ suspects that Jia Xiaokai hid the key in the High-dimensional Space, that is, somewhere here. So they sent me to investigate.”

“I spent quite some time and found out that Jia Xiaokai has a cousin, Huang Liaoxin, with whom he partnered to start a company. They were once very close, and Huang Liaoxin was the person Jia Xiaokai trusted the most.”

“So I investigated Huang Liaoxin, but I didn’t find any clues at his home or in his company…”

“Later, his daughter returned to the country, and I contacted his daughter and the employees of his company. Most of these employees have some connection with Huang Liaoxin, so theoretically they are all suspects…”

“As a criminal police officer, I can’t miss any possible clues.”

The girl slowly turned her face.

Lin Zecheng’s expression stiffened, and his facial muscles twitched, “I’m sorry… this is all a side effect of the ‘Identity Card’. Once you use an identity, it’s easy to get overly immersed.”

Realizing that he had spoken too detailed and complicated, a star ring appeared behind Lin Zecheng, and a white card full of words flew out of it.

He wiped his finger on the card, and the card surface returned to its original white.

As the words on the card disappeared, Lin Zecheng’s entire aura suddenly changed.

His body suddenly hunched over, and his eyes became somewhat timid, completely different from his previous upright and sharp-eyed image.

“Continue,” the other party said.

“Yes, yes.”

Lin Zecheng’s hands were a bit restless, he hurriedly continued his previous topic, “I followed Huang Liaoxin all the way, let Xirute, my Apostle, control him and ask him about the whereabouts of the key.”

“Then I ended up here…”

Finally, the girl said, “Hand over the props.”

A star ring appeared again behind Lin Zecheng, and a small glass bottle flew out of it.

He honestly handed the two treasures to the other party.

The girl opened the door and got out of the car.

Not long after, another person appeared outside the car window. It was a young girl wearing a plaid shirt jacket and a camel-colored duckbill cap.

“I am Song Shiyi, the prosecutor of the committee.”

The other party’s voice was clear, “Please come with me.”

Lin Zecheng took a deep breath, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and his tense muscles relaxed.

The committee’s people were here. He was safe.

He began to understand Jia Xiaokai.

Sometimes, being locked up by the committee might not be a bad thing.

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