Chapter 44 – Fate

In the dimly lit prison cell, Yuan Lisha drank milk and looked at the computer screen.

Although imprisonment meant being confined, the living conditions inside were actually well provided for. Being imprisoned by the committee was not a privilege that everyone had.

Usually, those who were imprisoned were experienced players. Newbies couldn’t even understand the basic operations and were still exploring the maps, so they didn’t have time to engage in illegal activities.

Although player qualifications were randomly generated, each player was a strategic resource and a part of the human collective strength. Unless absolutely necessary, the committee rarely resorted to extreme punishment.

Yuan Lisha stood up and started doing Pilates exercises, her eyes still fixed on the screen.

On the screen, pixelated characters were building thatched huts and hanging the prey they caught on wooden poles. The primitive civilization was in ruins, and everything had to start from scratch.

She had also entered the Temple of the Gods and ventured into the crawling area where the gods overlapped with each other. That was the true battlefield of the world.

After being invaded by a lizardman, the civilization created by Yuan Lisha was destroyed, causing the “Divine Jack” faith to suffer a devastating blow.

Helplessly, she could only let the remaining believers scatter and infiltrate the lower world, waiting for the next revival.

The pain of failure accompanied the shrinking of the faith’s flame, and she suddenly fell from being a god to an ordinary person. She could no longer travel between the two dimensions, and her divine body was almost completely shattered.

Yuan Lisha couldn’t accept it.

She began to collect faith using some special methods.

As long as she wasn’t discovered, it wouldn’t be considered a violation of the rules set by the committee.

Who would have thought that there would be high-level players wandering around in the safe zone.

The other party, for some unknown reason, targeted her… completely disregarding the precious time wasted.

The taste of high-level players was hard to determine.

In this world, sometimes there was no reason to be found.

Yuan Lisha stretched her legs, keeping her muscles relaxed and flexible.

Suddenly, a prompt appeared on the screen.

[The faith of the Skinning God has completely disappeared in the Forest Fragment World, and its followers in that world will begin to seek new gods.]

[The Skinning God expresses disappointment in you, and your reputation has decreased.]

Yuan Lisha narrowed her eyes in disbelief, making sure she hadn’t read it wrong.

How is this possible?

In the Fragment World, there were only apprentice gods, which meant rookie players…

There were advanced fanatical followers left behind by the Skinning God, and with the power of the apprentice gods’ faith, they were incapable of dealing with them.

She quickly tapped on the wall.

“I have important information!”

Soon, a girl in a white shirt walked out of the wall.

The girl had a thin tie on her shirt, habitually pursed her lips, and her gaze was cautious and unfamiliar. She carefully looked at Yuan Lisha as if she wanted to verify her appearance.

“Why is it you? Can’t you send someone else?” Yuan Lisha was a bit helpless.

“Song Shiyi, don’t look at me. No matter how many times you see me, you won’t remember anyway.”

She rubbed her hair and impatiently waved her hand. “Skip the introduction.”

“Now I’ll provide you with important information. Listen carefully.”

“In the Fragment World before me, the heroes left behind by the Skinning God were eliminated, and the faith of the Skinning God completely disappeared in that area.”

“I belong to the Skinning God in the Temple of the Gods, so I can see relevant information as soon as possible.”

Song Shiyi’s face froze. “Skinning God?”

“The title of the Temple of the Gods! Didn’t you check your database before coming here?”

Yuan Lisha gritted her teeth and said.

She usually liked to tease Song Shiyi about her illness, knowing that the other party wouldn’t remember anything the next day, but now it had become a burden.

Song Shiyi seemed to be deep in thought. “So it’s a title god. I remember now.”


Yuan Lisha suppressed her annoyance and spoke rapidly, “After the fall of the Forest God, the Skinning God and the Whistleblower occupied that Fragment World.”

“As the former main god, when the Forest God fell, the dimensions that were overlapped by him scattered and were divided among the gods. But there is one world that has not been found yet.”

“The main god’s space, the Golden Plains, which contains many treasures of the Forest God.”

Song Shiyi gradually entered a state of concentration, and her gaze became serious. “Are you saying that the Fragment World and the Golden Plains overlap in dimensions?”

“I don’t know.”

Yuan Lisha shook her head. “But I think it’s impossible for the apprentice gods to eliminate the high-level followers left by the Skinning God.”

“The only possibility I can think of is that the Apostle of the Forest God is still hidden in the Golden Plains, and they are the ones who took action against the followers left by the Skinning God.”

Song Shiyi opened her phone and quickly searched for information.

“According to your previous testimony, there was a newcomer player who was randomly sent to that Fragment World.”

“Yes. That kid had average strength. Half a month ago, when I was expelled from that world, there were less than three hundred people, and the two heroes were also trash, only at level 2.”Yuan Lisha sneered, “That kid took advantage of the time when you guys captured me, commanded the primitives to steal my tribe, and destroyed my foundation there.”

Song Shiyi exclaimed, “Was it destroyed so easily?”

“I spread my bases and followers everywhere, unlike you who deeply cultivate a single world!”

Yuan Lisha impatiently said, “Anyway, it couldn’t be him. Unless he cultivated two level 30 heroes within half a month, and could find the Peelers’ tunnel deep underground…”

“The possibility is very small.” Song Shiyi agreed.

“It’s absolutely impossible!”

Yuan Lisha emphasized, “In the fragment world, there are no wild monsters above level 20 for him to upgrade his heroes. Even if he slaughtered all the monsters in that fragment world, it would be impossible to reach level 30!”

“He doesn’t build wonders, doesn’t enter the Pantheon, the world can’t move, dimensions can’t overlap, it’s still a stagnant fragment world with a limited upper limit.”

Song Shiyi, with her chin propped on the back of her hand, seriously said, “Is there such a possibility that he has some special treasure that allows him to obtain two level 30 heroes?”

Yuan Lisha looked at her coldly.

“…Alright. I know, the possibility is indeed very small.” Song Shiyi muttered to herself.

She composed herself, “So you mean, an anomaly occurred in the fragment world, causing the hero left by the Peelers to be erased.”

“Yes, this news is related to the Main God Space.”

Yuan Lisha emphasized, “You should understand what this means.”

“I understand. I will verify this news. If everything is true, the committee will provide you with corresponding sentence reduction according to the relevant laws and regulations of the ‘Special Management Regulations’.”

Yuan Lisha was stunned, “How to check? There’s only one new player there.”

“What’s his name? What do you know about him? It would be even better if you have his address and family information.” Song Shiyi asked seriously.

“…I only know that guy calls himself ‘God Yao’, I don’t know anything else.”

“I see, I will try my best to find this player and verify the information you provided.”

Song Shiyi said, “Once this player enters the Pantheon, we can contact him.”

She opened a page on her phone and said according to the data, “According to the committee’s current data statistics, the probability of new players entering the Pantheon is 7.4%, and the average time is 176 days. Let’s wait patiently.”


Yuan Lisha closed her eyes in pain, clenching her fists.

Now she had to pray, hoping that the guy who ambushed her could enter the Pantheon and not die from some accident or disaster.

He was the only witness she had now.

What kind of karma have I created!

Could it be that I cuckolded that kid in my previous life and then swindled all his property?

In the company, Lu Yao yawned.

He had been watching the “Crazy Molting Monster” all night, which made him tense. As soon as he relaxed during the day, he became extremely sleepy.

He decided to go home and sleep early today.

Even if the sky falls, the boss gives me a raise in the middle of the night, an unknown distant relative insists on giving me a billion-dollar inheritance… I, Lu Yao, will go to bed before midnight.

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