Chapter 40 – Unexpected card draw

The contamination strategy of "The Skinning Curse" has been successful. However, more time is needed to completely complete the beastification ritual of the Blood Knight.


The good news is that Isabella has mastered the method of dealing with the insane Blood Knight and is becoming more and more adept at it.


Unfortunately, the "Evil Bone Whistle" still cannot affect the Blood Knight, it can only slightly hinder his movements, but cannot control his actions.


Isabella continues to work hard.


While Lu Yao was focusing on the strategy of the Blood Knight, the recently unknown Garlic Tribe underwent a series of changes.


Under the efforts of all the little people, the population of the Garlic Tribe has reached over 600.


Unfortunately, the two leaders of the tribe, the Prophet and the Shaman, quietly died one after another.


Their names were also engraved on the monument.


"Nonglai: The first prophet of the tribe. He is the eternal loyal follower of God Yao and the bridge between the gods and the tribe. He led the tribe to overcome natural disasters and hunger, and survived in the most difficult times. His name will be remembered by everyone."


"Liecang: The first shaman of the tribe. He integrated the knowledge and bravery of the forest tribe into the Garlic Tribe. He is a wise pioneer and a wise guide, helping the tribe learn unprecedented techniques."


The bodies of the Prophet and the Shaman were buried in the forest, and their souls were taken by the local death god Scott to Sanilo, opening a new chapter in their lives.


The leader of the Garlic Tribe became the heroic fisherman.


At this time, he was already an old man with white hair. Fisherman no longer took the hunters to hunt and patrol everywhere, but relied on his own experience and prestige to lead the tribe forward.


The life of the pixelated little people was very short in Lu Yao's eyes.


But watching these little people who used to pray for him, admire him, praise him, worry about him, and awe him, suddenly and unexpectedly die, Lu Yao felt a little melancholy.


After becoming the leader, the fisherman made a simple adjustment to the Garlic Tribe.


First, the fisherman invited the astrologer Shahang to govern the tribe together, and Shahang agreed.


The division of labor between the two is similar to that of the previous generation's prophet and shaman.


The astrologer is responsible for the tribe's belief in the gods, praying and searching for sacrifices in the temple to obtain the guidance of the gods.


The fisherman, as a pragmatist, began to lead the reform of the tribe.


First, he cleared a piece of forest outside the forest and transformed it into farmland, allowing the tribe to have more land for growing food and ensuring the continuous growth of the Garlic Tribe's food reserves.


On the other hand, he led the little people of the tribe to rebuild the pier with a large amount of stones and wood, and built several tall barns around the pier.


The fisherman led the tribe to cut down trees and build canoes. People boarded the canoes and began to explore further along the Dong River.


The Dong River is turbulent and wide, and canoes are often swallowed by whirlpools or sink after hitting rocks. The vigorous exploration of the river has caused the Garlic Tribe to lose dozens of people, which is an unprecedented loss.


The little people of the tribe were very uneasy, and some even expressed doubts about the fisherman.


"If it were the prophet, so many people would not have died."


"The shaman is still alive, he would never do this."


"Lord Fisherman is getting old."


"Even heroes grow old. If the tribe continues like this, it will be finished."


"It's safest to farm. It's too dangerous in the water. The Dong River Tribe can't survive without sea monsters. We are even less likely to survive."


Faced with various doubts and pressures, the fisherman persisted in his policy.


At this time, Shahang also strongly supported the fisherman: "We must go out. The gods have already given us enough guidance. This is the will of the gods!"


The fisherman said to the people, "We have sufficient food, which gives us the confidence to officially set foot on the river."


"The river not only has fish, but also serves as a natural road, leading to all directions."


"The river is like a giant camel that never tires, it can take us anywhere."


"We must be the tribe that goes out, we cannot sit here and wait for other tribes to find us."


"Have you forgotten the disastrous defeat of the cave dwellers? That is the result of standing still."


Lu Yao, with his god's perspective, could see clearly.


The death of the hunter still affects the fisherman to this day.


Even though he has become an old man, the fisherman is still surrounded by uneasiness and fear. He always has a sense of urgency, as if there is an invisible monster that could attack the Garlic Tribe at any time.


This sense of urgency is something the Garlic Tribe has never experienced before.


Lu Yao greatly appreciated this.


Being prepared for danger in times of peace.


There is no progress without fear.


Having an imaginary enemy will give the Garlic Tribe more motivation and cohesion to move forward.


However, there are no people on the other side of the Dong River, only vast barren land, high hills piled with rocks, and some scattered stones.


The canoes, like ants, come and go in the river, searching everywhere, one after another.


Just as Lu Yao was about to go downstairs to get takeout, a prompt popped up on the screen, stopping his steps.


"Astrologer Shahang has written the first sheepskin book 'Tribal History'."


"The Garlic Tribe has learned how to write."


"The fisherman has built the first paddle sailboat."


"The Garlic Tribe has invented paddle sailboats."


"The Garlic Tribe has learned how to make and use paddle sailboats, and their faith has been elevated."


—Great gods, a believer has made an extraordinary achievement that surpasses the same group. Do you want to transform him into a hero?


[Yes] [No]


Lu Yao took a look.


There was a little person wearing a woolen short coat in the temple, and the name on his head was indeed Fisherman, only 16 years old.


A question mark appeared in Fisherman's head, and the box next to it showed what he was thinking."It is said that only those who are recognized by the gods can receive revelations and truly enter the temple. Am I considered recognized?"


"But I didn't bring any offerings. If the gods get angry… I won't be struck by lightning, will I?"


"Ah, I'm just a shipbuilder, I don't understand anything about the gods."


"I hope the gods won't blame me."


Lu Yao could now clearly feel that as the tribal civilization progressed, the thoughts of the pixel people became more and more active.


A young man named Yu Lian built a paddle sailboat.


From his surname, it could be seen that he was a fisherman. It was quite a professional match.


Lu Yao clicked "Yes", and Yu Lian immediately had his own panel and portrait.


In the detailed personal panel, Yu Lian was a young man standing by the water. He was barefoot, wearing a simple woolen jacket, his eyes staring at the fish in the distance, as if thinking about how to catch the fish ashore.


Below the portrait, there was a quote from him.


—Boats are people's shoes. We must have more and better shoes to walk further in the water.



【Hero Lv1】Yu Lian


Attack 0 Defense 0 Knowledge 2 Mana 0 Luck 1 Morale 1




Wisdom Lv1: Wisdom is the key for the Apostle to listen to the will of the gods. The higher the level of wisdom, the easier it is to improve and comprehend various abilities.


Shipbuilding Lv1: Good at building ships, with faster construction speed, and a certain probability of producing advanced ships.



Lu Yao looked at it with some satisfaction.


Shipbuilding and wisdom were both very practical and excellent abilities.


It was because of the ability of shipbuilding that Yu Lian was able to invent the paddle sailboat, pushing the tribe's shipbuilding technology forward by a big step with his own strength.


And Yu Lian was only 16 years old, his future was limitless.


The Garlic Tribe had been established for so many years and had reproduced several generations, finally drew a good card!

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