Chapter 73 – Now that’s right!

After the outbreak of faith, Lu Yao turned his attention to the “Black Abyss”.

This is the most dangerous place in the world, and also the main god’s treasury hiding countless treasures.

Lu Yao had tried several times before, staring at the Blood Knight killing monsters and leveling up inside.

But even the first level of the Black Abyss is extremely dangerous. There are level 40 ghouls and Corpse Hunters everywhere.

After killing two Corpse Hunters following Gull, the Blood Knight gained nothing and his level did not increase. Instead, he was heavily injured by a large number of self-destructing ghouls, and his health bar was severely depleted, forcing the Blood Knight to rest frequently.

Lu Yao felt that the Blood Knight, who was already level 60, could be understood for leveling up slowly.

But if he didn’t drop any equipment, that was unacceptable.

The Corpse Hunter Gull had a mocking scissor. As fellow Corpse Hunters, they should at least have decent equipment. Instead, they fought with others without any equipment and ran away as black smoke when they died.

Is it honorable to freeload and fight against experts?


Because there was no profit, Lu Yao had previously stopped the development plan of the Black Abyss.

But now things were different.

With his huge funds and the firepower of over 25,000 faith, Lu Yao could provide immediate support to the Blood Knight Neville.

So Lu Yao was ready to make a big move, letting the Blood Knight explore inside and see if he could find a decent Boss to fight.

The ghost said that the treasures of the “Golden Wilderness” all came from here. According to the previous understanding, the Black Abyss had strict levels, and the Corpse Hunters controlled small groups of ghouls, so there must be higher-level existences.

The one who commanded the Corpse Hunters should have some equipment, right?

Lu Yao was prepared for the worst: even if he didn’t get anything, at least he could explore the map.

Before entering the first level of the Black Abyss, Lu Yao made all the necessary preparations.

He equipped the Blood Knight Neville with the “Ghostly White Horse”, “Greedy Leader”, “Skin Peeler’s Idol”, and “Mocking Scissor”.

The “Ghostly White Horse” provided 20 points of speed, making up for the Blood Knight’s weakness in being easily pulled.

In addition, there were additional bonuses of 10 defense and 200 health points, as well as double damage for the first attack before being detected, which was considered an added bonus.

The other equipment.

“Greedy Leader” +1 morale.

“Skin Peeler’s Idol” +2 damage.

“Mocking Scissor” +1 damage, +4 defense, and also came with the active skill “Crazy Mockery”.

The Blood Knight’s panel improved significantly with the neatly equipped items.

Health: 4050/4050

Mana: 937/937

Damage: 127

Defense: 82

Speed: 36

Lu Yao equipped the Blood Knight Neville with all the equipment that provided combat bonuses, ensuring that this main force could both withstand and fight.

In addition, he had also tried and found that the “Lord of the Deep Sea” could be used for combat.

However, when it landed, it had to crawl out from under the small island used as its shell, restoring its true form of a huge red starfish, which would shrink it to the size of a large beast.

The Lord of the Deep Sea moved slowly on land, with a speed of only 10 points, and could not use the strategic skills it had in the water. However, with its 3000+ health and attack and defense over 100, it was more than enough to serve as a secondary meat shield.

With the combination of the two brothers, Lu Yao felt more secure.

If things really went wrong, these two could cover each other and retreat, making it difficult to fall into extreme danger.

As the preparations were coming to an end, a small unexpected event occurred.

“Sir, I request to participate in this operation.”

Isabella knelt on one knee and volunteered.

Lu Yao didn’t know how to refuse for a moment.

Isabella’s potential was undeniable. However, potential was still potential, and it belonged to the realm of fantasy until it was realized.

The monsters in the first level of the Abyss were at least level 40 ghouls, and it would be extremely difficult for Isabella to fight one-on-one. If she went along, she would only be a burden.

Lu Yao had considered letting Isabella join the team and gain experience behind the two brothers.

But considering the unpredictability of the Abyss, he gave up this high-risk plan.

At this moment, Lu Yao had a thought.

Isabella was not the impulsive type. She might have her own reasons.

Lu Yao typed.

– Why?

Isabella replied, “Sir, my current strength is weak, and I cannot directly engage in combat in the Black Abyss. But I can assist Neville and Claude.”

“The Sword of the Forest can bless Neville and Claude, which is beneficial to their combat.”

Lu Yao’s brain froze for a few seconds as he read this.

The Sword of the Forest… can bless the Blood Knight?

Does that mean the skill “Sword of the Forest” is not a single-target transformation… but a state buff?

