Chapter 43 – Mad Molting Beast

The temple’s sacrificial trough contained a piece of brownish-yellow material that looked like wrinkled fur or dried mud.

[Source Unknown Bark]:

An heirloom passed down through generations of the cave-dwelling monster [Sen] clan, it holds important clues dating back to the previous era.

Lu Yao couldn’t make sense of this description.

No attributes, no faith bonuses, just a riddle-like description.

Is that it?

Sen, who was kneeling in the temple, said, “Oh divine being, this is the treasure that our clan inherited from the era of the forest god. It has been passed down through generations, and it is said to be the key to restoring the glory of the forest god.”

“Our ancestors have always passed down proverbs, saying that if our clan can be revived, we should follow the traces left by the forest god based on this piece of bark and return to the embrace of the divine being.”

“Oh divine being, I know that this is already an impossible task. Because the forest god has completely fallen, and this land has been occupied and transformed by the foreign [Whistleblowers] and [Skinners]…”

“The old era has come to an end.”

“The Sen clan has offered their faith and loyalty to God Yao, so this relic of the old era should also be offered to the divine being.”

“I can feel that this piece of bark has some kind of reaction with a certain place in the mountains. If the divine being allows it, I am willing to take the bark and search for it.”

Lu Yao clicked on the character.

The portrait of the cave-dwelling wizard was that of an elder wearing a stone mask, holding a bone staff. His upper body was thin and bare, while his lower body was dressed in tattered pants. Sen’s hunched body looked up at the sun.

Under the portrait, it was written:

– Even if we are as humble as dust, we must not consider ourselves as worms.

[Hero Lv13] Cave-dwelling Wizard Sen

Attack 5 Defense 5 Knowledge 13 Mana 8 Luck 1 Morale 2


Wisdom Lv4: Wisdom is the key for the apostle to listen to the will of the divine being. The higher the level of wisdom, the easier it is to enhance and comprehend various abilities.

Wind Listener Lv1: Can hear distant voices in the wind.

Sen’s main attribute was knowledge, but he also had a bit of everything and was the highest level in the Garlic Tribe. In addition, he was the first natural hero unit.

Looking at the [Source Unknown Bark], Lu Yao was a bit hesitant.

This was a forest god-related item, and some clues could only be found in the pixel world.

He dragged the screen to the west.

Inside the castle of the Salt Pool Tribe, the situation was still tense.

The good news was that the Blood Knight had gone completely mad. It was slashing at the imaginary enemies in the castle, and no longer speaking human language, only roaring like a wild beast.

The bad news was that the Blood Knight had become even more dangerous. Due to the difference in ranks, Isabella couldn’t effectively influence him even with the [Evil Bone Whistle].

Lu Yao pondered. If the east was not bright, then he would try the west. He didn’t want to waste manpower here.

He decided to send Isabella and Sen to search for treasure.

Sen held the bark and headed west into the mountains. He searched around and arrived at a collapsed mountain.

“Oh divine apostle, this is the place with the strongest reaction. We need to dig through these rocks.”

The cave-dwelling wizard called the cave-dwelling monsters, and they started chiseling the rocks.

Lu Yao had some impression of this place. It was the location of Lisa’s barbarian tribe. Or more accurately, it was the suspicious cave next to the barbarian tribe.

A few minutes later, Sen and the cave-dwelling monsters dug through the rocks and opened a new passage.

Isabella led them inside.

Lu Yao double-clicked on the cave and entered a new instance map.

The cave was a winding path, very dim. But with Sen, a native of the underground, leading the way, there were no obstacles along the way.

The group spiraled downward, and suddenly, a creature jumped out at a corner of the passage.

It was called [Mad Molting Monster], with a level displayed as LV30. It looked like a giant hairy wildman. As soon as it appeared, it charged towards Isabella, and both sides immediately entered a battle state.

Lu Yao felt a bit anxious.

This guy was really unfair.

Normally, shouldn’t there be small fry guarding the outskirts and the boss inside? You’re starting with a boss ambush, haven’t you won before?

Lu Yao cursed in his heart, but he didn’t neglect his actions.

He opened the battle screen, ready to use [Miracle] for long-range bombardment support at any time.

With over 10,000 units of faith ammunition in reserve, Lu Yao was not worried.

In the battle interface, the Undead Skinner’s attack method was quite special.

It ignited its own head and hands, fought crazily with Isabella, and wasn’t afraid of Isabella’s Holy Sword at all. If it was hit by the sword, it would spew out fire, igniting its whole body and blood, resulting in a self-immolation attack.

Lu Yao had never seen this kind of tactic before.

Starting off with such a big move?

In response to this fearless suicidal monster, Isabella had no choice but to switch to a defensive and evasive stance.

[Mad Molting Monster LV30]

HP: 3090/3090

Mana: 552/552

Damage: 35

Defense: 35

Speed: 10

[Evasion Lv15]

Can evade some damage from attacks. Compared to its weak HP, this probability is higher.

[Burn Lv15]

Attacks cause the enemy to be burned, continuously dealing damage.

[Crazy Sacrifice Lv1]

Awakens the fire of sacrifice, attacks will burn the lives of both enemies and allies.

Lu Yao was shocked by this panel.The “Mad Molting Beast” had an absurdly high amount of health, almost on par with a level 60 Blood Knight.

The most dangerous thing was its “Mad Sacrifice” ability, which turned the Mad Molting Beast’s damage into true damage. As long as Isabella was scorched by the flames, her health would decrease.

Coupled with the monster’s incredibly high health bar, if it came down to a brawl, it would be a matter of who could last longer… It was hard to outlast it.

The “Mad Molting Beast” launched a sneak attack right from the start, intending to burn life directly.

Lu Yao felt relieved.

Fortunately, Isabella had rich combat experience, and her speed was as high as 18, giving her an absolute advantage against the Mad Molting Beast, which was higher level than her.

It seemed that Isabella was constantly dodging the enemy flexibly, continuously inflicting damage with her holy sword. But with her overwhelming speed, each attack carried a huge risk.

The whole battle turned into a scene that was both tragic and bizarre.

The Mad Molting Beast ignited itself, intending to outlast Isabella. However, Isabella just kept dodging, watching as the “-1 -1” health deduction prompts kept popping up above its head.

Nearly an hour later, the Mad Molting Beast’s health bar was depleted, and it was burned to ashes.

But Isabella didn’t leave immediately.

She stood by the enemy’s corpse, an exclamation mark appearing above her head.

“Is this ash… a treant?”

A white light emanated from Isabella as she used the Last Prayer, but the dark energy on the ground around her couldn’t coalesce.

A question mark appeared above her head.

“The Last Prayer failed. The deceased here haven’t fallen asleep. That is to say, the treant hasn’t completely died.”

Lu Yao typed in the dialogue box.

—If you need support, just say it. I can use Miracle at any time.

“Yes, my lord.”

Isabella continued forward with Mori.

Seven more “Mad Molting Beasts” appeared one after another, each one higher level than the last, with the final one reaching LV39. However, its speed was still only 12, and no matter how strong its attack, it was futile if it couldn’t hit.

Lu Yao dared not sleep, fearing that Isabella couldn’t handle it alone. He felt uneasy not being able to see, so he held the “Energy Wand” and stayed up all night.

By the time Isabella had wiped out all the “Mad Molting Beasts”, it was already 8:30 the next morning.

Seeing that there wasn’t enough time, Lu Yao started to get dressed and put on his shoes while typing with one hand.

—That’s it for today. Take Mori and the others back to the tribe first. We’ll continue when I get back.

“Yes, my lord.”

Isabella took her orders.

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