Chapter 54 – One Ride, Thousand Kills

Since I’m starting, I have to be ruthless.

This is Lu Yao’s usual style.

Speaking of which, the Blood Knight has not had any combat experience since being assimilated, so this is a good opportunity. It can test whether this knight, who has been living in the castle for a long time, can fight and win battles.

Following the order, the Blood Knight grabbed his sword and rushed out of the castle, heading east. After reaching the pier, he boarded a rowing sailboat and commanded the pixelated little people to sail towards the eastern sea.

The rowing sailboat was not slow, but there was a distance between the mainland and the active sea area of the East Sea. The boat sailed along the way, stopping at small islands on the sea for rest and supplies. It took nearly an hour to reach the destination.

On the blue and white pixelated ocean, the figure of a canoe appeared.

The warriors of the East Sea were all women, similar to the East River tribe. They all carried bows and arrows and wore soft leather armor that covered their entire bodies.

Next to several canoes, the heads of sea monster lizards had already emerged from the water’s surface, looking around vigilantly.

Lu Yao noticed that each canoe was equipped with a sea monster. The lowest level of these sea monsters was LV8, and the highest reached LV11.

Obviously, the East Sea tribe had strengthened their blockade at sea.

Unlike last time, the sea monsters were aware of the danger posed by the Blood Knight. They all avoided the rowing sailboat and kept their distance. Fear made them break free from the control of the East Sea tribe.

“Sea monsters! Sea monsters!”

“Attack! Attack!”

“Sea monsters, why are you running away? The sea is your battlefield and homeland!”

The little people of the East Sea tribe shouted loudly.

But the sea monsters did not turn back because of this. They one by one dived into the water and scattered away instinctively.

Although the sea monsters retreated without fighting, the people of the East Sea tribe remained fierce and brave.

“Warriors of the East Sea tribe!”


“Drive away the enemy!”

“Sink the barbarians’ ship!”

“Defend the ocean!”

“For the East Sea tribe!”

One by one, the canoes launched a fierce charge towards the rowing sailboat!

On the canoes, the female warriors of the East Sea tribe bent their bows and shot arrows.

Unfortunately, the bows and arrows could not cause any harm to the tall rowing sailboat.

After realizing that it was ineffective, they began to use the canoes as weapons, accelerating and directly ramming into the rowing sailboat.

However, due to the simple structure of the canoes, they had no bumpers or enough speed to generate impact force. Instead, they shattered upon impact.

This scene looked like a group of insects in the water, advancing one after another, trying to scare away a large lizard attacking their nest through sheer numbers.

Reinforcements from the East Sea tribe kept coming, but they were all canoes. Their maritime technology had not developed more advanced ships.

Naturally, the result was disastrous.

Lu Yao replayed the civilization path of the East Sea tribe in his mind.

The East Sea tribe was a maritime ethnic group, and they had an advantage in understanding the sea. Before the Garlic Tribe learned to build ships, they were already able to roam the sea, and the East River tribe, a branch of theirs, could rule over rivers.

They possessed sea monsters, a transcendent weapon at sea, and dominated the sea for a considerable period of time.

But the problem also lay here.

Relying too much on sea monsters, the East Sea tribe could navigate the sea with just canoes, just like the East River tribe. They lacked the internal drive to further develop shipbuilding technology.

With the sea monsters as their maritime force, the East Sea tribe did not need sharper bows and arrows, better spears or shields. With the escort and assistance of sea monsters, canoes could also navigate the sea.

Their civilization’s skill points deviated more and more, gradually falling into stagnation.

To put it bluntly, the reason why the East Sea tribe became what it is now is because of Pray to the Gods.

Lu Yao remembered. The deceased Yu Yao said that the East Sea tribe was the breeding ground for Pray to the Gods, and the entire tribe was used as a base to cultivate sea monsters.

Pray to the Gods never thought of developing the East Sea tribe. His main base was not here.

