Chapter 57 – Really explosive equipment, huh?

Lu Yao scooped up a spoonful of rice soaked in soup.

Among the many side dishes, shredded pork with green peppers was the most stable.

Since it didn’t contain many heavy seasonings, the dishes made by different kitchens were not much different.

However, the Blood Knight’s battles always brought something new, just like the shredded pork with green peppers, which happened to be two different styles.

This time was no exception.

Facing the group attack of the ghouls, the Blood Knight chose to retreat heroically, fighting and retreating.

Lu Yao didn’t know what was going on with him.

Was the pressure so great?

He clicked on the ghoul and checked the details of this group of monsters.

[Ghoul LV40]

HP: 1201/1201

MP: 443/443

Damage: 39

Defense: 36

Speed: 12


Slowly restores HP and MP by devouring corpses or rotten objects.

[Poison LV10]

Attacks cause poison, continuously inflicting damage.

[Self-Detonation LV1]

When killed, the body explodes, causing area damage, the damage depends on the ability level.

Not strong at all.

Lu Yao was confused.

Although this ghoul was level 40, its stats were average, and it was at best a self-detonation with decent damage. In terms of pressure, it was not as strong as the level 30 Skin Peeler he had seen before.

As the Blood Knight continued to maneuver, more and more ghouls were attracted from all directions.

Was he luring the monsters? Trying to deal with them all at once?

Lu Yao noticed that the Blood Knight was fiercely attacking a ghoul. Regardless of how the surrounding ghouls bit and scratched him, he only focused on swinging his greatsword at that target.

The attacked ghoul was pitch black, with four arms and a heavy iron hook dragging behind it.

It had no facial features, only a vortex-like blood-filled mouth on its head. Its dark body was bound by golden chains, which dragged on the ground with the other end buried underground.

[Corpse Hunter LV51] – Gu Er

HP: 2974/2974

MP: 843/843

Damage: 81

Defense: 45

Speed: 16


Slowly restores HP and MP by devouring corpses or rotten objects.

[Flesh Tempering]

Has special resistance to toxin damage.

[Sewing Corpses]

Divides and sews its own flesh and strength into corpses, creating ghouls.

[Poison LV20]

Attacks cause poison, continuously inflicting damage.

[Mad Taunt LV5]

When the ability is activated, enemies must attack him within a short period of time, otherwise their attack, defense, and speed will be weakened. The duration and degree of weakening depend on the ability level.

[Corpse Hunter’s Mark Lv1]

Leaves a mark on the prey to track it. When attacking, it triggers the mark, causing additional damage.

Lu Yao then noticed that there was a small “Taunt” symbol above the Blood Knight’s head.

The Corpse Hunter, Gu Er, activated “Mad Taunt,” forcing the Blood Knight to attack him.

The Blood Knight, surrounded by the group attack, paid no attention and only swung his greatsword at Gu Er.

Damage numbers kept appearing above the Corpse Hunter’s head.




The Corpse Hunter swung the iron hook in his hand, constantly moving, trying to lock onto the Blood Knight. However, since the Blood Knight had already closed in, the two couldn’t create distance between them.

The Corpse Hunter couldn’t break free from the melee.

On the other side, the group of ghouls desperately attacked the Blood Knight’s back. Their attacks couldn’t break through his defense, but the poison effect played a role, causing the Blood Knight’s head to slowly show -1 damage.

The whole scene looked more like the Corpse Hunter, Gu Er, leading a group of minions, desperately challenging the Blood Knight boss.

Soon, the Blood Knight woke up from the taunt.

His greatsword turned from blood-red to deep blue, and a “Enchantment” status appeared above his head.

The Blood Knight struck the Corpse Hunter with his sword.


Lu Yao took a bite of rice with his spoon, chewing it with the green peppers.

This was the effect of activating “Enchantment LV25.”

It consumed 25 MP per second, but each attack would also increase the damage by 25 points, a high bonus.

After the Blood Knight, Neville, entered the “Enchantment” mode, the Corpse Hunter, Gu Er, also used “Corpse Hunter’s Mark,” leaving a red cross under the Blood Knight’s feet.

However, the damage caused by the Corpse Hunter to the Blood Knight was limited, and each attack could only cause -33 damage.

Lu Yao calculated it with a calculator. Purely based on numbers, in the case where the Corpse Hunter’s damage was offset by the Blood Knight’s 68 defense, it could only cause 13 points of damage.

The “Corpse Hunter’s Mark” triggered some damage bonus.

What reassured Lu Yao was that the Corpse Hunter wasn’t fast.

This ability was related to movement speed and attack interval, and it was the Blood Knight’s weakest area, but the Corpse Hunter had no advantage.

The whole battle became a contest of the Blood Knight’s best attributes, numerical value and HP.

The Corpse Hunter’s HP kept decreasing, and his previously confident attitude disappeared. He finally shouted at the Blood Knight.

“We don’t need to fight to the death.”

“All of this is a misunderstanding. We have no reason to fight desperately here! It’s meaningless, there are no benefits!”

“I understand! How about this territory nearby belongs to you?”

“Stop, stop!”

“Damn it! Are you an idiot made of iron blocks?!”

“I told you to stop! You damn stupid tin can!”

The Corpse Hunter was anxious.

But Lu Yao noticed that Gu Er had activated “Mad Taunt” again.

It was all a feint and disguise.

More ghouls crawled out from underground, rushing towards the Blood Knight.

At the moment of contact with Neville, the ghouls’ bodies suddenly exploded!

The self-detonation ability was activated.

A large number of ghouls exploded into pieces, causing several -20 damage displays to appear above the Blood Knight’s head.

Lu Yao wasn’t worried.The Blood Knight still had over a thousand health points, while the Corpse Hunter Gul in front of him only had 200 left.

With two slashes, Neville took down Corpse Hunter Gul.

As the health bar emptied, the word “Dead” appeared above the Corpse Hunter’s head. The body of the Corpse Hunter crumbled into fragments on the ground, black smoke billowing from within. This black smoke was sucked into the deeper abyss by an inexplicable force.

The Blood Knight rummaged through the fragments of the body and surprisingly found a piece of loot.

“Deity, the enemy has been eliminated.”

Neville knelt on one knee, a scissor-shaped item floated up from the ground.

Lu Yao double-clicked on the scissors, and the related description appeared below the item.


【Taunting Scissors LV5】: Damage +1, Defense +4. Can activate 【Mad Taunting LV5】.


Do the monster bosses here actually drop equipment?

Lu Yao was shocked.

Although in many games, killing monsters for equipment and gold is the norm. But the “Deity Simulator” itself is too special, it doesn’t belong to the realm of common sense.

Compared to the 【Golden Plains】, the 【Black Abyss】 seemed easier to understand.

He glanced at the potted plant on his computer desk out of the corner of his eye.

This guy might know something.

“Little Fire.”

“I am listening to your teachings, great Deity.” The cactus follower responded humbly as always.

“Do you know about the 【Black Abyss】?”

“Deity, your servant knows little.”

Upon hearing this name, the cactus’s voice became cautious.

“The 【Black Abyss】 is where the Forest God sealed some of the most ferocious and violent monsters. The monsters inside were so wild that even the Forest God couldn’t tame them, so He sealed them to prevent them from causing disasters outside.”

A word flashed through Lu Yao’s mind: Main God’s Prison?

Is that really the case?

【This is the root of the Silvanus Tree, where I left my most precious legacy and regret……】

The hint left by the Forest God seemed to have a deeper meaning.

Lu Yao decided to remain cautiously skeptical for now.

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