Chapter 60 – I ride a white horse and drive on the highway

Lu Yao chose the “Ghost White Horse”.

Just like before, the other “Giant Stone Totem” returned to the tree, and the Silvanus Tree turned into countless pixel particles, dissipating between heaven and earth.

The simulator displayed:

“The Silvanus Tree has fallen into a deep sleep.”

“The forest awaits awakening. Please build a forest cabin to further the growth of forest creatures. The Silvanus Tree will once again bestow treasures as thanks.”

A forest cabin?

What is that?

Although Lu Yao really wanted to immediately try out the newly acquired horse, he decided to do things in order.

He first took a stroll in the forest and found two tree people.

The little tree people didn’t grow quickly, and they were only at level 2, still in the infancy stage.

The original tree person now had an additional title of “Forest Soul” on top of its head.

[Tree Person LV20] [Forest Soul] [Created by Isabella]

HP: 990/990 (1580/1580)

MP: 222/222

Damage: 20

Defense: 25

Speed: 7

[Thick Skin]

Innately has high HP.


Can give birth to new offspring.

[Leaf Shot Lv15]

Shoots leaves at enemies from a distance.

[Recovery Lv15]

Continuously restores HP when it rains.

[Forest Element Lv1]

A forest elemental creature that benefits the rapid growth of the forest. All attributes in the forest are enhanced. The effect depends on the ability level and HP.

[Forest Soul Lv1]

The symbiote of the forest soul, unable to leave the forest but can heal other forest elemental creatures.

Lu Yao carefully examined the tree person’s panel.

It wasn’t a special unit like a hero, it didn’t have six attribute values, only combat data. In other words, the tree person belonged to the category of monsters.

The difference from before was that the tree person had become a parasite of the Forest Soul. It had to stay in the forest and also played the role of a forest druid.

Lu Yao asked Isabella what the forest cabin was.

“Sir, the forest cabin is a miraculous building belonging to the forest element. It requires the divine power of miracles and is forged with the fire of faith.”

Isabella explained.

A miraculous building?

Then it’s not important.

Lu Yao immediately dismissed the thought.

Instead, he dragged the “Ghost White Horse” and handed it to Isabella to equip.

Isabella’s HP instantly increased by an additional (200/200), and her defense and speed also increased accordingly.

In addition, she gained a new ability in her personal panel.

[Advanced Disguise Lv5]: Enters a disguised state and can only be recognized when approached. If not recognized, the first attack will definitely cause double damage.

After equipping the “Ghost White Horse,” Isabella’s appearance also changed. She wore a black robe and rode a white horse, greatly increasing her movement speed.

The “Ghost White Horse” was essentially an item rather than a living creature, so it could switch between the form of the White Horse Spirit. However, the bonuses remained the same, only the appearance was different.

Seeing this, Lu Yao suddenly had an idea.

He wondered if he could ride this horse in the real world.

He tried dragging the “Ghost White Horse” out of the temple’s “Sacrifice” slot.

A small white horse sculpture appeared on the computer desk. It was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, but the craftsmanship was exquisite, with the mane and muscle lines depicted vividly.

To be safe, Lu Yao had Isabella come over from the temple as well, changed into normal clothes, and accompanied him to test ride the horse.

The motorcycle factory dormitory where Lu Yao lived was next to the ring road. A few hundred meters away, it gradually became desolate.

This area was originally the direction of urban development. However, due to the inability to reach an agreement on compensation for the demolition of old houses, it was eventually abandoned, and the focus of urban development shifted completely to the south.

The old houses gradually became uninhabited, and only a few auto repair shops and building material stores remained. During the day, various vehicles came and went frequently, but at night, it was silent, with hardly any people in sight.

Lu Yao chose this place to test ride the horse because there were fewer people.

He walked to a secluded intersection and looked at Isabella, who was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. “Won’t we be discovered?”