He could use totems and had once coerced the Ghost City Sanilo. The East River tribe even said that he had apostles under his command…

So obviously, Pray to the Gods was a player from the crawling area of the Temple of the Gods.

In other words, like the Skinning and Whistle players, he couldn’t enter this fragmented world. He could only rely on the operation when the Forest God fell, and perhaps he left a one-way teleportation gate here as well.

The East Sea tribe was castrated into a deformed island that produced sea monsters, so it was impossible for them to develop.

Witnessing the current situation of the East Sea tribe, Lu Yao told himself to take it as a lesson.

He had never let the group of transcendent power led by the apostles merge with the little people of the tribe, and this was his concern in this regard.

These two were like two types of financial products.

The pixelated little people of the Garlic Tribe were like fixed deposits, with low short-term returns but stable and long-term. As long as they were given enough time, they could gradually develop, and the best strategy was to not make any rash moves.

The transcendent group led by Isabella and the Blood Knight were like stocks, with high returns but requiring frequent operations. Of course, there was also the risk of losing money.

Lu Yao was slightly distracted and noticed that the situation on the battlefield at sea had changed drastically.

The rowing sailboat was sinking.

What’s going on?

He observed carefully. It turned out that it wasn’t the impact of the canoes, but the East Sea tribe launching a desperate boarding battle.

The Blood Knight swung his sword, killing one East Sea tribe member after another. It was indeed like cutting melons and vegetables, a tiger among sheep.

However, the target of the East Sea tribe’s female warriors’ attack was not him, but the rowing sailboat. They used their lives to hold back the Blood Knight while sending people to destroy the boat.

The little people of the Garlic Tribe were all trapped in the cabin, constantly rowing. Because the boat was leaking heavily and about to sink, they abandoned the boat one after another and jumped into the sea to escape.

The Blood Knight killed ruthlessly on the sinking boat, with corpses scattered around his feet. But the seawater gradually swallowed him, giving a faint sense of the tragic feeling of the Hegemon of Western Chu by the Wu River.

“Victory belongs to us!”

“The ship is sinking!”

“We won!”

“For the East Sea tribe!”

The remaining female warriors on the canoes cheered.

Lu Yao rubbed his head in confusion.

He was careless.

He didn’t expect the female warriors of the East Sea tribe to be so tough, much stronger than the fighting spirit of the sea monsters.

Could it be that the Blood Knight is afraid of water?

As a powerful level 60 expert, being drowned is something I can’t accept…

If necessary, I’ll grab a canoe.Lu Yao was about to manually control the Blood Knight, but the next scene made him pause.

The Blood Knight, Neville, had sunk into the sea, obscured by the blue and white pixel blocks of the ocean surface, only his name visible. A “-1” slowly appeared above his head, appearing once every second, indicating that his health was continuously decreasing.

He was walking on the seabed, step by step approaching the target Lu Yao had designated for him – the main island of the Donghai Clan.

Lu Yao pinched the bridge of his nose.


Perhaps this is what they mean by “you have tactics, I have divine skills”…

Truly worthy of a level 60 Apostle.

Lu Yao couldn’t help but speculate.

It was fortunate that the Blood Knight wasn’t very smart in the past, constantly confused and weak, always creating Corruptors and Legionnaires, and sealed within the castle by the power of the rules. If he could regain his freedom and start moving, it would be a walking disaster for the small people of the tribe.

About ten minutes later, the Blood Knight emerged from the water at the coast, the knight in black armor reappeared. He had walked all the way from the seabed, landing on the large island inhabited by the Donghai Clan.

At this point, the Blood Knight’s health had dropped by about 1000 points, leaving 2800 points.

His appearance caused immense fear among the surrounding Donghai Clan’s small people.

“Didn’t he die? Isn’t he unkillable?”

“He should have sunk to the bottom of the sea!”

“The terrifying undead knight!”

“A monster, it’s a monster!”

The Blood Knight was carrying out the orders given by Lu Yao.

He mechanically swung his great sword, cutting down the small people around him one by one.

The pixelated small people of the Donghai Clan scattered and fled.

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