Chapter 39 – Knight that should not exist

Lu Yao glanced at the number above the Blood Knight’s head, his smile disappeared and his fists clenched.

Playing XX!


Is it reasonable for a level 60 boss to appear in the newbie village? What about the dog operators and planners of the simulator? Help, please help!

This is ridiculous!

Lu Yao immediately typed, urging Isabella to retreat from the battle.

However, the battle scene was not as one-sided as Lu Yao had imagined. Isabella was struggling to deal with the Blood Knight, constantly losing health, but still stubbornly resisting.

Her health was constantly decreasing.




For Isabella’s health, this kind of damage was very dangerous.

But Lu Yao felt that something was not right.

He quickly clicked on the Blood Knight and obtained detailed data about this boss.

After taking a screenshot, he immediately told Isabella to retreat.

Fortunately, the Blood Knight was not fast, and it seemed that there was some kind of restriction in the castle, so he couldn’t come out. Isabella, although injured, managed to retreat successfully.

Only then did Lu Yao look at the screenshot.

[Hero Lv60] Blood Knight Neville [Weakness] [Chaos] [Seal]

HP: 3850/3850

MP: 14/937

Damage: 62 (-62)

Defense: 34 (-34)

Speed: 8 (-8)

[Thick Skin]

Innately has high HP.


Has special resistance to ranged damage.

[Mobile Casting]

Casts spells while moving, at the cost of slow speed.

[Corruption Creation]

Creates corruptors with corpses and salt, and the strength of the corruptors depends on the corpses.

[Enchantment Lv25]

Attacks inflict mana damage.

[Flesh Weakness Lv2]

[Neville’s Exclusive Ability] The ability given to Neville by the Piper to form an army. Neville can train and summon corruptors to evolve into more elite Rotten Guards.

Based on the panel data in the screenshot, Lu Yao roughly understood the positioning of this Blood Knight.

He himself was a knight similar to a training ground, training and forming a corruptor army for the Piper here. Neville’s most valuable value was also here.

The Blood Knight was a commander-type hero who could provide a continuous stream of soldiers to the Piper. “Corruption Creation” and “Flesh Weakness” were considered divine techniques for recruiting and training soldiers.

As long as he was provided with corpses and salt, the Blood Knight could mass-produce fearless corruptor armies.

The true secret of the Salt Pool Tribe was this boss.

The Blood Knight needed salt and corpses, and all transactions revolved around these two points.

The Salt Pool Tribe had an abundance of salt, so the key was to collect as many corpses as possible, especially the corpses of powerful creatures.

Therefore, the Salt Pool Tribe had always been eyeing the sea monsters of the East River Tribe. They not only targeted the Barbarian Tribe and Cave Dwellers, but also once wanted to occupy the ghost city of Sanilo at the southern end of the land.

All for the purpose of collecting the corpses of powerful beings.

Lu Yao made further theoretical analysis.

The Blood Knight was an expert in positional warfare: he was not afraid of ranged damage, his attacks inflicted mana damage, he could fight while creating corruptors, and he was not afraid of melee combat. He could continuously train and promote soldiers.

The flip side of his advantages was also his flaws.

In other words, the Blood Knight was not the type of vanguard who could break through alone with his own strength, nor did he have the ability to instantly reverse the situation single-handedly. He needed time to form an army and deploy his forces, step by step, to achieve victory.

Coincidentally, Isabella was the opposite.

Although Isabella had the Sword of the Forest, she did not usually carry these created creatures and was better at solving problems on her own.

These were some of the results that Lu Yao analyzed from the data. But theories always needed to be combined with practice, so he asked Isabella, who was in the battle.

“Master, Neville’s power comes from Freest.”

Isabella said in the dialogue box, “He was created by the Piper from the corpses of Freest. I can feel that aura, so he will show a chaotic state and his combat power cannot be fully exerted.”

“The rules of this world have sealed him, greatly reducing his power, because he should not exist here.”

