Chapter 42 – A little bit of fate

The surrendering cave dwellers live in caves at the foot of the western mountains, and their leader is a LV13 "Cave Wizard" named Senjian. Senjian holds a bone staff and possesses some wisdom.


Apart from him, the other cave dwellers are mostly at the level of LV1 and LV2, individually stronger than the small people of the tribe, but not many.


The Cave Wizard is very humble in front of Isabella, and he briefly tells the origin of the cave dwellers.


"Lord Apostle, in fact, the cave dwellers are another branch of humans."


"Due to living underground for a long time, their bodies have gradually changed, generation after generation, and they have become what they are now, not as intelligent as the humans on the surface."


The whole thing starts from the previous era.


That was the time when the Forest God still ruled this land.


At that time, the cave dwellers were not cave dwellers yet, but a group of followers of the Forest God. They worshipped the Forest God, lived in the forest, and lived with birds and beasts.


In their daily lives, they planted various mushrooms and relied on mushrooms and berries in the forest for food. Thanks to the blessings of the Forest God, the vast and continuous forest was always abundant in food, and they lived a stable and natural life.


A huge change quietly came.


The fall of the Forest God, the withering and shrinking of large areas of the forest, some places turned into deserts, and some turned into bare mountains.


Corrupters and Skin Shedders were everywhere, they were the fanatical followers and soldiers of two heretical gods, the "Whistleblower" and the "Skin Peeler".


The Corrupters captured the followers of the Forest God and hanged them to death, making them into new Corrupters. The Skin Shedders even skinned people alive, causing them to die in extreme pain.


To avoid slaughter, the people in the forest hid in caves and escaped underground. In order to stay far away from those terrifying killers, they constantly migrated deeper and came to dark and cold underground caves.


In the lightless caves, they relied on growing mushrooms and catching underground insects for food.


The underground was too cold, and it was pitch black. Many people could not adapt to such a life and died in hunger, cold, and disease.


But a small number of people stubbornly survived.


They survived the most difficult days and gradually found a way to survive.


As time passed, their bodies changed: thick body hair grew on their bodies, their hair became longer, and their limbs became strong and large. They moved quickly on all fours like lizards in the underground.


They transformed from humans into cave dwellers, using stone masks to protect their facial features and intimidate enemies. They used stones to make spears and axes, made strange noises, and made strange movements to boost their courage and scare prey.


Among the cave dwellers, some of them still remembered where they came from. They passed down the story, telling future generations not to forget that they came from the surface.


As long as they patiently wait for the anger of the gods to subside, they will be able to return to the surface, stand under the sun again, and no longer have to eat insects, but walk upright.


The cave dweller family led by Senjian, the "Sen" family, has never forgotten the past. The surname "Sen" is also used to remind future generations to remember that they came from the forest.


They silently wait.


Not long ago, there was a massive collapse of the mountain.


Senjian keenly realized that this might be a sign from the gods. So it cautiously walked out of the cave and found that the outside had indeed changed, and there were no longer killers everywhere.


However, at this critical moment, another cave dweller family was wiped out.


Senjian's ability is called the "Wind Listener", which allows it to hear the voices dissipating in the air through the wind. This is extremely useful underground and has helped the family avoid many dangers and conflicts.


In the wind, it heard about God Yao, the Apostle, and the Garlic Tribe.


The slaughter of the "Whistleblower" and the "Skin Peeler" has ended.


Now, the god here is the merciful and majestic God Yao.


Senjian led the family members down the mountain, hoping to join the Garlic Tribe. So when it encountered the forest wolves, it surrendered to the wolf pack, expressing its willingness to become a vassal.



Lu Yao's mood was a bit strange.


The collapse of the mountain happened to be caused by the earthquake he caused. In this case, he had some connection with this cave dweller family.


Since he already had a Ghost City, it wouldn't be a big deal to accept another group of cave dwellers.


Before that, Lu Yao wanted to make sure whether the Cave Wizard was lying or not.


Isabella said, "My Lord, I have asked nearby spirits through a dying prayer, and what they said is basically consistent with what Senjian said."


Then there's no problem.


Under the leadership of Senjian, the 40 cave dwellers left the mountains and came to the Garlic Tribe.


There was some disagreement within the Garlic Tribe about accepting the cave dwellers.


At first, most of the tribe members expressed opposition.


"The cave dwellers are enemies, they are the enemy!"


"They are underground monsters, they could kill people at any time!"


"They killed the heroic Headhunter!"


"Leader Yuzou, have you forgotten the deep hatred of the past?"


Facing these criticisms and doubts, Yuzou remained calm.


The white-haired leader said, "Listen to me, everyone. The death of the Headhunter made us see that the tribe must not stop moving forward.""If we were as powerful as the Salt Pool Tribe, would the Cave Monsters dare to attack us? They wouldn't."


"Even if we attacked them, they wouldn't dare to resist."


"Now, the Cave Monsters that once attacked us are willing to join the Garlic Tribe voluntarily. Why is that?"


He concluded, "Not because they've become cowardly, but because we've become stronger."


"God Yao sent the Apostle, who demonstrated the power of the gods to everyone. The Salt Pool Tribe is being punished by the gods, this is the power of the gods!"


Yu Zou continued, "Initially, the Forest Tribe was our enemy, then the Barbarian Tribe was our enemy, followed by the East River Tribe. But now, we work and live together."


"Why can't the Cave Monsters do the same?"


Yu Zou finally concluded, "This is also the will of God Yao! Who among you dares to oppose?"


After invoking the majesty of the gods, there were finally no other voices.


Lu Yao was very satisfied with his courage. That's right, he's starting to act like a leader.


Yu Zou was someone he had watched grow up.


Once, he was the unreliable one among the Pig Fish brothers.


Later, he became one of the earliest heroes of the tribe, experiencing the death of the headhunter, various changes in the tribe, the passing of the first generation tribal leaders Nong Lai and Lie Cang… and finally became the calm and mature leader he is now.


After joining the Garlic Tribe, the Cave Monster family was given several houses.


They lived in the direction closest to the mountains in the west.


Sen Jian led the Cave Monsters, taking camels and copper hammers to mine in the mountains every day. The Cave Monsters also became professional miners and stonemasons in the tribe.


Labor allowed them to integrate into the Garlic Tribe.


Although the Cave Monsters still wore stone masks and had strange forms, sometimes crawling on all fours out of habit, the other members of the tribe were no longer surprised.


Sen Jian, the Cave Wizard, quickly became a leader in the Garlic Tribe due to his wisdom and experience, deciding the direction of the tribe together with Yu Zou and Sha Han.


At this moment, a prompt appeared on the screen.


"Sen Jian has offered you a tribute."


Lu Yao flexed his wrist.


It's been a long time since the last tribute.


Let's see what item I can draw this time.

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