Chapter 6 – Request from the forest tribe

Lu Yao was able to leave work early yesterday, but today the company turned into a collective overtime. The boss came back from somewhere and held an impromptu meeting, criticizing everyone and demanding that they write a summary of their recent work and submit it to him before leaving today. The whole company was shrouded in a depressing atmosphere. The boss stood alone by the window, looking gloomy and no one dared to move. Even the relationship holders changed their lazy attitude and looked like they were working hard.


"Have a snack." Colleague Sister Peng handed Lu Yao a piece of wafer.


"Thank you, Sister Peng." Lu Yao was a bit hungry.


One of the three people in the company who actually worked was Sister Peng. She was around thirty years old, single, not particularly pretty, but spoke softly and was easy to get along with. Sister Peng claimed that she initially suspected Lu Yao had connections, so she wanted to establish a good relationship with him. Later, she found out that Lu Yao did not have any background, but he was reliable and could lend a hand in critical moments. Most importantly, Sister Peng thought Lu Yao's temper was similar to her cousin's, so she took care of him.


"Do you know why the boss is angry?" Sister Peng whispered.


Lu Yao shook his head.


"His car got scratched." Lu Yao remembered that the boss drove a white BMW X5 and the woman in the passenger seat was always changing, the only thing they had in common was being young. Lu Yao knew nothing else about them.


"The one who scratched the car was a child, the boss's lover's son." Sister Peng gossiped.


"A few days ago, the boss lost a big contract to a young man, even the experienced can make mistakes…this time Both things made him feel awful."


Lu Yao nodded absentmindedly, his mind was on the simulator.


Finally, when the boss left, Sister Peng picked up her handbag and said, "Give you a ride? It's on my way."


"No need,thanks~ I'm going out to buy something."


"Then be careful." Sister Peng said, "There was an incident recently, a pervert likes to knock people out, strip them naked, and hang them with ropes…"


Lu Yao had heard about this incident.


He could only say that the world was full of strange things. He couldn't understand this kind of hobby.


"The two victims, a female college student and a male courier, are both receiving psychological treatment, they're like completely different people now. The pervert didn't care if the victims are male or female.."


Suddenly, Sister Peng remembered something. "Do you live in Jiuyuan Community?"


Lu Yao nodded.


"Both victims live in your community, so be careful. The pervert hasn't been caught by the police yet, don't wander around, even boys need to be careful outside."


Lu Yao hesitated for a moment.


"Um…can I hitch a ride today?"


Sister Peng chuckled. "Scared?"


"A little."




"Thanks, Sister Peng."


"No problem, I'll make sure to send you back home safe and sound. Get in the car."


She drove a red Mazda and drove into the city's night. Lu Yao sat in the passenger seat and looked out the window.In fact, he and Sister Peng had a tacit understanding. When Sister Peng offered to give him a ride, Lu Yao said it was unnecessary and just a polite gesture. It was his first time getting into her car.


Although they usually chatted freely at work, in the private environment of the car with only the two of them, one male and one female, they fell silent and maintained a deliberate distance. There was a faint smell of air freshener in the car, but the built-in music alleviated the awkward silence.


Lu Yao wasn't afraid of perverts. He usually took the bus or subway back to his community and walked a maximum of one or two hundred meters. He just wanted to hitch a ride with Sister Peng to get home faster. He couldn't wait to see the progress in the Simulator.


Sister Peng parked her Mazda outside the community and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She resumed her natural smile from work and said, "Go back, see you tomorrow."


"Thank you, Sister Peng."


Lu Yao also said, "Drive safely and slowly."


"Don't worry."


Watching the car leave, Lu Yao ran all the way to his small room.


The Garlic Tribe, your god has returned!



When he opened the door, the succulent followers on the computer desk bowed to him.


Lu Yao found that his single room had been completely renovated. The sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and curtains had all been brightened by a shade, and the surface and inside dust and stains had been sucked out by the succulent. The wardrobe and bedside table had also been wiped clean and shiny, and there was a faint smell of grass and trees in the room.


The only things the succulent followers hadn't touched were the computer and the computer desk. These two things seemed to be a sacred and inviolable area in their eyes, a place only gods could touch, and they couldn't overstep.


The 24-inch LCD monitor screen glowed with white light. Since he knew that the Simulator would run spontaneously, Lu Yao no longer shut down the computer and kept the Simulator open on the computer all the time.


When he arrived at the computer, he found that the Garlic Tribe had changed again. The tribe's population had reached 38, with 13 new members, including forest tribe people wearing leather vests, barefoot wandering aboriginal people, and even a wild man with thick hair and leaves draped over his body. The faith value had become 44 points.


Lu Yao was pleased that he could use two more lightning strikes. The succulent follower and the Energy Staff could provide a fixed income of 2 points of faith per hour. The increase in the tribe's population was a floating income.


Next was the focus of today. Lu Yao opened his backpack and took out a courier box. He quickly opened the box and pulled out a transparent plastic bag containing light brown seeds. This was his chosen gift, wheat seeds. He believed that if the Garlic Tribe had enough food, they would have the energy to develop writing, pottery, smelting, and even weapons. If they couldn't even eat their fill, there was no point in learning. If he sent books over, even basic textbooks like the Three Character Classic, the cultural level of the Garlic Tribe, who were still in the prenatal education stage, might not be able to understand them or read the words. It was better to provide them with a material foundation. Once the little people had sufficient food, they would naturally have higher needs and thinking motivation."——Would you like to bestow【Wheat】to your followers?"


Lu Yao clicked【Yes】.


Moments later, exclamation marks appeared above the heads of the tribal people outside the temple, and they raised their arms and cheered.


"God's grace!"


"Long live the grace, long live the miracle!"


"Great God, thank you for your grace!"


"Wheat! Magical wheat!"


"Food! Delicious food!"


"Let's eat heartily, let's eat heartily!"


At this time, the prophet said, "God has bestowed us with wheat, and we need to make good use of it to spread the faith in the world better. Just like garlic."


Lu Yao was very satisfied.


After all, the prophet was the only cultured person in the tribe, and he had a good overall view.


The screen showed.


【Your grace has taught the believers how to plant and use wheat, and their faith has been enhanced.】


The faith value jumped from 44 to 84 points.


Lu Yao remembered that garlic had increased the faith by 15 points, and this time wheat brought 40 points of faith. It seemed that there were different levels of effectiveness for the grace, and for now, food had a more significant impact on the Garlic Tribe.


After a while, the prophet entered the temple, knelt on the ground, and a question mark appeared above his head.


Lu Yao clicked to see his doubt.


"Great God, the Forest Tribe knows of a dying old God's Apostle and wishes to offer him as a sacrifice to you. However, they need us to teach them about wheat, but wheat is too precious. My humble wisdom cannot make a balance, so I can only sincerely ask, Almighty God Yao, can you give an inspiration?"


"——Do you want to share the wheat trade with the Forest Tribe for the【Apostle】?"



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