Chapter 62 – Damaged Potion Crucible

“The blockade of the southern islands was the decision of the former head of the East Sea Clan, Hai Bi Te. The whole plan was formulated by the old clan head Hai Bi Te and the prophet Hai Cheng Yao.”

Hamira explained cautiously, “I’m not trying to deceive you, but that’s how it was. I was still very young at that time…”

Lu Yao remembered the woman with the taste of blood in her mouth.

Hai Cheng Yao, who had smuggled into the real world, was Yu Yao.

According to Hamira’s account.

The old clan head and the prophet both believed that Moon Island was too close to the East Sea Clan and that the Moon Tribe on the island were firm heretics. They couldn’t allow them to have any further opportunities to grow.

So the plan for the naval blockade was executed resolutely.

In front of the sailboats of the Garlic Tribe, the East Sea Clan’s canoes were like toys.

But everything is relative.

In the eyes of the Moon Tribe, the shipbuilding skills of the East Sea Clan were a symbol of advanced civilization.

The Moon Tribe couldn’t even build canoes. With sea monsters lurking in the water, the people of the Moon Tribe dared not go into the water and were trapped on the island.

The Light God had also unleashed thunder and hurricanes to intimidate the ships and sea monsters of the East Sea Clan.

But the East Sea Clan was not afraid. Even if their ships were destroyed and their people died, they would continue to enforce the naval blockade. The East Sea Clan constantly sacrificed lives to consume the miracles, leaving the Light God helpless.

While the naval battle was taking place, the environment on the island was deteriorating further.

The number of Weed Monsters increased, rapidly destroying the crops of the Moon Tribe. The berry bushes on the island were uprooted by them, and the natural food supply was rapidly decreasing.

Soon, the Light God had no time to spare and focused all its energy on dealing with these relentless little monsters.

Lightning and earthquakes constantly struck the island, making the East Sea Clan on the sea fearful.

But this did not last long.

In the end, Moon Island fell silent.

The once lush and suitable island became a brown and lifeless place.

Occasionally, by the seaside, one could see some rats gnawing on the wood and bones washed up by the sea. The rats were starving and would even resort to cannibalism.

Due to the shortage of food on the island, these crazed rats began to move towards the ocean. Although they couldn’t swim far, they learned to catch fish in the sea.

But there were no longer any traces of humans on the island, and the miracles of the gods no longer descended.

The East Sea Clan understood that the Moon Tribe was probably gone.

The Light God had also abandoned this place.

Without potential enemies and heretical threats, the East Sea Clan no longer came here. From that time until now, many years have passed.

Lu Yao listened with a touch of melancholy.

Luck is also an important factor in any game. Most people’s luck is not too good, but it’s not too bad either. This player, the Light God, can only be said to have had bad luck…

Learning that Moon Island had been abandoned and had no population, Lu Yao lost his desire to explore further.

He suddenly had an idea.

Since ghosts can provide faith, then monsters should be able to as well, right?

These Crazy Traveling Rats were numerous. If he could make them his believers and unleash their strongest reproductive abilities, wouldn’t that be great?

“Sir, that’s not possible.”

Isabella replied, “Only life forms with self-awareness can generate the power of faith. The larger the group, such as insects, the simpler and more lacking in self-awareness they are.”

“Only a portion of monsters can generate faith, not all of them.”

Lu Yao felt a sense of regret.

This is the balance mechanism designed by nature.

The more complex a life form’s functions are, the more difficult it is for them to grow and reproduce. The simpler the structure of a creature, the easier it is for them to survive in various harsh environments.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, Lu Yao finished washing up and lay down in bed, turning off the lights.

Today, he felt sleepy unusually early.

He slept in a daze and was awakened by sporadic sounds.

These sounds were not unfamiliar to him; they were the sound of rats walking around outside on the windowsill.

In the simulator, the human islands were occupied by rats, and in the real world, rats have never backed down from humans. If you dare to catch them, they dare to die, showing off their courage in large numbers.

After being awakened by the noise, Lu Yao got up to urinate and habitually glanced at the computer screen.

Just because he took a second look, he immediately became alert.

