Chapter 55 – Pray to the Gods has fallen!

Blood Knight Neville is a humanoid weapon created by the “Whistleblower” to execute mechanical commands.

Facing the commoners of the Donghai Clan, Neville showed no mercy and faithfully followed orders: eliminate the enemy.

The Blood Knight used a large sword to kill everything within its field of vision.

As long as they were not their own people, they were enemies.

This was his understanding.

Lu Yao had to use the mouse to hold the Blood Knight and make him stay in place temporarily.

If Neville continued like this, the Donghai Clan would be wiped out.

That was not Lu Yao’s goal.

He still needed to observe this clan and try to gain their population as much as possible.

Lu Yao suddenly noticed that when the Blood Knight was selected, a menu appeared above his head.

[Manual Mode]

[Automatic Mode]

At the moment, [Automatic Mode] was lit up, while [Manual Mode] was grayed out. Isabella, on the other hand, did not have such options above her head. Lu Yao was certain – obviously, Isabella had some unique characteristics among the apostles.

Lu Yao clicked on [Manual Mode].

Neville’s body stiffened and stopped moving.

The game interface suddenly displayed a lot of new information.

At the bottom left corner, there appeared a long bar indicating red health points and blue mana points.

Health Points: 2814/3850

Mana Points: 937/937

At the bottom right corner, three active skill slots appeared: [Corruption Creation], [Enchantment], and [Flesh Weakness].

Lu Yao tried clicking the right mouse button, and indeed, the Blood Knight moved accordingly. He clicked on a nearby water bird, and the Blood Knight swung his sword, causing the bird’s head to display a damage value of -123, instantly killing it.

So, apostles could be used like this too.

Divine players could directly control them.

Lu Yao felt a bit strange: could this be the possession of some mythical gods? Or was it a temporary arrival?

Although Lu Yao’s micro-control ability was quite average, with a top-level character, he didn’t need to worry about positioning. He just needed to keep attacking.

In fact, he was just controlling the Blood Knight to pass by the coast of the island. The pixelated people along the way scattered and screamed like they had seen a ghost.

Lu Yao controlled the Blood Knight to cross the outer beach and reach the Donghai Clan’s main camp.

The Donghai Clan’s settlement was built on a small mountain on the island, with houses made of trees and palm leaves. This tree-dwelling style reminded Lu Yao of the tree houses in forest tribes.

There were thousands of people in the Donghai Clan on the island, scattered on different hills. Besides the simple houses, they had also built many wooden sculptures.

These sculptures surrounded a magnificent blue stone sculpture.

The Totem of Pray to the Gods.

Lu Yao had already destroyed two of them and was quite familiar.

Today, he came to the Donghai Clan to do one thing: to dismantle this thing.

Dismantling the totem was equivalent to smashing the greenhouse that protected these pixelated people.

The entire Donghai Clan would lose its ability to resist natural disasters, just like the Donghe Tribe. Without the support of divine power, they would be forced to change for survival once again.

Lu Yao moved the Blood Knight to the side of the totem and used the character to attack the totem with his large sword. The Donghai Clan people around watched from a distance, extremely frightened, but they dared not approach.

The totem constantly displayed a value of -0.

With the Blood Knight’s level and combat panel, it was unable to damage the divine totem.

Lu Yao remembered what Mayor Sanilo had said.

“Human power cannot destroy the divine totem. It is the mark left by the gods. Even if the statue is destroyed, the mark still remains.”

Apostles couldn’t destroy the divine totem alone.

Only gods could confront gods.

Of course, there was another way: to expel all the Donghai Clan people on the island. Even with the protection of the totem, the island would gradually be abandoned.

However, that wouldn’t completely eliminate the belief left by Pray to the Gods. What Lu Yao needed was to first destroy the traces of Pray to the Gods and then accept a part of the Donghai Clan’s population to complete the destruction and establishment.