Lu Yao couldn’t help but curse.

He had completely misunderstood the skill before!

Lu Yao carefully recalled.

In Isabella’s skill set, the first two skills, “Wisdom” and “Last Prayer,” were comprehensive abilities, not purely combat skills.

But the “Sword of the Forest” had become a holy sword incarnation, rushing into the enemy and didn’t fit with the previous two abilities.

What’s more…

The activation effect of the “Sword of the Forest” was to create some forest elemental creatures after the battle.

This was clearly a commanding skill.

If the Sword of the Forest could bless others, everything suddenly became clear.

Isabella’s role was a commanding presence in the midfield.

“Wisdom” represented intelligence, command, and ability growth. “Last Prayer” was used to collect battlefield information. The “Sword of the Forest” provided a buff to the vanguard general, and after the battle, it could also obtain forest elemental creatures as a supply of replenishment troops.

That’s right.

This was right!

Lu Yao couldn’t help but slap his thigh.He asked Isabella in detail, and the answer was indeed as expected.

The only pity was that the Sword of the Forest could not be applied to a group, but only to an individual for enhancement.

Thus, the main Blood Knight, the secondary tank Deep Sea Lord, and the support Isabella’s dungeon team were formed.


Lu Yao clicked on the key in the upper left corner, opening the golden gate on the island.

The scene suddenly changed.

The words slowly appeared on the screen: [Black Abyss Level 1].

The simulator was pixel-style, so even in the abyss world, it was just a cold color tone. There were no shocking visual elements, which did not affect Lu Yao’s viewing and operation.

As soon as the dungeon team entered, they began a one-sided slaughter of the surrounding ghouls.

The fully equipped Blood Knight’s speed soared. He didn’t summon a white horse, but all kinds of attribute enhancements were still there. The accelerated Blood Knight not only moved extremely fast, but also greatly increased his attack frequency, killing enemies more than twice as fast.

Isabella cast the [Sword of the Forest] on the Blood Knight, so the green holy sword floated above the Blood Knight’s head, giving him an additional green mark of the [Sword of the Forest].

The green on the mark was slowly consumed, representing the duration of the status.

Lu Yao compared the panel and got detailed data.

The enhancement brought by Sword of the Forest Lv1 was damage +15, defense +15, speed +3. The combat bonus was considerable.

The Deep Sea Lord also brought a little surprise.

For safety’s sake, Lu Yao manually controlled this large starfish.

The Deep Sea Lord used its large body to protect Isabella behind it. Most of the ghouls were rushing at it. However, facing its high defense of 112 points, these ghouls with only 39 points of damage could not break through.

Their inherent toxins were hardly effective against the Deep Sea Lord.

The most outrageous thing was that around the Deep Sea Lord, many ghouls’ bodies suddenly swelled, as if they were about to explode in a heroic manner. But soon, their bodies shrank back to normal.

It looked like a bunch of ghouls blowing up their bodies like balloons, then inexplicably deflating, creating a somewhat comical scene.

Their self-explosion could not be triggered, and the use of toxins often failed, all due to the Deep Sea Lord’s [Intimidation] ability.



Facing lower-level individuals, there is a certain probability that the opponent’s ability will fail.


This ability was extremely effective in actual combat, and could be called the nemesis of small soldiers.

The Blood Knight would still be poisoned by the ghouls, although very little. The Deep Sea Lord was like a mountain in front of the ghouls, insurmountable, and its health was almost untouched.

The three-person team cleared the ghouls all the way, killed a Corpse Hunter named Yodsen, but still did not explode any equipment.

The team continued to move forward, and the environment ahead suddenly changed, with a layer of frost covering the ground.

The background music of the game suddenly changed, becoming urgent and passionate.

Lu Yao perked up.

The Boss finally made its appearance.

A line of text even appeared on the screen as a reminder.

[Count Selti of Withering has awakened from his slumber.]

The frost-covered ground cracked, and a dry hand stretched out from the ground. A huge humanoid monster locked by golden chains slowly crawled out of the crack, and a cold wind blew around.

During the count’s rise, the Blood Knight and the Deep Sea Lord had already launched an attack on it, causing the Boss’s head to constantly pop up with damage of -60 and -20.

Count Selti of Withering roared, “Damn bugs! Dare to disturb my sleep! You all must die!”

As it roared, damage values were still popping up on its head.

Lu Yao shook his head.

What era is it, and they’re still doing this flashy stuff.

It seems that the abyss is indeed full of antiques, showing a classic appearance and pose.

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