Chapter 4 – Prophet

In many ancient cultures, a prophet refers to a person who receives divine inspiration and conveys the will of the gods. According to this definition, the pixelated figure who found the Energy Wand undoubtedly qualifies.

In the pixelated game world, Lu Yao also needs someone who can understand his thoughts, even if it’s only a small part. It’s better than letting a group of small people guess blindly. He doesn’t want another baby to appear in the “sacrifice” slot.

Lu Yao clicked “Yes.”

The screen displayed:

“The first prophet appeared in the Garlic Tribe. Under the guidance and influence of the prophet, everyone’s intelligence has slightly improved.”

As Lu Yao manipulated, a white light appeared on the pixelated figure, and the question mark above his head turned into a glowing light bulb.

The words “prophet” appeared above the pixelated figure’s head.

The prophet knelt and worshiped the idol, then walked out of the temple.

As soon as he appeared, all the pixelated figures surrounded him, as if they knew he had received the grace of the gods.

The prophet said, “The magical items that the gods need are things we cannot understand or master. Everyone should pay attention in the future. If you see similar things, offer them to the gods, and you will receive the blessings of the gods.”

“The prophet is right!”

“Listen to the prophet!”

“Magical items, let’s find magical items!”

“The magical wild boar! I know there is one, a white magical wild boar that no one has ever caught!”

“I have seen a magical fish in the water. It eats all meat and bones, very magical. The Lord God will definitely like it!”

Lu Yao looked at the last two pixelated figures who spoke speechlessly.

They were both wearing leather vests, even though they had no markings or names. Lu Yao recognized them at a glance as the Pig-Fish brothers.

Although the prophet told others about the characteristics of the offerings, there were no similar discoveries among the pixelated figures in the next three hours. Most of the pixelated figures returned to their normal lives, planting garlic and berries, and then eating them.

Soon, two new babies were born in the tribe, and the pixelated figures began to take care of them.

The only thing Lu Yao could guide was the prophet, but he could only move the prophet to a designated location. Whether the prophet could understand and discover anything was up to his own comprehension.

After watching for a while, it was already 6:30 in the afternoon, and Lu Yao was hungry.

He went downstairs to the small restaurant and ordered a green pepper shredded pork fried rice, wolfing it down before hastily returning.

On the computer screen, there was a new change in the Garlic Tribe.

A black bear that nobody knew where it came from had entered the tribe. It destroyed two fields and a house, and there were two pixelated figure corpses on the ground.

Most of the pixelated figures hid behind the temple, trembling with fear. The prophet stood beside the temple, holding the tribe’s two babies in his arms.

The black bear was two or three times the size of the pixelated figures, and to them, it was a kind of giant monster. At this moment, it was biting the pixelated figure corpses on the ground.Lu Yao was furious.

He had waited so long for the arrival of two newborns, but now you have reduced our population by two as soon as you arrived. Do you want to die?

Eat my divine punishment!

Just as he was about to cast a lightning bolt, he noticed something unusual.

Two pixelated figures and a black bear were facing off in the tribe. They were wearing leather vests and holding wooden sticks, continuously hitting the bear’s head and butt as they circled around it.

As they moved, they shouted.

“The power of the pig!”

“I am as agile as a fish!”

This was obviously the Pig and Fish brothers.

Lu Yao was a bit hesitant.

If he used lightning now, the two little people might be reduced to ashes, just like the previous leader with the bull horn helmet. He needed to keep them at a safe distance. The tribe couldn’t afford any more losses.

Lu Yao decided to wait and see.

The two pixelated figures were very agile. They cooperated with each other, with one attacking while the other ran away after hitting the bear with a stick, making the black bear vulnerable from both sides.

The wooden sticks didn’t cause much damage, but it made the black bear feel annoyed, and flames of anger erupted from its head. It threw the dead body on the ground and crazily chased after the two pixelated figures. This time, the two didn’t continue to pull and tug, but ran towards the forest together.

Lu Yao understood.

The two little people were trying to lure the black bear out to avoid further harm to others.

Normally, the Pig and Fish brothers seemed a bit unreliable, but they were really stepping up in this critical situation.

Lu Yao immediately activated the miracle [lightning], predicting the direction the black bear was running towards the forest, and tried to keep the fire and the Pig and Fish brothers at a safe distance.

A silver lightning bolt struck down!

The black bear was killed instantly by the lightning bolt, with its body emitting smoke.

Under the lightning attack, the Pig and Fish brothers fell to the ground. But after a few seconds, they got up and seemed to be alive.

Lu Yao breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing the black bear being killed by lightning, all the pixelated figures raised their arms and cheered, with smiley face symbols appearing above their heads.

Only the prophet had a question mark above his head.

Lu Yao clicked on the question mark.

The prophet thought, “How did the bear come out of the deep mountains? We have never seen such a big bear nearby. Where did it come from, and why did it suddenly attack the Garlic Tribe?”

He handed the baby in his hand to the little person next to him and walked to the black bear’s charred body.

Then a exclamation mark appeared above the prophet’s head.

“It’s not a bear!”

The charred bear’s body turned out to be a dead pixelated figure. The little people in the tribe were suddenly panicked.

“It’s a follower of the demon!”

“People who believe in demons turn into bears, so they attack the tribe. They want to destroy the temple and attack us!”

“The demon who eats people, how terrifying!”

“Demon, a terrifying demon, there’s a demon here! I want to leave!”

Three of the pixelated figures immediately fled in all directions.

The population in the upper right corner suddenly dropped to 25.The faith value also dropped by 3 points. Considering the previous consumption of 20 faith points for using [Lightning], as well as the replenishment of the [Energy Wand], the temple now has a total of 7 faith points left.

Lu Yao scratched his head.

After working hard for a whole day, it felt like he was back to square one.

Being a god was not easy.

What concerned him more was the newly emerged demonic element.

From the sound of it, demons seemed to be in opposition to gods. His tribe had not been established for long, and the demon believers had attacked. He didn’t know if it was a coincidence or they were being targeted.

What was certain was that in the future, they would inevitably have to deal with demons.

The prophet found a letter in the body of the demon believer.

“The letter says: The target is the Forest Tribe. Take advantage of the absence of the Forest Tribe’s hunters and kill as many people as possible.”

The question mark above the prophet’s head turned into a glowing light bulb.

“I understand. This demon believer who transformed into a black bear got the wrong place and mistook our tribe for the Forest Tribe, so he attacked us. Their target is the Forest Tribe, so we are still safe.”

The other frightened little people finally calmed down.

Then the pixel people began to repair the destroyed houses and fields, and they all got busy.

Lu Yao opened the temple interface and found that the [Garlic] in the [Blessing] slot had not disappeared, which meant that he still couldn’t provide remote assistance to them.

The [Sacrifice] slot below was empty, and the tribe’s little people hadn’t brought any new offerings.

To his surprise, two more pixel people entered the temple.

—Great God, two believers have performed feats far beyond their peers. Do you need to transform them into heroes?


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