Chapter 72 – Perhaps this is what life is all about

The sailboats of the Garlic Tribe set sail across the seas.

Under the protection of sea monsters, they were able to reach the depths of the ocean, greatly reducing the chances of maritime disasters.

One by one, the boats continued to explore and pioneer, and the people of the tribe drew a map of this fragmented world.

[The Garlic Tribe has drawn a world map, and everyone’s intelligence has slightly improved.]

Lu Yao clicked on the map on the right side of the interface.

The whole world was smaller than he had imagined, with the majority of the area being the ocean. There were only two continents on the sea. The Western Continent was the headquarters of the Garlic Tribe, and the Eastern Continent was the recently discovered Great Grassland.

Away from the two continents were two large islands. One was the Eastern Sea Island where the Donghai Clan used to live, and the other was the Moon Island where the rat plague had occurred.

The rest were scattered small islands and archipelagos. Some islands were inhabited by indigenous people, but there were no traces of worship or idols.

This small world was oval-shaped, surrounded by a gray mist, which was the boundary of the world.

No matter how the sailboats rowed forward, they could not get close to the boundary. Even swimming in the water, they could not reach the seemingly close boundary of the world. The people could only gaze from afar and lament their own insignificance.

Lu Yao focused his attention on the boundary area.

After observing for a long time, he discovered that this boundary was slowly expanding—or growing.

The fragmented world was like an oval-shaped pancake, still expanding.

More oceans were being generated at the edges, as well as some randomly generated scattered islands.

Lu Yao was very curious.

If it continued to expand and grow like this, what would happen in the end?

Would it become an infinitely growing giant world?

Or would it completely enclose the world and become a truly three-dimensional world?

Lu Yao asked Isabella.

“Sir, the fragmented world is currently slowly repairing and growing under the power of the rules.”

“If given enough time, it will eventually generate a new ownerless world.”

“But in reality, this is very difficult to achieve.”

“Because there is a fundamental difference between the fragmented world and the ownerless world.”

Isabella patiently explained, “In the ownerless world, the rules of the world are closed and operating.”

“So the gods cannot descend into it out of thin air. They can only break through the outer wall of the ownerless world or enter it bit by bit through the overlapping of worlds.”

“Then they can change the internal rules and turn it from ownerless to owned. It’s like putting a key and lock on a door, so that other gods cannot enter.”

“The fragmented world is incomplete, and the internal rules are severely damaged. Even if most of it can be closed, the world itself is still full of defects.”

“Unless these defects can be repaired, the fragmented world is like a crazy patient covered in wounds. Even if the wounds on the body heal, he cannot wake up, and there is no vitality of an ownerless world.”

“The incompleteness of the fragmented world prevents it from forming a complete enclosure. These gaps are the coordinates for apprentice gods to enter.”

“Apprentice gods are constantly descending into the fragmented world, so it is almost impossible for the fragmented world to close again. It will only become more and more broken…” Isabella patiently explained.

Lu Yao summarized it briefly.

The fragmented world is like a bus that always opens its doors at each stop, and the apprentice gods are passengers with tickets.

Some apprentice gods will ride for a long stretch, while others will quickly get off. The gods go up and down, and this bus cannot stop, so it will continue to deteriorate.

The ownerless world is a newly manufactured car, and only one god can control its ownership.

Because it is a new car, all its functions are good, with fast speed, strong horsepower, and some additional features. The owner naturally takes good care of their car.

That’s the situation.

Therefore, the fragmented world is the newbie village for new players.

Lu Yao estimated that once he built wonders and entered the Temple of the Gods, the god players would probably enter the so-called crawling area and be forced to leave this newbie area.

At this time, a line of text appeared on the game interface.

[Hamira has written the first theological book, “The Gospel of the Gods.”]

[The Garlic Tribe has invented theology.]

[The Garlic Tribe has developed a fanatical worship of you due to theology, and their faith has greatly increased.]

– A believer has led to fanatical worship. Do you want to convert her into a prophet?

[Yes] [No]

Fanatical worship?

Lu Yao had never seen such a description before.

He immediately looked at the top right corner of the interface.

At first glance, Lu Yao suspected that he was seeing things.

Population: 21,398 Faith: 25,741

Lu Yao couldn’t help but curse.

Faith exploded in an instant!

Is this the power of a significant increase?

He took two deep breaths and calmed down before calculating.

Previously, the faith was around 4,000 points, and now it had increased by 21,000 points…exactly the same as the total population.

In other words, the so-called significant increase was that each person in the population provided an additional 1 point of faith!

Lu Yao had always vaguely felt that the importance of population was no less than faith.

Otherwise, the simulator wouldn’t give such a high evaluation.

[Population is the body, faith is the power.]

These two are the pillars on the same level.

Lu Yao speculated that once the population surpassed a certain threshold, there would be a further qualitative change. This change would not only come from the civilization level of the believers but also from the impact on the physical bodies of the god players.

He didn’t expect that the first dividend brought by the population would come so early.

At this moment, Lu Yao also felt a bit fortunate.

Fortunately, he had always emphasized balanced development and steady progress, without going to extremes like other players.

Can you walk well with only one leg?

If you’re not careful, you’ll fall.

And the instigator of this faith bull market, Lu Yao couldn’t help but have a good impression of her.

Hamira, well done, well done.

No wonder you were able to lead the Donghai Clan at such a young age. You have the ability.Lu Yao clicked into the temple and promptly turned her into a prophet.

At this point, Hamira was already 35 years old. It had been ten years since Lu Yao last noticed her.

Her detailed personal panel displayed a portrait of Hamira.

A tall woman with wheat-colored skin was reading by lamplight in the room.

Under the dim yellow light, she was writing on paper with a charcoal pencil. She was wearing a woolen coat, and her long-lashed eyes sparkled with a hint of inspiration.

Below was a quote from her.

— Even if you are unaware, God is leading you.


【Prophet Lv8】Hamira

Attack 0 Defense 2 Knowledge 5 Mana 1 Luck 1 Morale 3


Wisdom Lv5: Wisdom is the key for the Apostle to listen to the will of God. The higher the level of wisdom, the easier it is to improve and comprehend various abilities.

Theology Lv1: Good at spreading the faith of God, can keenly discover the traces left by God, and understand and upgrade ranks in the observation of miracles.


Hamira gave Lu Yao a pleasant surprise.

Compared to the previous generation prophet, Hamira was smarter and had comprehended the skill of 【Theology】. She was a professional prophet.

Hamira only needed to study and observe miracles to level up. What a coincidence, right? I, Lu Yao, happen to be a god player who is generous with miracles.

A perfect match indeed.

In his joy, Lu Yao noticed that there seemed to be one less person in the temple.

Where was the astrologer Shahar, who had always been silently praying in the temple?

Lu Yao searched everywhere, but he couldn’t find the astrologer.

In the end, he found Shahar’s name on the monument.

“Shahar: An outstanding astrologer and leader, his ‘Brief History of the Tribe’ tells all successors to never forget where they came from.”

This guest prophet, who was not good at figuring out the will of God, had finally completed his mission.

But this did not mean the end.

In the ghost city of Sanilo, Lu Yao found Shahar’s ghost.

He was now setting up a stall in the city, happily predicting good and bad luck and the weather for every passerby.

This old man truly loved astrology.

Lu Yao speculated.

For Shahar, working in the temple during his lifetime was work, and setting up a street stall for astrology after death was life.

Perhaps this is what life is all about.

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