“Sir, Advanced Disguise is a powerful stealth ability. Even a Blood Knight cannot detect it if they are not approached.”

Lu Yao muttered to himself.

That may be true in your pixel world, but this is the age of technology.

If he were to be caught on surveillance cameras, it would be a huge problem.

But he was prepared for that.

Lu Yao pulled up his hood, put on sunglasses and a mask, and asked Isabella to do the same. This way, even if they were seen, it would be difficult to expose their identities.

After making the necessary preparations, he held the “Ghost White Horse” sculpture in his hand and immediately activated the horse form.

The white horse sculpture burst into a white mist and condensed into a tall white horse with not a single strand of hair.

The Ghost White Horse had a sleek coat, a graceful figure, and stood at about two meters tall. It obediently knelt on the ground, but its eyes emitted a faint green light, like two ghostly flames.Lu Yao took out his phone and aimed the camera at the white horse.

Indeed, there was nothing in the frame. The high-level camouflage could not be captured by the camera.

Lu Yao and Isabella mounted the horse, one after the other. He took a selfie with his phone, only to find an empty street. The high-level camouflage also worked on them, the riders.

The towering ghostly white horse stood upright, its front hooves gently tapping on the ground, as if warming up.

Isabella in front kindly said, “Sir, you just need to think in your mind, and the ghostly white horse will understand. It’s a very useful high-level tool.”

“Please hold on to me, the horse is about to run.”

Lu Yao had nowhere to hold on to, so he could only wrap his arms around Isabella’s waist.

With a gentle squeeze of her legs, Isabella spurred the ghostly white horse into a brisk trot, transforming into a white afterimage that shot into the street.

The speed it burst out far exceeded Lu Yao’s imagination. The trees on both sides of the street quickly receded, the wind rushed into Lu Yao’s nostrils and through the gaps in his lips, making his hood flutter and giving him a sense of speed he had never experienced before.

He asked questions while riding and quickly learned this simple horse-riding skill.

Lu Yao asked Isabella to pull over and stop the horse.

“I want to sit in front, you watch from behind.”

Isabella then made room, sitting at the back of the horse, allowing Lu Yao to control the white horse alone.

Lu Yao grabbed the horse’s mane and commanded, “Go!”

The white horse shot forward like an arrow released from a bow.

Throughout the ride, Lu Yao sat on the horse as if on flat ground, without any bumps or instability, it felt somewhat unreal.

The wind from the high-speed movement brushed against his cheeks, bringing a slight sting, making Lu Yao realize this was not an illusion or a dream.

The white horse combined speed and agility. It leaped over stones and railings on the ground, deftly jumping over a man riding a bicycle – the man didn’t notice at all.

Finally, under Lu Yao’s control, it jumped onto the main road, galloping all the way, leaving all the cars behind.

The white horse continued to accelerate, rushing onto the ring road and turning into a streak of white light.

Lu Yao drove this horse-shaped supercar, overtaking all the way. After half an hour of speeding, he got off the ring road.

He felt exhilarated but also a bit regretful.

Such a good mount could only be ridden occasionally at night.

Being too high-profile would attract the attention of the committee and other players, which would be more harm than good.

Safety first.

Although shared bicycles were a bit slower, they fit his worker persona better.


The next day, at the company.

Since it was mid-month, Lu Yao wasn’t very busy today. Boss Huang went to negotiate contracts early in the morning, and everyone in the company started to slack off happily.

After organizing the documents and reports, Lu Yao wanted to put on an eye mask and take a nap.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sister Peng next door with a strange expression.

She was looking at a photo on her phone.

In the photo was Fu Chenggang, with Sister Peng making a scissors gesture next to him, a smile on her face.

Behind them, two people were standing sideways, choosing a cabbage. It was Lu Yao and Isabella, who was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses.

Sister Peng turned her head, a hint of confusion in her eyes, “Lu Yao, who… who is this person?”

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