Chapter 56 – Flexible belief

The sea monster fell without much effort.

Lu Yao was very satisfied.

He wished that every battle would be a mud truck attack. He could just roll over them and there would be no need for complicated tactics.

When he was studying, his math teacher used to say that simplicity is beauty.

Although Lu Yao was not good at math, he always remembered this saying and agreed with it.

Lu Yao observed the situation.

The people on the island were already subdued by the Blood Knights he controlled, to the point where they didn’t move and had completely given up resistance.

The villain role was played out, and it was time for the hero to appear.

He calculated the distance. Even if the Blood Knights walked back from the bottom of the sea, their health would decrease every second, but they could still walk for more than forty minutes, enough to return to the castle.

Speaking of which, the Apostle could walk underwater without eating or drinking, like a human submarine. Unlike a sailboat, which had to stop and resupply along the way and avoid storms, it took a lot of time.

In terms of sailing efficiency, it was faster for the Blood Knights to walk from under the sea like this.

Just as Lu Yao was preparing to retreat and have Isabella come to save the island and spread the love and peace of God Yao, the people of the East Sea stopped the Blood Knights.

Leading them was a woman named Hamira, 25 years old, the “tribal chief”.

“Please wait, you are the Apostle of the gods, right?” Hamira said. “Now that Pray to the Gods has abandoned the East Sea, how do you plan to deal with us?”

Lu Yao frowned.

The plot development seemed a bit off.

He hesitated for a moment and decided to retreat.

The character of the Blood Knights was that of a fierce male villain who would attack anyone he saw, even rabbits passing by.

It was Isabella, the good person, who was supposed to take over the East Sea. This was the script that Lu Yao had written.

“The god you follow is so powerful. The East Sea hopes to follow in your footsteps, believe in the new god, and offer our faith and loyalty. Your will and the will of the god are the mission of the East Sea,” Hamira said, pledging allegiance directly.

Lu Yao was shocked.

No, this is not right.

Weren’t they just fanatics a moment ago?

The fierce battle at sea, where the people of the East Sea desperately destroyed their ships and sacrificed their lives to delay the Blood Knights, was still fresh in his memory.

They also wept and were filled with fear and anxiety when the totem of Pray to the Gods collapsed.

The sea monster Kraken was killed, and the people couldn’t believe it, their faith shattered.

However, just a few minutes later, the “tribal chief” Hamira calmly expressed that the East Sea was willing to serve the new god and offer loyalty and faith.

The change was too fast.

As if knowing that her actions would be suspected, Hamira candidly explained the reasons behind it.

“Great Apostle, the East Sea originally lived in the forest on land. In the previous era, our ancestors were always followers of the Forest God.”

“After the fall of the Forest God, our ancestors fled to the sea to escape the pursuit of the corrupt and the molting monsters.”

“At this time, Pray to the Gods appeared and accepted us, so we have always been grateful to Pray to the Gods.”

“No matter what Pray to the Gods asks us to do, we faithfully carry out His will.”

“Pray to the Gods asked us to mate with the sea monster Kraken and give birth to sea monsters. The women of our tribe have been doing this generation after generation.”

“The East Sea has learned to live on the sea for a long time and has been constantly giving birth to sea monsters for Pray to the Gods, offering them as sacrifices through totems.”

“Because procreation is what Pray to the Gods needs us to do, our tribe needs more women and does not need men. Until the sea monster fell asleep, we started to capture men from outside to replace…”

Through Hamira’s description, Lu Yao finally understood the origin of the East Sea.

The reason they could give birth to sea monsters was because they were required by Pray to the Gods to mate with the sea monster Kraken. The babies born would retain human characteristics in women, while men would turn into sea monsters. This was the source.

Sea monsters were a hybrid of humans and sea monsters.

After generations of bloodline blending, the East Sea had a part of the bloodline of sea monsters.

The branch of the East River tribe became increasingly difficult to give birth to sea monsters due to the continuous dilution of their bloodline.