[The Garlic Tribe has offered a sacrifice.]

Lu Yao immediately clicked on the temple.

The contents in the [Sacrifice] slot looked like a stone bowl, and inside the bowl was a stone spoon.

He moved the mouse over the sacrifice.

[Damaged Magic Cauldron]: +1 Faith/hour, can refine unstable magic potions.

Heat it with the fire of faith, add a spoonful of sand, a spoonful of blood, a spoonful of salt, and another spoonful of rotten corpse, and you can refine a magic potion. Good luck.

An item for refining magic potions?

This unexpected joy dispelled all of Lu Yao’s sleepiness.


What the hell is sleep!

I’m still young. At this age, can I still fall asleep?Lu Yao sat in front of the computer, drank a can of Red Bull, and began instructing Isabella to prepare the materials for the magic potion.

According to the description under the item, the recipe was clear: sand + blood + salt + corpse, then ignited with the flame of faith.

The materials were easy to collect, with the Garlic Tribe around, these materials were not a problem at all.

The little people were bustling about, loading various ingredients into the crucible.

Lu Yao clicked on the crucible, and a sign of “Potion Refining (10 Faith)” appeared next to it.

In other words, heating the crucible once required 10 points of faith.

This was not a problem.

Lu Yao still had some savings.

He clicked on refining, and the large portrait of the “Damaged Potion Crucible” immediately appeared on the screen. In the blazing flames, the ash-gray crucible trembled slightly under high temperature, and white steam slowly emerged from the crucible.

Soon, the crucible stopped trembling, and the flames were extinguished.

The word “Failure” appeared on the crucible.

After seventeen consecutive attempts by Lu Yao, “Failure” was finally replaced by “Obtain Potion”.

He rubbed his hands and clicked on obtain.

A pill that looked like black charcoal appeared on the screen.


“Madness Pill of Unknown Cause”: Will become mad after taking.


Apart from a description, there was no other display.

The smile on Lu Yao’s face gradually disappeared.

There was neither data panel gain nor detailed drug effect.

Who would dare to use such a product with no information?

It was a rip-off.

Even the golden dice were better.

Although the golden dice were deceptive, at least they clearly stated that there was a chance of winning, although not much, it gave some hope.

At this time, Lu Yao suddenly thought of a question: Where did the “sacrifice” come from?

He asked Isabella. Only then did he know that the crucible was dug out by the Garlic Tribe on Bright Moon Island.

After the wizard Sen identified it, he thought it was an extraordinary magical item. So he sent it to the temple as a sacrifice to the gods.

Lu Yao found out that the Garlic Tribe had not given up on the desolate Bright Moon Island. Fisherman Lian, against all opinions, personally sailed to the island, leading the tribe to explore the island.

For this, Fisherman Lian found a way to deal with the mad travel mice, which was to use a lot of salted meat smeared with a lot of salt and throw it into the mouse group.

The crazy mice swarmed to snatch and devour the salty meat. After eating a lot of salt, the mice would become extremely uncomfortable, and even their fur would fall off.

Each mouse would burrow into the puddles on the island, frantically licking water, and had no time to care about the people landing on the island.

The tribal people who landed on the island also smeared salt all over their bodies, wherever they went, they sprinkled salt, which could to some extent curb the attack and bite of the mad travel mice.

In this way, Bright Moon Island was explored bit by bit.

There were some unknown relics and steles in the middle of the island. Because they could not understand the text of the Bright Moon Tribe, the Garlic Tribe could not understand the traces on them. Coupled with the fear of the large number of mice, their exploration of the entire island was relatively slow.

After understanding the situation, Lu Yao immediately sent Isabella to the island.

There used to be people from the Bright Moon Tribe on the island, and there were probably their souls here.

To figure out what happened, asking the parties involved was naturally the best.

As Isabella used the “Last Prayer”, wisps of black smoke emerged from the small island, condensing into a round black ball.

Isabella communicated with it for a long time before she turned around, knelt on one knee, and said to Lu Yao, “Sir, the Bright Moon Tribe has been extinct for many years.”

“The Light God has also fallen.”

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