Chapter 45 – Just keep going, what else can he do

Subtitles appeared on the computer screen.

【The faith of the Skinning God has completely disappeared nearby, and his apostles will begin to seek new gods.】

Lu Yao suddenly had a sense of foreboding.

In the depths underground, Isabella and her group did not encounter any more “Crazy Skinning Monsters”. At the end was a spiral ascending passage.

Lu Yao took a look and found that the screen had returned to the map of the earth. This location was in a hidden area deep in the northern forest. However, the environment here was a bit special, with the surrounding trees and grass burned to ashes, and the ground covered in black ashes.

In the center of this black area stood a black statue of the Skinning God, covered with densely packed red eyeballs.

Around the base of the Skinning God statue were piles of firewood, with fire burning on the wood as if it had never been extinguished for years.

Isabella stood beside the statue, and a dialogue box appeared above her head.

“Sir, these ignited woods are the remains of the tree people.”

“These flames continuously burn the souls of the tree people, preventing them from returning to the Sea of Departure.”

The cave-dwelling wizard Sen Jian also said, “Apostle, this is the destination guided by the tree bark. Perhaps there are relics left by the Forest God here.”

Due to the discontinuation of the tradition for many years and the almost complete loss of writing, the Sen clan had limited knowledge of tree bark.

Isabella looked around.

“Sir, if we destroy this altar, we can let the souls of the tree people rest. Perhaps we can obtain more information from the deceased. Should we destroy it?”

Lu Yao agreed.

After receiving the order, Isabella summoned the Holy Sword.

She swung the Holy Sword and quickly slashed it down, causing a faint red light to emit from the surface of the Skinning God statue. However, it quickly shattered into black rubble.

The flames under the statue seemed to lose their power, and the flames quickly shrank and extinguished.

Isabella stood with her sword. Green lights appeared in the debris and ashes on the ground, condensing into a tall figure with a brown color.

【Tree Person】.

Lu Yao double-clicked on the tree person and obtained a more detailed data panel.

【Tree Person LV20】【Created by Isabella】

HP: 990/990

MP: 222/222

Damage: 20

Defense: 25

Speed: 7

【Thick Skin】

Innately has higher HP.


Can give birth to new offspring.

【Leaf Shot Lv15】

Shoots leaves at enemies from a distance.

【Recovery Lv15】

Continuously restores HP when it rains.

【Forest Element Lv1】

A forest elemental creature that promotes rapid forest growth and enhances all attributes in the forest. The effect depends on ability level and HP.

Lu Yao carefully examined the panel description.

The tree person was suitable for positional warfare, with balanced offense and defense and a thick skin. However, it was slow. Therefore, when using the tree person, it should be used as a meat shield or for direct confrontation. The forest was its advantage.

If the tree person’s HP continued to decrease, he could use 【Rainfall】 to restore its HP.

The only regret was that the 【Sword of the Forest】 only created one tree person, and the conversion rate was not particularly ideal. However, due to the existence of the 【Self-Propagation】 ability, theoretically, as long as there was enough time, this tree person could serve as the mother and continuously give birth to new tree people.

After creating the tree person, Isabella emitted a white light.

The ability 【Final Prayer】 was activated.

Black smoke emerged from the ground, and this time, the black smoke slowly entwined and transformed into a twisting black ball of the deceased.

Isabella had an encrypted conversation with the black ball.

During the conversation, Isabella also translated it to Lu Yao.

“…This was originally the altar of the Forest God and the initial core for spreading the faith of the Forest God in this fragmented world.”

“When the Forest God fell, it was invaded by two foreign gods, the Whistleblower and the Skinning God.”

“The invading army they sent burned down large areas of the forest and destroyed the altar, wanting to find the main god space, the Golden Plain, at the center of the Forest God’s dimensional worlds.”

“…The Skinning God stripped the bark from all the tree people, turning some of them into Crazy Skinning Monsters and using the others as fuel for this Skinning Altar.”

“The Golden Plain is the treasure trove of the Forest God, and the tree people say they don’t know the exact location.”

“That is a special world, and only through trials can one enter.”

“The first trial known by the tree people is to restore the vitality of this ancient land, turning the desert back into a forest and letting the mountains be covered in vegetation again.”

“In addition, there is another requirement: the trial taker must not view the faith of the Forest God as an enemy faith.”

Lu Yao pondered.

In simple terms, it meant planting various trees.

Would completing the first trial be as easy as greening the area?

Lu Yao felt that this condition was somewhat unreliable, so he typed and asked Isabella.

“Sir, what you said is completely correct. This is the trial that the inheritor of the Forest God needs to complete.”

She explained, “The Forest God was once a highly respected main god, and the Golden Plain is a priceless treasure trove for any deity.”

“If possible, sir, please don’t miss this opportunity.”

Lu Yao thought for a while.

Planting trees was not difficult for a divine player. It only required activating the 【Rainfall】 miracle and then using 【Sunshine】 alternately. The other tree people could handle it.The whole process was like kneading dough.

A layer of rain, a layer of sun, more rain when it’s sunny, and rain when the sun is too strong.

As a deity, Lu Yao’s main task was to gather enough faith to cast a wide range of “Miracles”.

Moreover, to cover the entire southern desert and western mountains, the cost of faith was higher than he had anticipated.

The situation on the mountains was slightly better.

After 15 “Rains” and 11 “Scorching Suns”, coupled with the “Forest Element” ability of the treants, green sprouts began to emerge from the bald mountains.

The desert, however, was a disaster area.

Lu Yao had to cast 40 “Rains” and 35 “Scorching Suns” to initially cover the desert, allowing green sprouts to grow in the sand.

These two rounds alone consumed a total of 1700 faith points.

The mountains were like icing on the cake, already having trees and grass. Although sparse, they had a foundation. So after the first round of rain and sun, the greenery there gradually thickened.

The situation in the desert was much more complicated.

What Lu Yao didn’t expect was that the first to cause trouble were the sandworms.

Seemingly aware that these saplings posed some potential threat to them, the sandworms began to secretly damage and uproot the saplings, which infuriated Lu Yao and made him send Isabella to guard the area.

Whoever dares to destroy the greenery, must die!

After Isabella slaughtered a dozen sandworms, they finally realized the importance of their lives. Most of them migrated to the sandy coast in the south, while a small part burrowed deeper underground.

In short, these desert natives had surrendered.

Before Lu Yao could breathe a sigh of relief, more trouble came from the desert. Many saplings couldn’t survive long enough to grow and wilted, requiring a large amount of water and sunlight.

He had no choice but to keep trying, and after consuming more than 1000 faith points to cast “Miracles”, he finally stabilized the situation in the desert.

Staying up late is the epitaph of night owls.

At midnight, Lu Yao lay in bed, his eyelids fighting against sleep.

But he couldn’t sleep, his mind filled with the pixelated saplings, his eyes involuntarily glancing at the computer screen on the table…

Just keep going, what else can he do.

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