Chapter 3 – Offering

Lu Yao placed the mouse on the “offering” slot.

It was a red creature, curled up, resembling a newly born animal.

“Garlic Tribe Baby: Offered to the gods,” the screen read.

Lu Yao’s face twitched.

Sacrificing a human being… it was indeed in line with the primitive human tradition of offering to the gods.

In the “God Simulator,” Lu Yao couldn’t communicate with the Garlic Tribe through the temple, nor could he predict how the pixelated people would react.

He put his mouse on the “offering,” thinking about whether he could reject it.

A line of text appeared on the screen.

“Do you accept the Garlic Tribe Baby offered by the faithful?”

“Yes” or “No.”

Lu Yao decisively clicked “No.”

If there was suddenly a baby in his house, there would be no explaining it, and the police might come knocking.

What’s more terrifying was that if the Garlic Tribe kept sending babies, his house would be constantly growing with babies, and just thinking about the formula and diapers he would have to buy… Lu Yao was already numb.

He was a god, not a baby caretaker for their tribe!

As Lu Yao rejected the offering, exclamation marks appeared above everyone in the Garlic Tribe.

“The god is not satisfied! The god does not want the baby!”

“I said not to use babies. It should be adults who can plant and pick fruit for the god!”

“No, it should be prey, the best prey. The god will definitely like wild boars!”

“I think it’s fish! Fish is the best, slippery and won’t hurt people. The god will definitely like it!”

“Go find a new offering, a new offering!”

Seeing the pixelated people’s conversation, Lu Yao couldn’t help but laugh.

But if they sent wild game or river fish, he could make a night snack tonight. Although he didn’t cook much, he knew how to make home-cooked dishes.

Except for five people who stayed behind, everyone in the Garlic Tribe ran to nearby forests, rivers, and mountain areas. They looked around, as if looking for something suitable as an offering on the map.

Lu Yao noticed that one of the pixelated people was different from the others.

This person was one of the first seven faithful, barefoot and shirtless. He stood outside the temple, looking up at the sky with a question mark over his head.

Lu Yao put the mouse on the question mark, and a speech bubble appeared over the person’s head with many words, seemingly his inner thoughts.

“What kind of offering does the god really need? He doesn’t need a baby. Maybe he doesn’t need manpower either. He has bestowed the tribe with the miraculous garlic, and the world where the god is must not lack food.”

“The forest tribe desecrated the temple and immediately received the god’s divine punishment. The god must have great power that we cannot imagine. What we need must be of no value to the god. Therefore, only those magical things that we cannot understand and use may be accepted by the god.”

The question mark above the pixelated person’s head turned into a lit light bulb.

He seemed to understand something and ran into the dense forest.

Lu Yao was a little surprised.

This person’s thinking ability was obviously superior to those around him, as if he had awakened his wisdom. Among all the people, only he had a question mark above his head.After a while, the question mark little man ran out of the forest again, holding an item in his hands and running into the temple.

Lu Yao opened the temple interface.

There was a new small icon in the “sacrifice” slot. It looked like a short staff made from a polished tree branch, with a simple appearance.

[Energetic Staff]: Faith +1/hour, Energy 12/12 hours (charging speed 1/1 hour).

A treasure made by the forest god, it can absorb the overflowing vitality from nature, and the holder can extract vigorous energy from it when touched. It was lost after the fall of the forest god.

– Do you want to accept the [Energetic Staff] offered by the believer?

Lu Yao clicked “yes.”

The staff icon in the “sacrifice” slot disappeared, and a short staff appeared on the black keyboard of the computer desk.

Lu Yao’s palms were a little sweaty.

Although he had vaguely realized that the [blessings] could be transmitted from the temple to the pixel world, theoretically the [sacrifices] could also be transmitted from that world.

But when this scene became a reality before his eyes, he couldn’t help but hold his breath.

Lu Yao cautiously picked up the staff.

It was not heavy, and was similar in weight to normal wood.

The surface of the short staff was covered with tree patterns, but the texture was smooth and delicate, as if coated with a layer of transparent paint. There were two short branches at the top of the staff, which looked like a broken clothesline pole. However, there were some small buds growing on its branches, giving people a feeling that it still retained vitality.

Holding the [Energetic Staff], Lu Yao felt his whole body rejuvenated, and the soreness in his waist and back disappeared without a trace. It was as if he had returned to the age of fourteen or fifteen, where he could stay up all night playing games and still be full of energy after a nap.

Magical props in the pixel world also worked in the real world!

Lu Yao looked at the staff.

The words “Energy 12/12 hours, in use” appeared on the [Energetic Staff].

In other words, as long as he held this staff, theoretically he wouldn’t need to sleep. He would never feel drowsy whether he was working or attending class the next day!

Lu Yao’s heart was pounding.

Nowadays, staying up all night to play games was a luxury for him. Although Lu Yao was only twenty-three years old, he could clearly feel the changes in his body.

He was far different from when he was in his teens. If he stayed up for just an hour or two, he would feel sleepy and yawn the next day, and coffee or Red Bull would be useless.

With the [Energetic Staff], he could return to the peak of his energetic life!

He excitedly waved the staff for a while, then calmed down.

No, the key point was not this…

But that the [sacrifices] could really be brought out of the pixel game world.

Undoubtedly, there were other magical props like the [Energetic Staff] in the pixel world. If they could be continuously sent out from there through the temple… then this game was an endless treasure trove.

Lu Yao felt refreshed.

With the temple’s ability to break through the dimensional wall, it wouldn’t take long for him to get rid of the miserable life of being a wage slave, and become an ideal game otaku who was no longer choked by livelihood!

He turned his attention back to the game.

At this time, the pixel people had all returned to the tribe, and smiley face symbols floated above their heads.

“The gods like sacrifices, that’s great, that’s great!””Turns out the god likes that kind of offering, I’ll definitely find a better offering!”

“I still think wild boars are the best. The god will surely like wild boars, they’re much better than that twig!”

“Nonsense, fish are the best!”

“Wild boar!”


Lu Yao noticed that the little person who insisted on wild boars and the one who liked fish were both from the Forest Tribe who had joined the Garlic Tribe. They were both wearing leather vests.

The Forest Tribe was mainly engaged in gathering and hunting, so it was understandable that they believed prey was the best gift.

Lu Yao’s gaze searched back and forth among the little people, trying to find the one who had offered the [Energy Wand]. But these little people looked exactly the same, with no names on their heads and no personal features, making it difficult to recognize.

In the end, Lu Yao found the person in the temple.

Standing in the temple was a barefoot pixelated little person with a question mark still above his head. He was the tribe’s only thinker.

A new message appeared on the screen.

– A believer has developed wisdom, do you want to convert him into a prophet?


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