Chapter 41 – The fate of the Donghe Tribe

On the dock of the Garlic Tribe, a larger paddle sailboat replaced the canoe.


Unlike the canoe that can be controlled by one person, a paddle sailboat requires several people to operate. It uses sails when the wind is favorable and paddles when the wind is against.


Compared to the canoe, the paddle sailboat can enter deeper waters, has faster speed, and is more stable and sturdy.


With the paddle sailboat, the radiation range of the Garlic Tribe has further expanded. Their footprints spread along the Dong River and began their preliminary voyage into the East Sea.


However, this also raised the issue of resources. Making a paddle sailboat requires a large amount of wood, flax, and some copper, and the manufacturing time is more than ten times that of a canoe.


The Garlic Tribe has little flax, which is all collected from the wild, but they have no shortage of wood and copper. Due to material and craftsmanship issues, the Garlic Tribe only has three paddle sailboats for a long time.


Lu Yao is not in a hurry.


After mastering the technology of paddle sailboat manufacturing, the next step is continuous technological upgrades and collecting more resources.


When the Garlic Tribe was exploring the coastal areas, the long-lost East Sea Tribe came to the dock again.


They were still riding on old canoes and carrying traditional bows and arrows. Apart from not having sea monsters accompanying them, the women had not changed since the first meeting.


The dock of the Garlic Tribe has become quite large, with a large and sturdy paddle sailboat parked next to it. Compared to that, their canoes looked particularly shabby.


The leader, "Grandmother," said, "Friends of the Garlic Tribe, we see your large ships. They are fast and very agile."


"Your ships have entered the ocean and have been hovering near the coast. Sailing in the sea is a very dangerous thing. Without the corresponding experience and technology, you may face shipwrecks and deaths at any time."


"The East River Tribe is a branch of the East Sea Tribe. We have experience and skills in water navigation, and this knowledge is very valuable."


"We hope to exchange your 'Paddle Sailboat' technology with our 'Navigation Art.'"


The leader of the tribe, Yu Zou, did not immediately respond.


He discussed with the astrologer, Sha Han, and the inventor of the paddle sailboat, Yu Lian, and then made a response.


"When the prophets and shamans were still alive, our two tribes maintained a long-term friendship. Although there have been conflicts, we still respect each other. Many young people in the tribe are the result of the combination of the two tribes."


Yu Zou said, "However, the trade you proposed is extremely unequal."


"Our paddle sailboats can enter any water area, and mastering navigation is only a matter of time."


"And before that, the paddle sailboats will become stronger and stronger. Until our fleet can cover the entire river and enter the sea, all the waters we reach will be within the territory of our tribe."


"But you cannot make paddle sailboats."


"The population of the East River Tribe is decreasing, and the Salt Pool Tribe no longer appears on the river. Everything you need comes from our tribe: wood, wool, meat, potatoes, garlic."


"You are a branch abandoned by the clan. Since you can no longer conceive sea monsters, the East Sea Tribe no longer provides any support to you. You cannot even return to the sea because without sea monsters, the waves will destroy the canoes."


"The Garlic Tribe has always been helping you."


"As long as you join the Garlic Tribe, you will master the 'Paddle Sailboat.' At that time, you will ride these mighty ships back to the sea without having to bow down to the East Sea Tribe."


"There are many ways to gain respect, but the best way is to be strong enough! Believe me, my best brother and comrade died because of this, and I understand this truth very well."


Yu Zou's persuasion was rejected by the East River Tribe.


They remained stubborn as ever and left in their canoes.


Just as Lu Yao was considering whether to intervene and create a hurricane or scorching sun, the long-standing internal conflicts of the East River Tribe erupted.


On the Ship Island, the East River Tribe split into two factions.


Three female captains wanted to join the Garlic Tribe, but "Grandmother" insisted on preserving the independence of the East River Tribe. Both sides could not convince each other. So the female captains brought 74 people on canoes and officially integrated into the Garlic Tribe.


"Grandmother" led the remaining people and sailed in canoes towards the East Sea, seemingly wanting to return to the ancestral land.


Lu Yao didn't know if they succeeded in crossing the sea and returning to their homeland.


What can be confirmed is that from this day on, the East River Tribe will become history.


The joining of the female captains brought important "Navigation Art." They also brought their own sea charts, clearing many unexplored water mists around.


Lu Yao dragged the mouse and looked down at the East River and the East Sea.


Compared to the vast East Sea, the land where the Garlic Tribe is located seems very small.


The headquarters of the East Sea Tribe is on a medium-sized island in the southeast of the East Sea. However, it is shrouded in mist, indicating that the East River Tribe has not had contact with them for a long time.


It is difficult to come all the way from there without mastering the sea routes and navigation.


Even if the corresponding technology is mastered, canoes without sea monster escorts can hardly complete the crossing.


Lu Yao felt that the "Grandmother" and her group of the East River Tribe who returned to their ancestral land were probably doomed.


But that doesn't matter.


What matters is this group of women who joined the tribe.


What made Lu Yao happy was that the women of the East River Tribe showed their hidden racial talents. They had super fertility and could become pregnant and give birth to babies in a short period of time.


To some extent, this is the strongest ability in the tribal era!


As long as population growth can be maintained, tribal civilization will eventually move to the next stage and enter a new era.


An unfounded association came to Lu Yao's mind.


Perhaps the primitive tribes on Earth also had such an experience.Some tribes excelled at hunting, their members all robust. Some tribes had strong fertility, while others mastered the art of cultivation… Different tribes merged in various ways, combining their strengths to form a new human group capable of stepping into the next era.



Inside the Simulator, Lu Yao was operating on three threads.


In the castle, Isabella was still continuously mentally corrupting the boss Blood Knight, waiting for an opportunity.


In the ghost city of Sanilo, the ghosts were still perfecting the city of the deceased.


In the Garlic Tribe, the age of navigation was quietly approaching.


All three parties needed some time to digest and transform.


Taking advantage of this time, Lu Yao minimized the Simulator, preparing to find a comedy film to watch and relax.


The recent series of multi-thread operations had left Lu Yao quite exhausted.


If the pixelated characters were reckless, he had to be ready to rescue them at any time.


If the pixelated characters were idle and waiting for death, he had to give them a big push, making them stand up.


His feelings were quite complicated.


Gods truly had no holidays.


Compared to himself, even the God who rested on the seventh day could be considered as slacking off.


Before he could find a movie, a message suddenly came from Isabella.


"Sir, the forest wolves have discovered a cave monster tribe of about 40 people in the mountains."




This was a perfect opportunity to test the combat strength of these forest wolves.


But the next sentence from Isabella was: "The forest wolves have not launched an attack. They have voluntarily surrendered and are willing to become vassals of the Garlic Tribe."


Lu Yao was immediately disappointed.


Surrendering without a single shot?


He didn't know where these cave monsters had learned such a bad habit.

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