And the path of giving the sea monsters to Pray to the Gods was the totem that he had just destroyed.

“We were once willing to fight to the last person for Pray to the Gods.”

Hamira continued, “But the gods have not responded to us for many years, and the great sea monster Kraken has also been abandoned by the gods. It shows that Pray to the Gods has exiled the East Sea tribe.”

“As a member of the East Sea tribe, I feel very painful and lost. But as the leader here, I must shoulder the responsibility of ensuring everyone’s survival.”

“Great Apostle, I sincerely and wholeheartedly request once again that you accept our East Sea tribe of 1678 people. We are willing to offer everything to you and Pray to the Gods in order to obtain the protection and guidance of the great god.”

Chief Hamira knelt on the ground, her attitude extremely humble.

The surrounding members of the East Sea tribe followed suit and knelt in imitation.

However, the fierce character of the Blood Knights could not be changed.

So Lu Yao controlled the Blood Knights to turn around and leave.

On the other side, he glanced over. Isabella had already returned from the forest after receiving the order and was rushing over on a sailboat.

Soon, Isabella landed on the island and began the process of accepting the East Sea tribe.Chieftain Hamira immediately knelt down and swore, “From now on, the Donghai Clan will fight for the faith of God Yao!”

Lu Yao saw that the population and faith in the upper right corner of the screen had increased by more than 1600 points.

Population: 15,073 Faith: 5,588

The conquest in the tribal era was quite straightforward.

If you are strong, then your faith is right, and we will follow you.

If you abandon us, then we can only seek other ways, looking for new gods to protect us.

Chieftain Hamira then said, “Apostle, Pray to the Gods has hidden a treasure on this island. It is a key, originally under the totem, guarded by the sea monster Kraken.”

“Now, we are willing to find the key and offer it to God Yao.”

After saying that, she commanded a sea monster to dive into the water. Not long after, the sea monster resurfaced, spitting a golden leaf onto the ground.

Isabella picked up the golden leaf and carefully observed it for a while.

She looked outside the screen, “Sir, this is a portal key, which can open a door to another space. It contains an incredible power.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Yao quickly called over the silent Blood Knight who was acting like an expert.

For safety, he asked Isabella to evacuate the Donghai Clan humans around.

Then, Lu Yao dragged the mouse to click on the key. The key immediately flew to the upper left corner, turning into a golden key icon.

A prompt appeared on the screen.

[Later Voyager, do you want to enter here?]

[This is the root of the Silvanus Tree, where I left my most precious legacy and regret…]

[If you have enough courage and wisdom, then come, go and get my most secret power.]

[Yes] [No]

Lu Yao was stunned.

Why is it something of the Forest God again?

Last time it was the [Golden Prairie], could it be that the Forest God has multiple main god spaces?

After thinking it over, Lu Yao still clicked [Yes].

The golden leaf unfolded into a golden light door.

Lu Yao used the key in the upper left corner to touch the light door, opening a black crack.

Then Lu Yao selected the Blood Knight and let him go in to scout.

As soon as the Blood Knight entered, the black crack disappeared without a trace, and the light door closed.

Lu Yao clicked on the light door, and the screen immediately changed.

Inside the golden leaf was a gray world, looking like a desolate hill, with withered and twisted dead trees everywhere, and the ground was full of stone tombs without tombstones.

A line of text slowly appeared on the screen.

[Black Abyss Level 1]

Suddenly, the tombstones on the ground shook, and a gray humanoid monster crawled out from inside.

Its head displayed: [Ghoul LV40].

After it, more ghouls seemed to have smelled something and crawled out from the ground. They pounced on the Blood Knight Neville from all directions.

Lu Yao’s eyes lit up.

So this is a high-level training spot!

No wonder the Forest God said that his power was hidden here… Maybe, the monsters here might even drop some equipment.

Lu Yao took out his phone, quickly ordered a plate of stir-fried pork with green peppers, and prepared to watch the Blood Knight fight monsters while eating.

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