Lu Yao didn’t hesitate and directly opened [Miracle], summoning [Lightning] to strike!

The lightning enveloped the totem, and blue and white lightning bolts continuously struck, continuously impacting the durability that the totem refused to display.

After enduring 50 lightning strikes, the giant blue totem finally collapsed with a loud crash.

This scene plunged the Donghai Clan’s people into despair.

The female warriors who dared to fight the Blood Knight before were now trembling, with symbols of fear and chaos appearing above their heads.

They numbly and fearfully shouted.

“Pray to the Gods has fallen!”

“The divine totem has collapsed! The divine protection is gone!”

“Pray to the Gods, Pray to the Gods, have you abandoned the Donghai Clan?”

“Don’t leave us, Pray to the Gods, great Pray to the Gods…”

“Why is it like this? What has happened to this world?”

“Pray to the Gods, Pray to the Gods, take me away, please.”

At this moment, Lu Yao’s attention was focused on the wreckage of the totem.

A black hole appeared there.

A blue long-necked sea monster slowly emerged from the hole.

It resembled a giant snake, with sharp horns growing all over its head. Its massive body was like a small mountain, with more of its body hidden in the hole.

When the giant monster appeared, the Donghai Clan suddenly became excited, as if they had found a backbone.

“Lord Kraken has awakened!”

“The legendary sea monster, Kraken, a follower of Pray to the Gods!”

“Lord Kraken has arrived! We are saved!”

“We will definitely be able to drive away this terrifying humanoid monster!”

“Come on! Lord Kraken!”

“Show this undead monster some color! It’s a blasphemer! Show your divine power, Lord Kraken!”

As soon as this monster named Kraken appeared, the Donghai Clan seemed to have gained confidence.【Range Lv5】

Capable of attacking enemies from a distance, the distance is related to the ability level.


That’s it?

Lu Yao’s tension suddenly relaxed.

He thought a big one was coming, but it turned out to be just an elite monster.

Looking down on me, huh?

It seems that Pray to the Gods is indeed not very good, not on the same level as the 【Whistleblower】and the 【Skinner】. The minions sent by those two, each one was very valuable, giving Lu Yao a hard time, very difficult to deal with.

Facing the Blood Knight, the Sea Monster Kraken launched an active attack!

Lu Yao clicked on the 【In Battle】above the Blood Knight’s head, observing the real-time battle scene.

The ground around the Sea Monster Kraken cracked and collapsed piece by piece, turning into large holes. From the holes, water columns shaped like sea monsters flew out, and many water columns rushed towards the Blood Knight.

However, these long-range attacks couldn’t break the Blood Knight’s defense at all, his head was just constantly showing -0 damage prompts.

Lu Yao commanded the Blood Knight to charge, attacking the Sea Monster.

One slash from the Blood Knight.

-106 appeared above the Sea Monster Kraken’s head.

Lu Yao slashed it four times, the Sea Monster’s health bar emptied and it fell backward, the word 【Dead】appeared above its head.

Just like that, the Sea Monster Kraken made a grand entrance and died at the speed of light, turning into a huge floating corpse on the water.

This scene was unbelievable for the Eastern Sea Clan.

“……Lord Kraken, get up! Continue to fight, fight!”

“Lord Kraken, cheer up and stand up, you can definitely defeat the evil murderer! We give you all our strength!”

“You are the mighty Sea Monster, come back to life quickly!”

“It’s fake, all fake, Lord Kraken is playing dead, this is a tactic of underestimating the enemy……”

Lu Yao didn’t operate, standing in place, watching to see if the Sea Monster was really playing dead. Maybe the opponent would come up with a second stage transformation or something.

A few minutes passed, the Sea Monster’s corpse completely sank into the water.

It seemed to be truly dead.

The little people of the Eastern Sea Clan finally came back to their senses, once again restoring their previous despair and fear.

“Lord Kraken has fallen!”

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