Chapter 5 – Hero Awakening

Lu Yao clicked “yes”.

Two pixelated figures lit up with white light, and they were immediately given the title of “hero”.

Lu Yao was happy to discover that, following the Prophet, he could also control hero characters.

He selected certain areas, and the two heroes would explore and patrol that area. Compared to the Prophet who preferred to use his intellect, the heroes were better at exploring and investigating on-site.

Additionally, repeatedly clicking on the Pig-Fish brothers would lead to a more detailed character interface.

This interface displayed the pixelated portraits of two male heroes. The hero who liked pigs had well-developed muscles, while the hero who liked fish appeared slender and agile. They were both wearing the same leather vest and had no other equipment.

【Hero Lv1】Fisherman

Attack 1 Defense 1 Knowledge 0 Mana 0 Luck 1 Morale 0

【Hero Lv1】Hunter

Attack 2 Defense 1 Knowledge 0 Mana 0 Luck 0 Morale 0

The Pig-Fish brothers used to be fishermen and hunters.

Their panel data was somewhat mixed, but after all, they were awakened heroes from ordinary pixelated figures, so one couldn’t expect too much.

What about the Prophet?

Lu Yao clicked on the Prophet continuously, and sure enough, the character interface opened up.

The Prophet’s portrait showed him with his chest bare, gazing up at the sky.

【Prophet Lv1】Farmer

Attack 0 Defense 0 Knowledge 3 Mana 0 Luck 0 Morale 0


Wisdom Lv1: Wisdom is the key for Apostles to listen to the will of the gods. The higher the level of wisdom, the easier it is to enhance and comprehend various abilities.

Compared to the Pig-Fish brothers, the Prophet also had a special ability called “Wisdom”.

Lu Yao placed his mouse over the six attributes, and the screen displayed the effects of each one.

Attack: Every 1 point of attack increases the damage of the hero’s entire team by 3%.

Defense: Every 1 point of defense increases the health of the hero’s entire team by 3%.

Knowledge: Every 1 point of knowledge increases the maximum mana value by 10 points, and daily mana recovery increases by 1 point.

Mana: Every 1 point of mana increases the effect of spells by 5%, and reduces the cooldown time of spells by 4%.

Luck: Every 1 point of luck gives the hero’s entire team a 4% chance of performing a double attack, and triggers random beneficial events.

Morale: Every 1 point of morale gives each member of the hero’s team a 4% chance of entering a high morale state. In this state, movement speed and attack speed are doubled, and it lasts for 10 seconds.

After seeing the descriptions of these six attributes, Lu Yao had a rough idea in his mind.This is very similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic series. In the future, both prophets and heroes can lead soldiers in combat operations.

The Garlic tribe has a small population and is in the early stages of primitive manual farming. They have not invented farming tools, have not mastered metalworking, and have not learned to make weapons. There is still a process to create professional soldiers.

Lu Yao selected the Pig and Fish brothers and sent them to explore the forest together.

For now, they can only rely on two lone heroes, hoping they will have some luck.

After a few minutes, the Pig and Fish brothers had a harvest in the forest.

“We found the settlement of the Forest tribe!”

“The Forest tribe recognizes our faith and acknowledges that we are also children of the gods, willing to communicate with us.”

“We were treated well, and they want to exchange leather and meat for the Garlic tribe.”

Lu Yao had them return to the tribe and meet with the prophet.

Upon learning of the demands of the Forest tribe, the prophet fell into deep thought.

“Should we tell the Forest tribe about the Black Bear? The Garlic tribe is still weak. Trading with the Forest tribe now could possibly attract attacks from the Demon Cult.”

“But this is also an opportunity for the tribe to reach out to the outside world, to trade for the leather and meat we lack, and to establish a good relationship with the Forest tribe.”

“It’s a difficult choice.”

Lu Yao chose the prophet and directly moved him to the forest.

Development is the only truth.

If the tribe wants to avoid being beaten, it must seize every opportunity to develop quickly. Otherwise, after the Forest tribe is defeated, the Demon Cult will turn around and deal with the Garlic tribe. They cannot miss this opportunity.

A exclamation mark appeared above the prophet’s head.