“Creating corruptors also continuously consumes his mana.”

“Previously, I followed your orders and exterminated a large number of corruptors. He continuously created reinforcements, consuming a large amount of mana. That’s why the Blood Knight has become particularly weak now, and his combat ability has further declined.”

Lu Yao’s eyes lit up as he listened.

He thought of a countermeasure.

If he continuously killed corruptors, consuming his mana and preventing him from using those abilities. The Blood Knight would continue to be in a weakened and chaotic state, only able to exert 50% of his combat ability.

In terms of numbers, Isabella’s damage could break through the Blood Knight’s defense.

“Master, I’m afraid it won’t work.”

Isabella remained calm and cautious in the battle.

She said, “Even under these conditions, I would find it difficult to withstand the Blood Knight’s repeated attacks.”

Lu Yao thought that was a problem.

She now only had 140 health points left.

In front of the Blood Knight, Isabella’s panel was still too fragile, and behind the gap in ranks was a huge difference in all aspects.

Lu Yao scratched his head.

The Blood Knight, who had fatal flaws, was right in front of him, but he couldn’t find a way to exploit his weaknesses.

It was like a giant with a fatal point on the back of his head. Even if a unarmed child jumped with all his might, he couldn’t reach the giant’s neck and couldn’t land a hit.

Suddenly, Lu Yao remembered something.

[Skin Peeler’s Idol Lv3]A treasure made by the Skinners. It can initiate the Beastification Ritual, seizing the sanity, cognition, and memory of the living sacrifice through a gaze, turning them into a powerful skinned beast in exchange for the faith power bestowed by the Skinners.

Can this thing be used?


Isabella pondered for a while: “Sir, I can try to activate the statue.”

After a brief rest, Isabella once again rushed into the castle.

This time she lasted about ten seconds before retreating again.

Because Isabella’s health had further dropped to a mere 63 points, there was no room for trial and error.

However, this attempt was significant.

A negative status [Skinner’s Curse] appeared above the Blood Knight’s head.

A text message emerged.

[The Statue of the Skinner has deprived the sacrifice, the Skinner grants you 100 faith.]

Only then did Lu Yao understand that the real power mechanism of the [Statue of the Skinner] was the curse of another god, the Skinner, behind it.

Every god is indeed not easy to deal with.

However, using the Skinner’s treasure against the minions of the Whistleblower seemed quite appropriate.

Although the [Skinner’s Curse] didn’t seem to have any effect on the Blood Knight in a short time, Lu Yao decided to intensify his efforts and further mentally pollute the Blood Knight.

Anyway, he was not in a hurry.

In the following week, Lu Yao and the Blood Knight were at odds.

Apart from occasionally glancing at the Garlic Tribe and Ghost City Sanilo, most of his attention was in the castle of the Salt Pool Tribe.

After numerous patient attempts, Isabella finally completed the task.

Under the continuous effect of the [Skinner’s Curse] buff, constantly gazing at the sculpture, even the LV60 Blood Knight could not exempt the influence of the Beastification Ritual.

He became more and more bizarre.

During the battle with Isabella, the Blood Knight would shout some incomprehensible words.

“Flesh, your flesh!”

“Woman, terrifying woman, beautiful woman, suspicious woman!”

“Hunger, like a shadow.”

“I want to sleep, I need to sleep!”

“Desire is burning, scorching me!”

“God of the forest, Whistleblower, corpses, bones, foreigners…”

The mentally disordered Blood Knight began to see all living creatures around him as enemies.

Whether it was Isabella or other corruptors, anyone who got slightly close to the Blood Knight would be attacked. Since he had become mad, he no longer used his various abilities, only resorting to primitive physical attacks.

Seeing this, Lu Yao breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s not a waste of my time, this boss is finally almost mad… He can no longer issue various commands to the corruptors.

In this way, the Salt Pool Tribe, with the Blood Knight at its core, was no longer a threat.

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