Chapter 61 – I knew it

Lu Yao was a little confused: “Isn’t this Officer Fu?”

Sister Peng nodded.

She frowned, her eyes showing a struggle, with a hint of hesitation.

“Yes… Fu Chenggang, I remember now.” She forced a smile on her face. “You see, my memory is so bad after turning thirty.”

“I guess I drank too much last night and I’m a bit dizzy. I should read more books and move around, I’ve watched too many ancient dramas…”

Sister Peng laughed at herself.

However, Lu Yao noticed that his memory of Fu Chenggang was also quickly fading. Although he could still say the name, everything related to Fu Chenggang became blurry and vague.

Something was wrong.

Fu Chenggang had a problem.

Lu Yao casually asked, “Sister Peng, how did you and Officer Fu meet?”

“We’ve known each other for a long time.”

Sister Peng seemed uncertain about their first meeting, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“For a few years?” Lu Yao asked with a smile. “You’ve been talking about marriage for a while, so you must have known each other for some time. But you never mentioned it before, you’re good at keeping secrets.”

“Why are you so nosy?”

Sister Peng complained, but she happily talked about these things. “I can’t remember exactly how many years, but we’ve known each other for a long time.”

“He’s a busy police officer, often on business trips, and sometimes he can’t even answer the phone. But he is a good and honest person, we can only say that we were destined but not meant to be.”

Sister Peng spoke calmly about her breakup with Fu Chenggang, without any resentment or bitterness.

Lu Yao found it even more strange. Sister Peng claimed to be very familiar with Fu Chenggang, but when it came to talking about him, she lacked details, as if it was a fixed knowledge.

What was even stranger was that Lu Yao suddenly realized that he had never questioned Fu Chenggang’s identity from beginning to end. From the first time they met at the mall, he naturally assumed that the other party was a criminal police officer.

It was as if the identity of “Criminal Police Officer Fu Chenggang” was firmly imprinted in his mind.

Lu Yao pretended to go to the bathroom. As soon as he left, he immediately called the Municipal Public Security Bureau and asked if there was a person named Fu Chenggang in the Criminal Police Team, saying that someone with that name was looking for him.

The police officer on the other end of the line politely said that there was no such officer and asked him to be cautious.

Now Lu Yao was completely sure that Fu Chenggang’s identity was fake.

Could it be that Fu Chenggang was also a player?

Lu Yao speculated that he could use some kind of item to distort other people’s memories and perceptions, making them firmly believe in his identity.

Fortunately, divine players couldn’t directly identify each other.

There shouldn’t be many people like Song Shiyi who had the appraiser “Little Ming”.

Otherwise, Fu Chenggang would never have let him go so easily last time.


Since he couldn’t investigate himself, he could let the committee do it.

After Lu Yao finished work and returned home, he used the same trick again. He had Isabella borrow the phone of a waiter from a café two blocks away and call Song Shiyi.

This time, Isabella said that there was a player claiming to be Criminal Police Officer Fu Chenggang, who was using an item to distort the memories of ordinary people.

Song Shiyi replied on the other end, “I’ll check it later.”

After leaving Fu Chenggang’s issue to Song Shiyi, Lu Yao no longer cared about it and focused on the simulator.

With each expansion, Lu Yao had already gained control over a considerable area.

First, the majority of the western continent, including the headquarters of the Garlic Tribe, the Ghost City of Sanilo, and the Salt Lake Settlement. Apart from the northern forest that hadn’t been fully explored yet, the map of this continent was basically clear.

Secondly, there were parts overseas.

The Donghai Clan’s submission not only provided the little people of the New Garlic Tribe with a mature base at sea, but also added a large portion of the sea map.

In addition, there were two special instance spaces.

The “Golden Plains” in the castle, and the “Black Abyss” on the Donghai Clan’s main island.

The “Golden Plains” was a reward-type mission.

The “Black Abyss” was a monster-killing and leveling-up type.

Both had their advantages.

For now, Lu Yao didn’t plan to build wonders in the short term, nor did he consider the Forest Hut. The “Golden Plains” line was temporarily put on hold.

The outer perimeter of the “Black Abyss” had become a place for the Blood Knights to kill monsters and level up and drop equipment—although no other equipment had been dropped yet, it was just a wishful thinking.

But generally, Lu Yao would only send the Blood Knights in when he was present. Otherwise, if he didn’t keep an eye on them, he was worried that the Blood Knights would fight the monsters to death.

As night approached, the paddle sailboat discovered a large island where people were active in the south.

There were damaged docks and some stone houses left by humans on the coast of the island. But the entire periphery of the island was lifeless, with almost no vegetation on the ground.

Before the paddle sailboat could dock, it was attacked by a group of sea rats.

These sea rats were named “Mad Traveling Rats” and were densely packed on the sea. They swam towards the boat layer by layer like seaweed, scaring the paddle sailboat to turn around and run.

Mad Traveling Rats could swim and live on the sea, but they were not fast and could only move in the near sea area. So they were quickly left behind by the paddle sailboat.

The little people on the boat reported these situations to the tribe leader.Among the three tribal leaders, the young Yulian maintained his usual proactive attitude.

“…We should take advantage of the speed of the paddle sailboats, and send out a few more to the other side.”

“Let the paddle sailboats navigate around the southern continent, first sketching out the sea map there, and then see if there is a way to land and check the actual situation on the land.”

The astrologer Shah did not express his opinion.

Hamira, the newly joined former Donghai clan leader, provided an important piece of information.

“The island in the south is called Bright Moon Island, and it bears the traces of gods.”

“At that time, the Donghai clan’s canoe was in the nearby sea area, and from afar, they saw divine power. Lightning kept falling from the sky, the earth was shaking, and hurricanes and heavy rains were continuous.”

“There might have been a war between the gods on the island.”

Lu Yao thought to himself, finally, other god players have been found.

Lightning, hurricanes, heavy rains, earth shaking… these are all miracles created by the power of faith.

It seems that the two players were so angry that they directly spent their faith on the other’s head, using nuclear weapons right from the start.

But Lu Yao thought again, that’s not right.

Are new players so impulsive now? They start fighting as soon as they meet, and they won’t stop until one of them is dead?

Even Lisa wasn’t so tough before… There should be some demands and reasons, right?

You are a trainee god, how much faith do you have? Can you afford to spend it on lightning and earthquakes?

At Lu Yao’s instruction, Isabella brought Hamira.

Facing the Apostle representing the god, the female clan leader immediately told everything she knew.

“The god on the island is called the Light God, who protects a group called the Bright Moon Tribe.”

“On the island controlled by the Light God, there is a special monster called the Barnyard Grass Monster.”

“This is a small monster that looks like grass. They are not strong themselves, but they are endless and will spread seeds everywhere. They are likely to be monsters created by another god.”

“Wherever there are Barnyard Grass Monsters, other grasses will become their food and prey. Even if they don’t eat, they will pull out other grasses and kill them.”

Lu Yao was shocked.

Damn, a biohazard crisis in prehistoric times.

“The Light God felt the suffering of his believers, who were constantly being robbed and destroyed by the Barnyard Grass Monsters, so he guided them to build docks and boats, wanting to move away from this island.”


At this point, Hamira paused for a while.

“However, for the safety of the Donghai clan, it’s better to let Bright Moon Island continue to be harassed by the Barnyard Grass Monsters. So the Donghai clan used canoes and sea monsters to blockade the surrounding sea area, preventing them from building boats to leave.”

Lu Yao sneered in his heart, I knew it.

This has something to do with your Donghai clan.

No wonder you were hemming and hawing before.

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