“Unknowingly, I have come to the forest. It seems to be the will of the gods. The gods believe that we should unite with the Forest tribe, so let’s do it.”

The prophet entered the forest, and a pixelated figure wearing a leather vest, the symbol of the Forest tribe, greeted him. A small path had been opened up in the forest, leading to another settlement deep in the forest. The observable boundary on the computer screen expanded further outward.

Lu Yao could see clearly from a god’s-eye view.

The Forest tribe seemed to have a population of over a hundred people, living in various tree houses in the forest.

Unlike the Garlic tribe’s people who did everything, the Forest tribe had two distinct professions.

The farmer specialized in growing berries and mushrooms and traded food with others.

The hunter used traps and wooden spears to hunt birds, rabbits, and monkeys. They traded the game with the farmers and also used the animal hides to make leather.Normally, farmers would stay in the tribe, taking care of their berry bushes and mushroom fields, while hunters would venture deep into the forest or neighboring mountains to search for various prey.

The leader of the forest tribe was called the Shaman, wearing a wooden mask. The Shaman and the Prophet were always in conversation, but these conversations were not displayed on the screen. The two little people were like having a private chat channel.

After about ten minutes, several pieces of information suddenly appeared on the game interface.

【The Prophet tells the Forest Tribe about the demon cult’s attack, and the Forest Tribe’s attitude becomes friendly.】

【The Prophet teaches the Forest Tribe how to plant and use garlic, and the Forest Tribe’s attitude becomes intimate.】

【The bestowal is complete, and garlic is integrated into the world.】

【The Forest Tribe successfully forms an alliance with the Garlic Tribe, and your faith will spread in the Forest Tribe.】

Lu Yao felt a little relieved.

The Prophet made a series of successful operations.

With hundreds of people in the Forest Tribe, there was a chance to gain a few believers, which was what Lu Yao needed for his faith value at the moment.

The alliance made the Garlic Tribe a reliable trading partner.

Most importantly, the bestowal had been completed.

He quickly opened the temple interface.

Sure enough, the bestowal slot had been cleared.

That is to say, he could now transmit something to the Garlic Tribe for remote support.

Lu Yao was excited for a few seconds and then fell into thought.

What is the most needed thing for the Garlic Tribe right now?


Iron tools?



Lu Yao played with the Energy Wand in his hand and various ideas came to his mind. Every kind of thing seemed to be useful and important to the Garlic Tribe.

Just when he was a bit indecisive, a line of subtitles appeared on the computer screen again.

【The Forest Tribe offers a sacrifice to thank you for the garlic bestowed, presenting a gift.】

The second gift!

Lu Yao quickly opened the temple.

A green plant appeared in the Gift slot, looking like a cactus.

【Cactus Follower】: Faith +1/hour.

A faithful servant of the gods, they obey the commands of the gods and are responsible for cleaning and offering in the Forest Temple. They are a group of reliable and hardworking elves. They are usually in the form of cacti and become servants in front of the gods.

Lu Yao was stunned.


He quickly took out the Gift.

In an instant, a round cactus appeared on the keyboard.It was about the size of Lu Yao’s fist and looked no different from the cactus sold in the market, with a plump green body covered in spikes.

Suddenly, the cactus swayed slowly, growing slender green arms and legs.

It bent its knees, and its round body (or head) pressed against the table, respectfully kneeling to Lu Yao.

Lu Yao tried to ask, “Can you clean?”

The cactus attendant continued to kneel on the ground, nodding its head.

“Then clean the floor here.”

Upon receiving the command, the cactus attendant leaped off the table gracefully and landed steadily, then started running on the ground. As it trotted around, the dust, hair, and debris on the floor were swept away.

These clusters of dust and garbage were adsorbed onto the cactus’s surface, gathered together, and compressed into a ball.

It was like a small biological vacuum cleaner, quickly cleaning the floor spotlessly, even removing the debris and dirt from the crevices. The cracked old tiles shone brightly, as if they had been waxed and maintained in a 4S store.

Lu Yao crossed his legs, opened a bottle of cola he bought yesterday, and watched the cactus work, feeling inexplicably content.

This was the happiness of being a deity.

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